Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Food for the Body and for Thought

Tuesday Stats:

45 minute Muai Thay Boxing Class
1573 calories; 153g carbs; 59g fat; 121g protein
9 glasses of water - that's right count 'em!
Alcohol free, day 3!

So my calories were a little more than I would have liked - as well as fat grams but they are intertwined.  The item that put me over the edge was 1 Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate filled with Mint square. 

Yesterday I had the munchies all. day. long.  While at work it's somewhat easy for me because I can only eat what I've brought. (Funny, we do have a vending machine here but honestly I'm never drawn to that.).  Once I got home, the battle began in earnest.  I think becuase I had been fighting off the I wanna eat demons all day - hence the 9 glasses of water!  I went to my Thai Boxing class straight from work then got home, showered and tried to calm down my appetite by drinking a full glass of water (that was the 9th glass).  I heated up my planned dinner of 5 oz. pork loin chop and 1 cup of kale.  With that meal I finally allowed myself something other than water - woo hoo for a diet pepsi.  After dinner, I just kept wanting to eat.  I really wasn't hungry and there is no way I was thirsty because my pee was clear as water at this point.  Not sure what was driving it.  Anyway, I finally decided around 9 that I was going to have to put myself to bed in order not to end up losing it completely.  As I headed upstairs I remembered that I had a bag of the Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mint Squares so I reached in and took one with me.  I stood in front of the sink in the bathroom and ate it, then immediately brushed my teeth.  So, it wasn't until this morning that I knew what my final calorie count was because I had to add that and my dinner into my tracker. 

I sure hope today isn't like that, but if it is, I will do battle again.  Yesterday I actually wrote several comments to people that included something along the lines of sometimes motivation is gone and you just have to push through, just gut it out, make yourself do it.  Easy to advise, a teensy bit harder to do.  But, as I was signing off my computer last night I ran across this quote that I love and will reflect on today:

“The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation. Just do it. Exercise, lose weight, test your blood sugar, or whatever. Do it without motivation. And then, guess what? After you start doing the thing, that’s when the motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep on doing it.” - John Maxwell


  1. I can so totally relate to that munchie thing once you get home. That is such a struggle with me. I know mine is from boredom more than anything so as long as I keep myself busy and keep that water flowing, I seem to make it through to the end of the day.
    And congrats on 3 days - I'm there with ya sista!

  2. Hooray for day 3 of no alcohol! Since I had my two drink maximum yesterday - its back to no drinks tonight - and suprisingly, I am okay with that!

    Happy Wednesday Helen!

  3. The munchies are the worst. Great job for pushing through that! I'm going to take some of your strength with me today to fight off any food demons that come my way today.


  4. I commend you for staying away from the vending machine. That used to be my afternoon go-to place for a small bag of chips or M&Ms. I haven't put a nickel in that machine for months.

    What a good water drinker you are!

  5. I have to ask... was your stomach growling when you were hungry? Or were you more mentally hungry?

  6. Gosh, we're practically living the same life. I'm fighting the hunger demon with all I've got lately. Scares the heck out me that food has such a hold over me. So far I'm winning but every day is a huge struggle.

    "Just do it" is probably the best advice. We really don't have any other choice, do we?

  7. I love that quote! Motivation sometimes dies away so quickly. Especially when we don't see the results as fast as we would like. We just have to push through it until the motivation returns. Great post!

  8. Love that protein number and the fat number! I bet if you inch the carbs down a smidge that the cravings will get better. (??) But...given the intensity of your workout, I bet you needed every one of those calories yesterday. Sounds like you are eating clean and doing great things. Great job! square of chocolate is FINE every few days...truly....! 10 of them...not so fine. But one is completely acceptable (in my book,

    Munchie buster: celery with salsa (scoop salsa with the celery as if the celery were a chip....)

  9. I love love LOVE that quote! Mind if I steal it for my blog?? :) It goes perfectly with my most recent post!

    Found your blog, now I'm a follower!

    Have a great day,

  10. What a great quote. So very true.

    Munchie days are the worst. Hopefully it was just one day for you. You really are doing well - sometimes I think we beat ourselves up when all we do is think about the food and not actually eat it (one chocolate treat isn't bad).

  11. It always amazes me when I have days like this. Some say that they body just needs more on those days. I am not sure. I just know it is hard to resist.