Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesday Ten

1. Some of the gorgeous sunrise views I've had in the last couple of weeks on my morning run.

2. Mr. Helen and one of his coworkers/friends retired on June 30th.  His other coworkers put on a very nice buffet potluck with an "Aloha" theme.  They made the guys wear grass skirts and coconut/seashell bras.  It was so funny.  They gave them certificates of service and shadow boxes with butcher's knives in them.  A very nice send off.  Mr. Helen worked federal civil service for 32 years with 26 years being at this last place.

3. Speaking of retirement, I might be able to get used to him being retired while I still work.  The Saturday after he retired, I had a training appointment at 8 a.m., followed by having a demo for my part-time job.  I wrote a list of all the housework I wanted to get done that day and while I was at work, he texted me to say he'd done all of it except the dusting - he doesn't like to dust!  Wow!  Plus he has cooked dinner several times over the last 10 days.  The really funny thing though is how chatty he is when I get home.  He talks non-stop, which my ears are not used to.  I finally realized it's because he's now alone most of the day.  Let's just say we are adjusting!

4. Long time readers will remember this guy, even though you might not recognize him.  That's our nephew, who will be a freshman in high school this September!  We had him overnight a couple weeks ago and he and Mr. Helen went fishing.  This past week he flew by himself to Minnesota to meet up with some family to go to a cabin.  I sent this photo to his mom and she said, "that's one happy boy right there - a steak and a root beer, two of his favorite things."

5. We finally got a night on the patio, with the patio being fully set up.  Seems like it took forever this year what with our vacation happening at the beginning of June. My happy place.

6. First Caprese salad of the season.  I make it with homemade pesto rather than plain basil leaves.  I have two pots of basil growing on the patio specifically for pesto. This salad screams summer to me!

7. Another thing that screams summer?  When my day lilies bloom.  This year, one flower bloomed all by itself for a whole day before other flowers joined in.

8. I spent Independence Day alone at the beach because Mr. Helen wouldn't listen to me that we needed to go early.  (We have passes on both our cars and he generally moseys down there whenever he feels like it to meet me.) I left my house at 8:30 for what should have been a 15 minute drive and didn't sit down on the beach until 9:45.  He attempted to come at 10:00 but sat for an hour in traffic without moving so he turned around and went home. Turns out people had arrived and lined up at the beach gates at 5 in the morning and they estimated there were 13,000+ visitors that day - a record-setting crowd.  My whole city only has 28,000 people! Honestly, it really was too busy and I am sure next year we will make other plans.

9. When we were in St. Martin, Mr. Helen bought me a beautiful 25th anniversary ring.  He actually told me I could upgrade the 3-stone ring we bought on our 10th anniversary (I'd never had an engagement ring) but I told him no, it had too much sentimental value for me and that I'd rather choose something else. Unfortunately while there my fingers swelled and I couldn't get my 3-stone ring off.  I ended up using the dental floss trick to get it off and then couldn't wear any rings for over a week because my finger was so traumatized.  Mr. Helen and the jeweler we dealt with were very worried about me getting the ring on but I assured them that my finger would calm down once home and back into a normal routine.  And it did!  I love both these rings (and the memories that go with them) so much.

10. I had my follow up with the trainer/owner of the facility where I've been doing personal training.  I lost 2.5 lbs. of fat and gained 3 lbs. of muscle, which of course means my weight stayed the same.  He asked me what my goals were and I told him honestly that I want to lose weight, or in his lingo, lose fat.  I also said I know strength training people hate when that's said, but that I feel fairly fit - I mean there's always room for improvement - but what I really want is to be smaller.  To my surprise he actually responded positively. He also admitted he was quite surprised that I didn't lose more weight but was beginning to understand how stubborn my metabolism (damaged by hypothyroidism and age) actually is.  But then he stated that as long as I was willing to work with him and try different things, his goal is to get me to my goal and he wanted to continue to check in with me.  So, I've decided to do a one year membership to see if the things he wants to try with me food and exercise wise will get me results.  I also told him that if I'm in the same place in a year, that I am right now, I'd definitely have to re-evaluate my membership.  He agreed that was fair and honestly, I can't ask for more or better customer service than I'm getting!