Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Hello Blogland - Happy Christmas Week!

Count me in among the snowed in. As you know, I took Friday off from work and spent almost the whole day getting most of my Christmas cookies/baking done. Thankfully I did make myself do a quick run while some of the dough chilled because it turned out to be a very busy day. When I heard the weather forecast I made myself go out around 3 p.m. and get my mother's Christmas gift started.

Friday night I had my first "live" test for my Orange belt in Muay Thai. It was nerve wracking standing there with all the sensei's watching me. Not to mention my sweet hubby sitting in the front row of spectator seats snapping pictures. BUT I DID IT! Just refer to me as Ms. Orange, thank you.

Saturday I got up and ran in the 19 degree temps. I wore my new Brooks running pants which I l-o-v-e! Still a very cold run though. Then I went out and finished my mom's gift, picked up my last gift for my famiy exchange and went home to wait for the storm. A big one was predicted - unusual for the coastal area I live in.

Yesterday we spent 4 hours digging out our driveway. I think it was around 2 feet plus the drifts because it blew like a blizzard and snowed all Saturday night and Sunday morning. The whole time dh was complaining that he didn't listen to me last year and buy himself a snow blower. Good thing he didn't because that's what I bought him for Christmas. It is sitting in his father's garage. I thought about giving it to him early but we still would have had to dig out the driveway to get to it so no point. Boy will he be surprised on Christmas day!

I supposed all that shoveling counts as exercise, right?

I have caught up on the blog reading I've missed over the weekend but I didn't respond to any because I'm late. I see that many of you are managing your holidays with great grace. I am happy to say that I haven't eaten so many cookies that I have a stomach ache. I've also managed to keep the Chex Mix munching to one handful. I know that sounds silly but it's a pretty big victory for me and very different from holidays past. Hopefully we ALL can keep it up for the rest of the week!


  1. Shoveling snow definitely counts! I'm totally impressed that you would run in 19 degree weather. Wow.

  2. Happy Christmas week to you too Ms. Orange!

    Wow! Lotsa snow! Shoveling snow is a good workout!

    You always motivate me to run! I'm heading out in a few minutes! It's going to be strange running in daylight though! lol! Thanks!


  3. Take your time with shoveling, dont over do it... We have a light coating of snow on everything but the roads... I would like to see it stay that way for Christmas!

  4. I wish it was looking a little more like Xmas here in Colorado. It's like 50 degrees out. Yet it snowed in October! :/

  5. 4 hours digging yourself out of the driveway--now that's a workout. Wish we saw snow in Sacramento.

    Good for you for staying away from the cookies and chex mix... Daniel brought home pan dulce and I'm soooo glad that I haven't touched it. Damn him for bringing that stuff home. Pan is my criptonit (sp?)

    Have a great Christmas.

  6. Hey Orange! Great job!

    Great job with the chex mix too. That stuff is so addicting!

    BTW, yes, show shoveling certainly counts as exercise, and a lot of it!