Monday, September 21, 2009

Late and Stressed

I am under extreme stress these days, surrounded by illness both at home and at work. My mother-in- law has Alzheimer's and we believe she is entering the last stages of it. My heart hurts to see my husband grieve so much. My boss has been in chronic debilitating pain since January due to spinal issues. Therefore, he hasn't been in the office much and I end up driving back and forth to his house. Additionally because I also function as a Personal Assistant, I have a hand in all of his medical stuff.


That's what I've been dealing with all weekend and all morning so I'm late posting. I guess better late than never.

It's quite easy for me to turn to food when I'm in this sort of jittery stress. In fact the only thing easier is to pour a glass of wine. But last week, I started taking small steps to stop that mess and get myself on track to be where I want to be by next March. No more absorbing that stress and having it wreak havoc on my body.

So, I have made it since last Wednesday without overindulging on either food or wine. Yes, I did have wine on Saturday night with pizza - but I counted it, every single drop! I prepared all day long and left myself enough calories to have 2 glasses of wine.

Other than that, when I've wanted to eat chocolate or drink an adult beverage, I've made myself take a deep breath, examine the consequences, then drink some unsweetened iced tea or a big glass of water. I know that sounds like silly diet advice but it's working for now so I won't mess with success.

And ultimately, success is what it's all about, right?


  1. Wow! That's terrific! Keep making good choices for you! You're worth it! You will have success!

  2. I miss the wine, I really do! I get so few Points these days that I can't justify wasting them on wine. I guess I'd rather eat my Points than drink them. :)

  3. Also, I forgot to say sorry about the stress. Sounds really tough. But good for you for not succumbing to the food monster. I know it's hard, because I have the same issue. Keep hanging in there!