Monday, December 28, 2009

Bad Bad Blogger!

Hello blogland.  A quick update since my last pre-Christmas post then I'm off to read all your blogs.  I am interested to see if the daily bloggers kept it up.  I don't think I've been near the computer since around the 23rd because we were so busy.  Thankfully I get my email on my phone so I didnt' miss anything really important.

The visit with the daughter was lovely and hectic, as usual.  It seems like whenever she makes it home it's always for an event so we don't have much down time.  She spent way too much on gifts but I have to keep my mouth shut because she IS 30 years old and it's her money to spend! 

Christmas dinner was great:  I roasted a whole beef tenderloin (that's filet mignon, if you don't know) and made a fat free gravy as well as a fat full gorgonzola sauce to put on it.  Served with green beans, smashed red potatoes and homemade rolls.  My mother brought her blueberry salad and that made our meal.  No dessert.  Which was OK since my daughter and I shared a whole bottle of Prosecco so I definitely got some calories there.

Thankfully I kept up my exercise, working out every day except Christmas because the day after Christmas I lost it with the hors d'oeuvres and sweets at my hubby's family gathering.  Bad BAD BAD blogger.  Sigh.  Honestly, my stomach has been upset since Saturday but I won't groan and complain because it's my own damn fault!

I need to get together my personal and weight loss goals for 2010 and commit them to paper this week.  Anyone else working on that?


  1. Def working on putting together some long & short term goals for 2010. Putting them in writing really makes it more 'real' to me. :)

    Sounds like you did great this holiday season. Working out every day is awesome!!

    Have a great week!

  2. Keeping up the exercise is so commendable. That's where I got a little off track. We're back to regular schedule now. Got to the gym Saturday and Sunday. Feeling good. Good luck with all your 2010 goals!

  3. I agree with What a Splurge - keeping up with the exercise is very commendable. I am seeing a lot of bloggers who blew it over Christmas on the eating, but I am seeing many who are getting right back on the wagon.

    I am working on goals myself. In fact, I posted the details on a new challenge today.

  4. Glad to hear you've had a great Christmas. Your dinner sounds wonderful and healthy. Much better than what we had (and will NOT be having next year).

    I'm working on my 2010 goals too. So much I didn't accomplish last year. Maybe this year. :)

  5. Love that you committed to the exercise - that was the first thing to go with me!

    Yep, I am thinking of my goals for 2010 - probably my New Years Eve post?

    Happy Monday!

  6. I'm working on my goals - they are quite a bit different than last year's, which is fun to see!

    Glad Christmas with your daughter was so fun! Love that you think she spent too much on y'all - I guess moms always do...and your dinner sounds fabulous!

  7. I agree with the other comments here... keeping up with exercising during the holidays is a real challenge for most of us... Glad to you you were right on with the exercising.

    Thanks for your the moral support with regard to yesterday's post. I'm working on my New Year's resolution and trying to figure out how I can get a handle on the eating. Take care and I hope you have a happy and safe new year.