Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Suddenly It's Cool and Dark

As expected life is busy, busy, busy these days what with training for my part time job in addition to all the usual stuff.  I can see it's going to be an adjustment period to figure out how to deal with meals and the household chores.  I'll be glad when I feel adjusted already!


On my last post Fran asked me about paying for Little Helen's wedding.  In fact, we are not paying for the entire thing.  Little Helen has lived on her own for 15 years and so is not a super young bride with no assets.  Her fiance is also well established.  However, we do want to contribute some and so will give them a lump sum of money to use as they please towards expenses.  I think this approach is fairly common, especially when the bride/groom have been living on their own for a while.  I do know some people (most recently a co-worker) who put themselves in debt and take out loans to pay for their child's wedding.  That is not something Mr. Helen and I would ever do, especially with thinking towards retirement in a couple short years.


It suddenly turned cool and fall-like around here which prompted me to make these glazed baked pumpkin donuts over the weekend.  They are absolutely delicious!

I will say that by the second day they were more sugar soaked than glazed.  I'm not sure why but maybe they need to be left to the air, rather than stored in a container. I'm going to contact the blogger who originally posted the recipe and ask her if this happened to her. Also, the next time I make them, unless we have company,  I will make a half recipe because it makes a full dozen and of course, that's way too many donuts for just us.  


Seems like we really have gone into fall - overnight temps in the low 50s and even in the 40s by week's end. September is always the hardest month for me to stay motivated with my early morning workouts.  It seems like a matter of days between going from shorts, short sleeves and beautiful sunrise runs to utter darkness and long sleeves with capris or pants.  That initial step out the door where the cool air hits sometimes makes me want to turn around and go back in the house.  I've been sticking to my Neila Rey workouts and if I get all hot and sweaty before I run, that makes it even more challenging. This morning I spent the 15 minutes I was having coffee with the dueling devil and angel on my shoulders alternately trying to talk me out of even working out and pumping me up with how great I'll feel when I'm done.  I know I'll be acclimated in a couple weeks but right now it's hard. 

And yeah, I did the workout and a 5K run so the angel won.