Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday Ten

1.  I'm about 99 % better from that awful cold. Now Mr. Helen has it so I hope there's no relapse for me.

2.  Sometimes after dinner I like to have just a bit of something sweet.  I usually keep Dove Dark Chocolate bites on hand and have a couple but they've been so overpriced lately I've refused to buy them.  I was at my warehouse store the other day and found these Mad Minis, which are ice cream sandwiches about the size of an Oreo cookie.  They are 60 calories and delicious!  A nice little treat.

3. On our way to DC we went via Maryland on Friday and spent the night with my friend Miss T. and her family.  People reading this will enjoy the fact that she is among my first internet friends, as we met through Sparkpeople 9 years ago.  We were talking about how in those years we've had weddings and babies and various other life and death events in our small group that has stayed in touch - and there is no way that is less real than other friendships.

She was a newlywed living in an apartment back then, and now has a beautiful home and 3 of the cutest kids you'll ever meet - ages 3 1/2, 5, and 6! The kids just love Mr. Helen and have called him pop-pop ever since they could talk. If you ever want to be highly entertained, go watch soccer games with little kids.  Their coaches pretty much stay on the field with them and keep putting in the right spot, they stop for snack time, some of them do great, some of them have meltdowns and leave the field, it's hilarious.At the end of the match, all the parent line up and make a tunnel for the kids to run through and high five each other.  It was a fun way to fill some time before we headed to DC to the race expo.

4. You know what's interesting?  Now that my ankle is not swelling all the time, it actually hurts a little depending on how I turn it.  It's like all that swelling was cushioning it. I feel like I need to be extra careful, which is just odd since I hadn't felt that way at all.

5.  Michelle Obama for Queen.  Between her class and her badassness, I'm just going to miss her so much.  I know it's selfish of me but hope she doesn't disappear into private life. Most everyone probably saw her gorgeous State Dinner dress, but have you seen the video of her workout routine?

6.  We enjoyed our visit to the new Smithsonian African American museum immensely... BUT let me just say we feel like we glossed over the thing and there were parts we never even got to.  Our passes allowed us to enter at 2:00 and we got kicked out at 5:30 when it closed.  I'd like to go back in a couple years when the fuss has died down and go through it thoroughly.  If they're still doing timed entry I will definitely pick a morning time. Plus I never even got to the gift shop because there was a line for that too!

7.  My dishes are Corelle dishes that I've had for 30+ years I'd say.  As is with all things, over the years a few have broken and/or gone missing and it had gotten to the point where we would run out of plates before the dishwasher was filled up.  The pattern is called "Lace Bouquet" and is a discontinued pattern, which is disappointing because I really do love my dishes.

I've been searching on EBay and other sites for a couple years trying to find replacement pieces but each time they were listed, I wouldn't buy them because people were asking $10-$20 per plate, plus shipping.  I had given up and have been looking at new dishes but hadn't found anything I liked.  Then I got notified by EBay that there was a new listing.  I can't even describe my excitement when I found it was a brand new set for 4 and was priced at only $32, including shipping!  You know I bought it right away.

8. After two unintended weeks mostly off of exercise, I'm inching my way back in.  Now that I don't have to really concentrate on only running, I'm putting body weight exercises back in (we won't discuss the soreness I'm feeling only a couple days in) and I'm running more for time than mileage. It's a nice change to think about running for 1/2 hour or 45 minutes rather than thinking I've "got to" run ___ miles to keep up with my training.  I only really trained for 10 weeks and was getting tired of it by the end - I just don't understand how folks can stay in training nearly year round for race after race.  I'd rather just run because I love it.

9. Though we've got some chilly weather headed our way this week, it really has been an extraordinarily mild fall.  When we had the bit of heat up two weeks ago, my knockout rose shot out some blooms.  I don't ever remember it blooming this late!

10. As our first real taste of cold weather and an actually freeze hit and knock out my knock out rose, this is my plan while I wait for summer to come back around: