Friday, October 16, 2009

It Is Better to Give

Than to Receive. There is great joy in giving. Even greater joy than in receiving. Which is why I would like to bestow this award on a few of the bloggers who put themselves out there to inspire us all.

There are no rules to receiving this award, just pick it up. Of course, if you'd like to pass it on, that's okay too.

Happy Friday!


Fat Girl Dives In

TJ's Weigh or the Highway

Amazon Runner

My Travels to Becoming a Better Me

Fearless Missy

Downsizing Doc


  1. Awww... Thanks Helen. I'm honored.

  2. Oooh, good, great choices there - I will enjoy seeing where this award gets to now!

  3. Oh Helen, thank you!!! You are the sweetest bestest blogger friend ever!

  4. Wow, Thank You, Helen!
    I LOVE the no rules thing.
    This was really nice to come home to :D

  5. Thank you for the award. I agree - its grest to have an award with no rules! I find all the blogs I read motivational and inspiring so hope that I can help someone else here in the wt loss blog community.

    I'm still planning on posting the Divine Secrets of the Fat Fat Sisterhood. Please email me with your top 2-3 lifestyle catch phrases.....and excuses. dee3three at gmail dot com