Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wax On, Wax Off

I don't even know how to say thank you to all of you who commented on yesterday's entry.  Just at the moment I was feeling completely and utterly alone, once again my blogging friends came along and reassured me it will be okay.  You even shared some of your own frustrations and pain from similar experiences and gave me some really good insight and wisdom.   It was hard for me to write that blog and it certainly had nothing to do with weight loss per se but truly writing my feelings out was exactly what I needed to do.  Though my family may have forsaken me, you all did not.   I am grateful to have so many new "imaginary" friends!

I have been an exercise queen lately and am finding that it is actually helping my motivation to eat better.  Here is what this week's schedule looks like:

Sunday:  Run (5 hard, fast miles done)
Monday: Thai Boxing (45 min. class done)
Tuesday: Run & Karate (4.5 miles done, taking my very first karate class tonight)
Wednesday: Run & Karate
Thursday:  Thai Boxing
Friday: Run
Saturday: Run & Hike through a Christmas Tree farm to pick out the perfect tree

I decided last week that I wanted to try actual karate because I am enjoying the Thai Boxing so much.  The dojo owners are graciously letting me try it at no cost for one month.  I need to figure out if I can commit to it the way I would need to - 2 days a week only but added in to my current life it could get a bit whacky.  I figure if I can hang in there in December, I'm good.

Hope the rest of you are finding yourselves back on track and working hard for the last 30 days of 2009.  If you're not, why not start right now?


  1. Keep up the excellent attitude Helen. Love all the exercising you are doing - and between Thai Boxing and Karate, you should be able to work out some of that family frustation :)

    Did you see my Friends post - I have an award waiting there for you.

  2. Dang, Helen...you ARE the exercise queen! I am impressed!!!

  3. Sorry to read about how you have been feeling lately. Hope you feel betters soon.

    All that exercise will certainly take your mind off your family problems! Impressed!