Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not Enough Change

This week's edition of the Hot 100 update:
1. Keep the alcohol intake to a minimum.
2. Track my food intake and keep it at 1500 calories or less as a weekly average.
3. Lose 6 pounds in the remaining weeks of 2009.
4. Advance to my next belt in Thai Boxing, which means I have to have perfect attendance and learn the material.

All I can say is that while I got some things back under control after these past weeks' events, I didn't get a big  enough grip.

I still had a DAILY glass of wine (or 2).  That's too much for me and my bad metabolism.
My average caloric intake for the week was 1720.  I'm sure much of that was due to the extra wine.
No idea if I lost weight because yesterday I overslept and didn't weigh myself.  Still trying to decide if I'm going to swap to a Saturday weigh in.
The one thing I did do was go to 3 Thai classes last week.  Plus I ran 27 miles.  I was pretty sore.  Hubby said I was hobbling around like I do after I've run a 20 miler when I'm marathon training.  At least I'm keeping the fat at bay by exercising.

So, I still have lots of room to improve.  Here's to a better week!


  1. Wow--27 miles! I thought I was hot shit last week because I walked more than 10 miles. You go girl!

  2. I love your casual "plus I ran 27 miles" - dang, woman...that is fantastic!!! There is always room for improvement in everything we do, but in my book you're doing pretty darn good!

  3. OK. I'm impressed! 27 miles last week!?! Wow! That is awesome! It sounds like you have exercise under control. 6 pounds in 6 weeks is doable!

  4. Like Shelley and Linda, I am totally impressed! 27 miles! Wow!

    Helen, can I be so bold as to ask a favor of you? Would you please consider enabling Name/URL commenting? I use OpenID when I don't have Name/URL as an option - OpenID is a real pain. Of course, it is your blog, so do as you wish, but I would greatly appreciate your consideration. Thanks.

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog! After my tough hours on Monday evening, it is Friday and I am still going strong. I do have a "go-to" food, it is sugar snap peas, thawed but not cooked. Great for mindless eating, if it gets to that. But ANGER on that day led to wanting the chips exclusively; so wierd that when someone/something angers you, that you get back at them by hurting yourself!

    I wish you success in the coming week!