Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Ten

1.  I did my very first box jumps during my workout yesterday morning.  Granted I don't have an "official" box so I had to use an old Reebok step (remember step aerobics?) but it worked fine.  I did 5 sets of 10 jumps, which is harder than it sounds, especially when combined with other exercises.  I'm proud of myself!

2.  The kiddies were with Grandma Helen this weekend so went over to see them.  Our buddy Jacob has turned into a pre-teen - he's already zoning us out lol! Gracie talked us into going outside where she proceeded to show us her ability to jump her razor scooter over the curb and then got Mr. Helen to push her in the swing.  Nothing like Uncle love.

3.  I did my first full 8 hour shift at my part-time job on Sunday. In the I can't believe people category, I must have answered the phone 25 times throughout the day where the question was, "What time does the mall close today?"  I'm amazed by that because somehow they had to look up the mall phone number.  My guess is the internet which means the mall hours were probably right in front of their face.

4.  We are having a spectacular foliage season around here.  Mr. Helen and I have not had a chance to do our annual foliage drive and now I'm worried that the storms at the end of the week are going to mess up our chances by knocking the leaves off the trees.  Doesn't Mother Nature understand that I  need to go get my apple cider donut and the foliage run is my excuse?!!

5.  I took these photos when we went to the Harvest Festival at our local winery last weekend.  Once again the weather was gorgeous and we had a really fun day with friends eating snacks, sampling wines and listening to good music.  One of our friends reached under the mesh and ate a couple of the grapes which he declared delicious and sweet.  Going to be some good wine soon!

6. I was looking at a recent photo of myself the other day and realized I'm getting the old person spread.  Did you know that as you age your nose spreads out on your face and your ears get bigger. Yeah, that's happening.

7.  Had some really good luck with warranty returns lately.  Both my headlamp (that I run with) and my wireless printer died within the last month.  Finally had time to call the companies involved and because I registered the warranty, I didn't even have to provide proof of purchase.  Brand new items coming my way.

8.  You know why I need my headlamp?  Because even though I'm an "urban" runner and there are streetlights, sometimes the lights are burned out.  Sometimes there just are no lights.  And, back to that aging thing, my eyesight just isn't what is used to be in the dark.  This morning I was chugging along a one way street and thankfully a car came and illuminated a dark area for me because this is what was there:

In case you can't tell, that is the broken off metal stub of a street sign of some sort.  Thankfully crews working in the area putting in new sidewalks noticed it and tried to flag it.  But do you realize how easy it would be to trip on that thing?

9.  Speaking of running, yesterday it was 39 degrees when I went out. I ran in long pants, long sleeved shirt, vest, and light gloves.  This morning it was 62 degrees and crazily humid.  I ran in shorts and a short sleeved shirt.  Schizo weather.

10. Little Helen turns 35 today.  It's really weird when your child turns the age that you feel you are!