Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Long Weekend

Oh boy, I feel so out of it!

Got back yesterday afternoon from a long weekend in Cape Cod. We hadn't been there in a few years due to one thing or another and once there remembered why we love it so much. In fact, we're talking about taking a full week vacation there next summer.

In the meantime, I am far, far behind on blog reading and my own blogging. Oh well, I pretty much feel weekend blogs probably will be hit or miss for me anyway. I am on the computer so much during the week that I often take computer breaks on the weekend.

I am really proud of the eating choices I made while we were gone. Of course, it's easy to eat healthier when there is so much gorgeous seafood on every menu! But still, I chose broiled over fried, ate 1 piece of bread dipped in a lovely flavored olive oil but didn't eat the rice pilaf. Choices like that make all the difference for me. I feel like I'm fully participating in the restaurant experience yet I'm eating mindfully and carefully at the same time.

As usual, spending several days with my husband and watching how he eats always shows me that one can partake of anything and everything. He just naturally makes choices that balance his food intake. If he eats something really heavy and more fattening, the next thing you know he wants a salad. It's so interesting watching someone who has never really struggled at all with their weight eat according to their natural appetite.

I also managed to get in some exercise while we were gone - couldn't resist actually because the weather was so nice and the temps just about perfect for a quick morning jog.

All in all, a very very relaxing and renewing long weekend.

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  1. That sounds like a great weekend! I'm the worlds biggest seafood lover and have still never been to New England. Someday! Sounds like you did really well!

    I'm the same as you on the weekend blogging. I rarely go near the computer on the weekend because I stare at it 50 hours a week. I believe it's keeping me marginally sane!