Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday Ten Things that Have Changed

1. Debby's post got me thinking about how I've gone back to whole foods, all natural, full-fat style eating.  I credit my experimentation with Paleo-style eating for this.  I found out I could eat nuts, avocado, and even full-fat cheese and the world wouldn't come to an end, nor would I immediately gain a bunch of weight.  I believe this is because I'm ultimately more satisfied with a little of certain things than I ever was with a lot of "diety" foods.

2. I no longer run 1200-1500 miles a year. The years that I quit racing I've seen that go right down to between 800-900 miles a year. I still love to run, but I've accepted that I'm going to run shorter distances and enjoy it rather than be in constant "training for my next race" mode, therefore I don't need to run so much.

3. I've stopped being so all or nothing in various areas of my life.  For example, all through the holidays I enjoyed many treats, both of the sugary type and the adult beverage type.  There was a time come January 2nd I would have made myself stop everything all at once therefore creating a monster to live with.  This year, I decided to attack it in increments:  January 2nd I stopped the daily glass of wine. January 9th (well really January 6th when I grocery shopped) I started working on better balance to my meals - you know making sure there's a protein AND a vegetable on my plate. The next step will be to cut my portions back a bit to see if I can get some more weight off.  I actually think this approach works better for me than trying to do it all at once - and it doesn't feel so punishing.

4. After literally spending 50-ish years of my life attending church (often going several times a week), when Mr. Helen's work schedule changed and he started working on Sundays, I tapered off of all the church going then eventually quit going altogether for the most part.  This might sound terrible to some but I actually don't miss "church." When I feel in need of spirituality, I find a way to have that - and I occasionally go to a church service but without feeling like I "have to" be there.

5.  I no longer say yes to things just because it's a family member asking.  If I don't want to do/participate/attend, I'm just saying no and finding I'm happier for it.

6. I no longer feel like I need a full face of makeup and hair done to go out and run an errand.  I often throw on yoga pants, a jacket, and a hat and go get it done.  Some of this has come about because I have to do the makeup/hair thing every day for work and sometimes I just want a break.  The rest of it has come about because...

7. I no longer give a crap about what people think about me/my looks/my ideas/my politics, etc., etc.  This is a huge freedom that has been given to me in mid-life.

8. I'm discovering I no longer have the need to be right.  For all my growing up years my mother would say, "If you're right, you don't have to prove yourself right."  It's only now that I'm actually understanding that.

9. Even though I'm quite assertive, in the past decade or so, I've learned to hold my tongue. It's just not necessary to say every single thing I'm thinking, even if it might deserve to be said! Along these lines I'm really understanding that the way people act often has to do with things I have no idea is going on in their lives.  So, first compassion, then assertive honesty if things get out of control.

10. I don't feel the need to be attached at the hip to Mr. Helen.  While I very much value our time together and don't have a problem saying it if I feel we've been neglecting our relationship, I don't need to be with him every free minute.  I guess that's maturing in a relationship.

What about you?  Tell me something(s) that have changed for you.