Thursday, January 14, 2010

Be Careful What You Ask For

Alrighty I never got my stats posted yesterday so here are two day's worth:

45 min. Muay Thai Boxing
1516 calories; 54g fat; 194g carbs; 73g protein
6 glasses of water (not enough!)
No alcohol

53 min. run
1558 calories; 59g fat; 151g carbs; 75g protein
8 glasses of water
2 glasses of wine

So, I got some 'splainin to do.  Yes, I had 2 glasses of wine yesterday.  First of all I was in a weird mood all day, which I mentioned here.  Not that my mood should drive my wine drinking, but it probably does sometimes.  Anyway, it was my bosses' wife's birthday yesterday - the first she's had since he passed away.  I went to see her with a little gift and she asked me to sit and have a glass of wine with her.  She was talking about missing him so much and how he would have come home early from work so they could have a martini before he took her out for dinner and, well, all my "no wine" resolve went right out the window.

The one thing I did do was plan to have a different dinner so that the wine calories were included.  Funny thing about that dinner:  I get home and my husband arrives with my 6 yr. old nephew.  This is my sister's son.  His daddy is the one who died in the bad accident last April.  Every Wednesday my wonderful husband picks him up and they have "guy time."  Anyway, he not only arrived with the nephew, he arrived with a box of Popeye's Chicken Tenders.  The little guy says to me, "Auntie Helen, aren't you going to eat with us so I can tell you about my trip to Texas?  Please?"  Sigh. So, my dinner ended up being 3 chicken tenders with hot sauce on them and some steamed broccoli that I had in the fridge! 

Remember that goal I have for 2010 to learn to fly by the seat of my pants more and not plan so much?  Well, I totally had to work on that yesterday.  My mother always told me, be careful what you ask for...


  1. Sounds like you made intelligent and compassionate choices for yourself, and for the people with whom you spent time yesterday. None of the ingested items, be they liquid or solid, are inherently wrong, and they didn't set you off in other ways. I think your day was a success!

    And thank you so much for the award! I'm honored and delighted, and will post on it in just a little bit. I'd like to boomerang it back to you. Your blog and your writing voice are great!

  2. You provided a little comfort and joy and you adjusted as you could. I think it's called living a life! You did great.

  3. I agree wtih Leslie and Roxie, you did great. We are in this for life and there are going to be days when our "plans" just can't be followed.
    I just love that your husband does that for your nephew - it is so important for young boys to have that male influence in their lives. Your entire post touched my heart.

  4. You didn't do great, diet-wise, but we are human, and you showed compassion at a time when "but I'm dieting" just wouldn't have been appropriate. Life happens. Sometimes, we have to just adjust. As long as those are the rare exceptions, and we don't keep finding 'exceptions' day after long term damage done. Forgive yourself. :)

  5. You did a great job flying by the seat of your pants and made several people happy in the process. Nice work, are a good person!