Friday, December 18, 2009

Mmmmmm cooookies!

Hello kids. I knew the title would at least make you look!

I took today off to do some baking. Believe it or not, because I love to cook so much, it's a treat for me and I find it relaxing. I just finished baking 5 different kinds of Christmas cookies and I haven't even tasted one! Now I must rush out to the store because our forecast for tomorrow has turned into 6-8 inches of snow. Granted I live near the coast so it might be a non-event but rarely do they forecast snow for us and nothing inland and that's what's happening now. Poor hubby is a butcher and he called me around 1:00 to ask if I'd seen the forecast because he was trying to figure out why his store was swamped. I have a feeling he'll come home tired and glad to see the cookies.

Before I take off I wanted to do my Hot 100 update for the last week. Here are my goals:

1. Keep the alcohol intake to a minimum.
2. Track my food intake and keep it at 1500 calories or less as a weekly average.
3. Lose 6 pounds in the remaining weeks of 2009.
4. Advance to my next belt in Thai Boxing, which means I have to have perfect attendance and learn the material.

1. The only time I drank at all this last week was Wednesday evening when a group from my job went out for our annual Christmas get together. I call that keeping it to a minimum and I also call that a pass.

2. Weekly intake average was 1547 so that's a fail but I'm okay with it what with the extras I've had to deal with this week.

3. Sadly, as I said last week, this isn't going to happen unless some sort of Christmas miracle takes place. But I did lose the pound I had gained the previous week so I'm good.

4. Tonight's the night I make this goal. I have my very first ever "LIVE" test. Meaning I have to stand in front of my senseis and an audience and take my test. Assuming I don't completely lose it I will be an orange belt sometime around 7 p.m.

All in all a pretty good week, even with the holiday rush. Now I must go rushing off so I'll have to be back later to catch up on my blog reading!


  1. Baking is theraputic for me too. Although finding homes for all the newly baked goodies can sometimes be a bit stressful! lol!
    Good job with your Hot 100 goals! And good luck tonight!
    Orange belt at 7, got it!

    I believe in miracles!


  2. I love cooking, not so much baking for whatever reason, but I have some things lined up in the next couple days for gifts: hot pepper jelly, canning my pasta sauce and making horseradish mustard!

    Hope the snow stays away, but I always like a White Christmas!

  3. My wife really enjoys baking, especially around Christmas. That has been one thing that we have both had to adjust on, as she used to love to bake for me. That doesn't happen now.

    I am anxious to hear how you did on your live test.