Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Weight of it All.

My legs felt heavy during my run this morning. I know some of it was because of the 100 touch and go roundhouse kicks we did during Thai Boxing last night. But a lot of it is because of the extra weight I’m carrying.

It annoys me that the extra weight affects one thing I really enjoy – my running. Not only did I feel like bricks were tied to my running shoes, but my pace is greatly affected as well. Yet somehow, even knowing that my running would be altered didn’t stop me from putting weight on; didn’t stop me from chomping and chewing on anything and everything.

My train of thought as I ran this morning went something like this: I wonder why, even though it has affected my running, I won’t stop overeating? I wonder what it will take for me to snap to? What is the magic? What is the secret? What will make me care enough to stop giving in and throwing food tantrums like a two year old?

Ay yi yi. I got home both physically and mentally tired and it was only 5:30 am.

I’ve got to figure it out though. Because I thought I made pretty good choices yesterday and when I finished putting my dinner into my food tracker this morning, I had managed to overeat by around 250 calories. Since I had a hard Thai class, that means I managed to maintain my overweightness instead of sliding towards the losing side.

I know it could be worse, and I’m probably a teensy bit whiney today because I was disappointed in my run and in my caloric intake. But I also need to snap to because I have some other issues that would be greatly helped by even a 10% weight loss.

So here I am feeling all bad and like a failure and what makes it really funny is that a group of women at my job approached me last week and asked me if I would be a “neutral” person for a weight loss challenge they wanted to do. Meaning, would I be the person who weighs everyone in and holds the money pot. There are 5 of them and they are putting $10 in for each 4 week period. They plan to go 16 weeks so at their last weigh in on December 29 (that’s right people Christmas is only 15 weeks away!) whomever is the biggest loser – percentage wise – will get the $200 pot. When I asked them why they wanted me to do it they said, “Because you know so much about food and nutrition and weightloss.” Glad they feel confident in me anyway.

Wonder when I’ll figure out how to put all that knowledge to work in my own life?


  1. It sounds like you are putting it to work already perhaps just not as consistently as you'd like.

  2. Join the "biggest loser" contest at work but don't tell them you did! keep track of your own weight loss. you'll already be seeing how they are doing, and hearing all their questions, at the end I bet you are the winner! the pot is $20? seriously? how about putting in some real cash! lol!

  3. No Linda the pot is TWO HUNDRED dollars.