Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Down 1.6. I know I should be happy with this, but honestly I'm so far behind at this point, I really wanted more. And, in fact, I earned more - at least numerically. I'm not one to jump on and off a scale all the time, but I will analyze numbers to death. By my numbers for the last week, i.e., caloric intake/caloric burn, I should have lost at least 3 pounds. Gah!


  1. My body does this to me all the time - delayed gratification. I just have to tell myself that the scales will reflect my hard work at some time, perhaps just not now. Frustrating, I know. Don't let it get you down, just keep doing good work and it will all work itself out.

  2. Celebrate that you're out of the 180's forever. Your body is still adjusting ... trust it to reflect your hard work.

  3. You can't always expect the scale to be in sync with your workouts and eats - but it will get there! Think big picture!

    I was hoping to be in the 150's this week - but I am stuck at 160.8! I got a new bathroom scale (which a company sent me and I'll be giving it away) - my old scale was 15 years old and not very accurate.

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I know how you're feeling - the scale will catch up, but the waiting is hard! You're doing all the right stuff, so hang in there...a little scale love will come your way soon!

  5. You'll see it, it's coming!
    You're doing everything right.

    And I think I need a new bathroom scale! I like yours!

  6. WoW, you're in a new decade! Fabulous, Helen!
    Try ... try ... try ... not to fret over the numbers. This is a great loss.

    My scale is a Taylor brand too. I like it as it seems to be very accurate and dependable.

    Your feet are adorable.