Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Trying to get a quick post in before my day gets too hectic.  I wanted to post yesterday but the day ran away from me and I never caught up.

Spent the day taking down the tree and decorations and getting the house back into some sort of order.  Of course, that was after I ran 45 minutes on my treadmill.  Gotta get that workout in first or it just doesn't happen. 

Today, Mr. Helen and I are going to do a Thai Boxing workout in our cold garage - lol!  He's a great instructor and it gives my lower back, which has been sore all week,  a break. 

It's snowing again and the forecast is for snow until Monday.  This amount of snow is unusual for where I live.  I didn't mind spending the day at home yesterday but I need to get out today.  Hmmmm, Mr. Helen might be Driving Mrs. Helen.

Besides the fast run yesterday morning, my eating was OK.  Not great but not the worst.  I knew eating would be hard this weekend, partly because hubby is home and partly because it's hard to break bad patterns.  I kept wanting to eat ridiculous things all day yesterday - it was all psychological because I was nourishing and fueling myself just fine. I did okay with the meals, it was the Hershey Kisses that got me last night. BUT I made myself write down every single thing I put in my mouth yesterday so that's a stride in the right direction.

My husband and I had an interesting talk about all the people who start over on New Year's.  He thinks the whole thing is ridiculous.  His feeling is just do it, just start.  I tried to explain to him that it's because people see it as a clean slate, a fresh start, a new year with unlimited possibilites.  He replied that if people whould just think that way all the time - i.e., it's never to late to get or give forgiveness when you screw up - they wouldn't let themselves fall so hard and so far.  As I thought about that yesterday, I had to admit that he does have a good point.  There are no deadlines, no rules regarding fresh starts.  Which is why I titled this blog "The Beginning of the End."  That's what I keep telling myself.  Today - or even this minute right now - is the beginning of the end of Chubby Helen.  ANY day, ANY hour, ANY minute can be a New Year for me.


  1. Mr Helen is so right! ANY time can be the new beginning!

    I'm looking forward to watching you run and kick booty with Thai Boxing this year!


  2. Hi!

    Found you from Steve's Perfect 10 list. I'm 58. I started this journey 4/18/09, and have lost 67 lbs. YOU CAN DO THIS. Trust me, if I can, you can. Good luck!!!

  3. I almost feel as if I consciously start on Jan. 1, that I am doomed to failure. 'Cuz who keeps their new year's resolutions? I also think it's an excuse to continue with the current bad behavior until the deadline arrives. So I agree, RIGHT NOW, whenever the urge hits, is the right time to start.