Monday, November 23, 2009

Sickness and Strategies

I have been sick all weekend.  I started not feeling all that well on Friday and by Saturday morning I had a full blown cold going - along with a cough.  I'm not surprised that I came down with this cold because I think my immune system does not do well with stress and lately, well, you know... So far so good in that it hasn't turned bronchial but boy is this cough annoying!

I exercised both weekend days, managing to do a long run/walk on Saturday with my beloved Pete.  We go slow but the time with him is priceless to me.  I can run fast on a day when I'm alone - which is what I did on Sunday. 

I also managed to get pie crusts made for the Thanksgiving pies so all they need is filling, which I'll do on Wednesday.  While making the crusts I was thinking about my Thanksgiving strategy and I think I'm going to steal an idea I saw somewhere else and add 1000 calories to my total allowed for the day.  That will give me plenty of wiggle room without overload.  I usually have one day a week where I eat a bit more liberally and don't track so Thursday it will be.  I have to admit though that, unlike other years where I focused a lot on the food, this year I haven't been.  I'm more focused on the fact that my daughter is coming home - we haven't seen her since July - and the fact that this will be our first holiday without my brother-in-law.  It makes having the family around all the more precious.

How about you?  Are you employing any specific strategies to get through the food landmines over the next week?


  1. Good for you still working out with a nasty cold! I'm going on day 6 with no exercise! I'm almost all better!
    I like your 1000 calorie allowance idea for turkey day. It will make things less stressfull.
    I'm going to wear some pants that are just a bit snug in the waist. No elastic waist! And I'm going out to walk instead of plop down in front of the TV after the meal!
    Have fun with your daughter!


  2. I am just going to try and eat like I always do! But, I will allow for an extra taste of dessert or two. Fortunately I'm not a pie person, so I don't feel tempted by those. I do love rolls and cookies though, so that's where I need to watch things.

    I'm also going to do a 5K run on Thursday morning which will burn up a few calories!

  3. Am I employing a strategy? Yes, I just don't have it planned out yet. I do know there will be no sugar and no white bread in my mouth that day. I am sure I will overeat, but I will not stuff myself like a starving glutton. Outside of that, I am not sure yet.

  4. Good on ya for planning ahead - I swear, I think that's half the battle on these "big eating" days! My strategy is to limit Thanksgiving to Thursday only...not continue it throughout the weekend!

  5. My strategy is to enjoy one plate of dinner (not overflowing either ... I know that trick!) and a slice of pumpkin pie. My 90 year old mother-in-law makes pumpkin pie from the actual squash. Not to be missed. Shelley is so right about limiting the treats to Thursday. On Friday, it's back to business!