Monday, September 14, 2009

NYC and A Hard Truth

I really enjoyed my trip to NYC with my sister, even though there were times when it was incredibly hard. My sister's husband died in a terrible accident on April 28th at the age of 39. She was left a widow at 34 years old with 2 small children aged 5 and 2. So, of course she is still grieving but is trying very hard to figure out what her new life should be.

Gary loved to go to NYC (unlike my dh) so even though she and I have made an annual trip either to shop or see a show, they had also shared that, so some of the things we did were difficult for her. Yet, at the end of the weekend as we parted ways she thanked me for going and said it was a good distraction.

As for the food, well, I can't be trusted around it at all! Unfortunately I am a person who can eat even when not hungry just because something looks or sounds good. While I did a pretty good job of avoiding all the food cart/street vendor food I'm usually so tempted by I still ate too many calories. We went to Levain Bakery on Friday because I had heard that their chocolate chip cookies were the best - plus they cook with all natural, organic and whole grain ingredients. The cookie IS amazing and I did make the choice of eating it as my lunch which probably helped overall. However, later that evening we went to Little Italy for dinner , I ate soup to nuts - appetizer to dessert (did I really need another dessert after the cookie? Come on!). Plus we shared a bottle of wine and had a glass of white Sangria on the house. Too much. Saturday, we skipped breakfast because we planned to go to Carnegie Deli prior to going to our show. At least we stuck to our plan and shared everything but then, I picked up yet another dessert to eat on the train trip home. So, just too many calories. I refuse to eliminate anything from my diet but the hard truth is that I am going to have to learn to willfully not eat everything in sight!

Anyway, the show we saw - Billy Elliott - was fabulous. The dancing was phenominal. I highly recommend if you go anywhere near Broadway that you see this show. It's worth the most expensive ticket, it's that good.

On another note, while we were in NYC, my sister-in-law texted us a photo of my little niece who had the heart surgery last Thursday. In the photo she was reclining in a special chair and grinning from ear to ear. She seems to be recovering quickly and we are so thankful for that!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear your niece is doing so well.

    I think we have to balance out vacations with real life.
    As long as you get back on track when you're home I don't think it's really that bad to splurge while away.

    I loved the movie but the live energy of the show would be spectacular.