Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Low Can You Go?

In the past couple of days, along with my rumbling tummy, I've found myself starting to have a mindset that I KNOW is beneficial... how low can you go?

In other words, as one who uses basic math - calorie counting - as my means of getting from here to there I am starting to ask myself if I need to eat that one more thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to eat super low calorie. In fact, my "range" is 1200-1500 calories per day and most days, I eat very close to that 1500. But for the past few days if I look at my tracker and I've had 1300, instead of just looking for another 200 calories to eat, I'm actually thinking about my hunger. Do I really need to eat? So, I find myself eating enough to be satisfied but not necessarily every single calorie if I'm not hungry.

Again, I say from past experience, this will only be beneficial for me.

In other blog business, here is this week's Hot 100 update. Good old South Beach Steve is motivating us all to be the best we can be in the last 100 days of 2009. May I mention, that if you haven't read his blog, you must. It's really great with video episodes and recipes and heartfelt writing.

Here are my goals:

1. Keep the wine down to 2 glasses on no more than 2 days.
2. Track my food intake and keep it under 1500 calories for 6 out of 7 days per week.
3. Burn at least 2500 calories a week through exercise.
4. Advance to my next belt in Thai Boxing, which means I have to have perfect attendance and learn the material.
5. Use the weekend to plan and precook some of our weekly meals so that we are eating.

First of all let me say, I FINALLY made it to 100 degrees in the shade. Yes, my friends, I had success on all fronts. In fact, it may be 110 up in here...

1. Only drank wine 1 time this week!
2. Tracked intake AND kept it under 1500 for 7 days!
3. 2848 calories burned!
4. 3 classes taken - last class did 100 roundhouse kicks on each leg!
5. Here are some of the yummy meals: Turkey Italian Sausage & Pepper Grinders; Chicken & Rice Bake; Baked Cod with Roasted Asparagus!

Woo Hoo! Now, if I can just lather, rinse, repeat...

Finally let me say, I am really honored to have been given an award by Fat (Free) Me:

"Aren't You the Cat's Meow" comes with no rules. A true gift, all I have to do is accept it. Thanks! I'm always surprised when someone notices me - I'm kind of new at this blogging thing. Again, if you haven't been to her blog, you must. Besides, she's hit the 70 pound lost mark so go give her a high five.


  1. I'm finding myself in a similar situation. I've been looking over my food log and noticing my calorie intake is really low. I know a part of that is I need to eat more for breakfast, but like you, I'm scared to eat just for the sake of eating the calories. Great blog, I look forward to reading more.

    - Josie

  2. Way to go on the goals! and the award.

  3. Hey Helen. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment about lowering my carbs. That is what I am thinking I need to do. Or maybe just change up the kinds of carbs I am eating.

    I love your new award. It looks like you have rocked your goals in the past week, too!! Keep it up my friend.

  4. An award without rules? LOVE IT!
    Congratulations, Helen!

  5. Congratulations on a great week! 100 is a great place to be!

    By the way, thanks for the great shout out - I appreciate it!