Monday, September 28, 2009


I hate the way I feel this morning - like I'm not losing weight. I don't know if it's years of thyroid issues where I battle to get even 1 lb. off, but I can usually tell if I've lost a little bit. I'm dreading my weigh in on Wednesday. You know I'm dreading it if I'm already thinking and talking about it on Monday. Sigh.

If you were to look at my food and exercise logs you wouldn't see anything different than what I did the week before, and I had a loss. But this is the travail of hypothyroidism. You just never know. So you have to keep on keeping on, even when you feel fat and blobby.

I can't let these self-defeating thoughts take over because when I do it's usually the beginning of the end and I say "screw it I'm sick of this" and resume very destructive habits. I have to remember that even if the scale won't cooperate RIGHT NOW, it will eventually, and I feel so much better when I live healthfully.

Aaahhh, Monday, Monday.


  1. Oh no you don't! No "screw it" stuff! :)

    I've thought that same thing many times, and I have a perfectly normal thyroid. So I really have no excuse, other than sometimes I just get tired of it all. But feeling better is worth it all, the exercise and the effort to eat right. The scale will cooperate if you keep with it.

    Hey - when is your birthday? I was looking at your 'about me' and noticed it says you had 180 days until you turn 50. It doesn't look like you have that many posts so maybe it's just been a few months. Just curious.

  2. Scales dont tell the whole story anyway. As a matter of fact they can be evil machines. But you know that you are on track and feeling better. I am sending good vibes your way right now. My dear hubby has thyroid issues and it's a struggle for him, too.

  3. I certainly agree, scales don't tell the whole story my friend. I certainly wish you the absolute best, and I know that if you stay the course and you keep making good choices like you have---the weight will've proven this. I certainly will not pretend that I know what it's like to have your condition, I don't. but this lifestyle change you're doing---this way of life will transform your body in time regardless, I know it will. Put the thoughts of "screw it" behind you...and stay the course. You know you will!!! thinking of you today,

    My best always

  4. I have said it many times, I will say it again, it is not a coincidence that scales are generally kept in the bathroom -- they are pieces of poop and belong there.

    The stinky scale cannot measure the effort and sacrifice that you have put forth to improve your health; nor can it measure the courage it takes to share your journey with us. So keep on truckin'.

    Did I mention that scales stink?

  5. My body operates pretty much like the price at the gas pump. It's quick to jump way up "to reflect the current jump in oil prices" but it's so very slow to reflect the same thing on the way down. It's a battle I fight all the time and I just try not to put so much stock in what the scale says. I try to judge my progress on me doing the right things. The scale operates outside of that. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Hang in there! I've often thought I had a thyroid issue but turns out it's just laziness ;) You can do it!!

  7. Helen, one thing I always tell people is that if you do the right things, the weight WILL come off. Perhaps not this week, perhaps not next, but it WILL come off.

  8. I think that last paragraph is very powerful. Your goal is weight loss, but also health--and doing what you do brings health. It will get there.

    Back when I used to go to WW meetings, there was a lady who met goal. She had thyroid problems, too. It took her awhile, but she did it! She stood up and said, "They said it couldn't be done, but I proved them wrong!" If she did, you can. =) One day at a time, positive attitude, eye on health--you'll make it!