Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update Time

South Beach Steve is trying to help us focus during these last 100 days of 2009. Thanks, Steve. Here is this week's Hot 100 update.

My Goals:
1. Keep the wine down to 2 glasses on no more than 2 days.
2. Track my food intake and keep it under 1500 calories for 6 out of 7 days per week.
3. Burn at least 2500 calories a week through exercise.
4. Advance to my next belt in Thai Boxing, which means I have to have perfect attendance and learn the material.
5. Use the weekend to plan and precook some of our weekly meals so that we are eating.

1. FAIL – too many social events and though I didn’t overdo it, once again it was on more than 2 days.

2. FAIL – while I tracked my food on all 7 days, I most certainly didn’t keep it to less than 1500 calories. According to the nutrition calculator I use, based on my statistics including my exercise time, I can actually eat up to 1800 and expect to lose weight. But, because of my thyroid issues, I know I really can’t do that. This week I just blasted right by the 1500 hundred mark on 4 out of the 7 days and ate right up to the edge of the 1800.

3. PASS! Burned 2836 calories and ran the fastest I’ve run in a long time.

4. PASS! Not only did I get my classes in but in one class I worked out with a brown belt who told me they’d never seen someone as technically good as I am at “just” a gold belt. Yay for me!

5. I can’t decide whether to give myself a pass or fail for this one. I didn’t really do a bunch of cooking or planning – but I purposefully made that decision. I just didn’t feel like it and decided that meals would be really simple this week, i.e., soup and sandwich, etc. So half pass?

OY! What a week it has been. It is what it is. Basically I had a positive meltdown this week and that’s not a good thing. No excuses though – I need to get my rear in gear.


  1. Don't beat yourself up over any of this weeks mishaps - live and learn or let it go and move on, It's just a small stumbling block....or whatever term you like the best!

    Today/tomorrow is another chance to make the right choices - no more excuses!

    You can do it!

  2. It has been a hell of a week hasn't it? I think you're doing yourself a lot of good by setting your goals and then checking in on how you did. Give yourself a pass for that :)

  3. Great work this week. You may have had 2 or 2.5 fails, but none of them were total fails. You are making progress, and that is awesome!

  4. Wow, good job on all the exercise! Keep it up :) :)

  5. Hi Helen, This is my first visit to your blog - I've seen your comments elsewhere and finally am getting around to visit. I love your goal of getting fit by 50. I'm 56 and wish I'd done it a lot sooner! But I'm here now with great inspiration from bloggers like you. I wish you continued success, and I'll be back to follow your progress.

  6. Overall you had at least a B. :)

    I'd say that's a really good job!

  7. dont be too hard on sounds like youre doing good:) keep it up:)