Monday, April 21, 2014

Finally, The Big Reveal

If you've been following along, you know we recently purchased new furniture for our living room and family room.  While the family room furniture had to be swapped and is now on order, the living room furniture arrived right on time.

The new furniture was so different from what we had that I wanted to paint and get new carpet and window treatments.  The painting I really wanted to get done before the furniture arrived so I didn't have to worry about covering things.

I went out and got 3 samples and immediately narrowed it to two as one was too blue.  I painted big squares of the colors side by side on the wall behind the love seat and let them sit there for about a week so we could observe them in different lights as well as compare them.

As you can see the old color was a deep burgundy and fairly dark.  I really wanted to go a lot lighter to make the room seem bigger.  After consideration, we chose the color on the right.  It looked like very light grey with an occasional blue tinge depending on the light.  We felt the other color would be too dark and too grey.

We worked our butts off and got the room painted over a Friday evening and a full day on Saturday.  When the two coats were on and dried, I was really dismayed because the paint, called "Cloudy Day" ended up looking like a very pale blue.  At that point there was no more time to repaint and I felt like it might be better to wait.  I hung up one of the window scarves I had purchased and immediately felt that it was too light but I left it as I wanted to see it with the furniture in place.

When the furniture was delivered, Mr. Helen called and said that the paint looked GREAT with the furniture.  He also said I was right and I should order the darker scarves for the windows.  Once I got home and saw everything, I still wasn't thrilled with the paint but again, wanted to wait it out.  I also felt like I wasn't going to like the rug I'd chosen so we put it still rolled up in the living room while we waited for the new window scarves to arrive.

When they did, we loved them but I was correct about thinking I wouldn't like the rug with the new/better window treatments.  So I went on a mad hunt for a rug.  Just as I was about to give up until after our vacation, I found the same rug I had originally picked but in a different color scheme - however, it was online only which was why we'd not seen it.  Even better, it was on sale and I found a promo code for it and had it shipped to the store. We were able to pickup and return the other rug in one trip. Just last Friday it arrived.  As soon as we rolled it out, we loved it.

The corner with the love seat.  You can see here that I had burgundy window scarves before.  I like a scarf treatment because we have those half shutters.  You can also see the new end table I'd wanted for the space next to the love seat.

Sofa View

View as you come in our front door.  The new carpet is by Mowhawk Home.  The pattern is Dawson and the color is Shell

View from dining room door.  Window treatments are by Royal Velvet.  The style is Lantana and the color is Mercury.  The furniture itself is American made in North Carolina by Klaussner Furniture.  The fabric is called Halo and the color is Gunmetal.

So here's the thing, I'm still not loving the wall color and honestly feel I'm going to end up repainting it once again before the winter comes. But overall we are thrilled with our new look. I especially love that I managed to keep things a bit neutral so that if I want to change the window scarves and pillows on the sofas I can.  Now, I've got to start working on artwork for the walls.