Monday, January 11, 2010

I Am Not That Vain!

Friday Stats:
55 min. run
1617 calories; 68g fat; 180gcarbs; 93g protein
10 glasses water
No alcohol (GOAL! 6 DAYS!)

Saturday Stats:
52 min. run
4 glasses of water (because I was shopping all day)
3 glasses of wine

Sunday Stats:
Rest Day
1507 calories; 62g fat; 148g carbs; 76g protein
7 glasses water
No alcohol

Happy Monday Blogland.   I'm  trying to convince myself that it really is a happy Monday because I gotta tell ya, it is 13 degrees where I live (actual temp) and this cold is wearing me out.  I know lots of you are under it too. But at least I'm inside and have heat.

Posting stats to catch up from the weekend.  You'll notice that Saturday stats are not complete.  Lots of times I don't even track on Saturdays but even when I do, Saturday is what I call my R&R day.  I rest and relax and take a break.  Generally on Saturday we either have guests for dinner or go out to eat.  I just try to be reasonable but I do partake of whatever my little heart desires.  I know some of you never stray but I need a day like that.  And you know what?  Sometimes even on my R&R day I make choices that keep me in weight loss calorie range.  Whatever the end result is fine.

Remember the dress I ordered to wear to my company party?   I had ordered it in a Size 10 which I thought I might be wearing by the party.  Just before Christmas I decided to try it on and you can only imagine my shock that the thing was hanging off of me! Now, I did order it from a place that has very nice things - which is the reason I ordered the 10.  I figured some vanity sizing would be in play so a 10 would be like a 12.  Let me just say the 10 was like a 16.  So, I send it back and order an 8.  Ridiculous to think I'd even wear an 8.  The 8 arrives the week after New Years and it's STILL hanging off me.  Sigh.  I give up.  I sent the thing back for a refund.  So annoyed that I had to send that beautiful dress back - but no way was I going to order a 6 or a 4. I am not that vain!

In turn, on Saturday, I drove an hour away to a big mall and shopped for 6 hours and found a dress.  It's a good brand, and it's a size 10.  I got quite the deal - it was marked down from $160 to $49.99!!

I know some of you are probably surprised that I can even wear a 10 but I have to say that I work out quite a bit and my build has been described as athletic.  So yes, in some things I actually do wear a 10.  But even at the weight I am now I never wear anything bigger than a 12.  But of course, that is in 2010 sizing.

This whole experience got me to thinking about the whole vanity sizing crap that goes on nowadays.  In 1977 when I was a senior in high school, I weighed between 120-125 lbs.  I wore a size 10.  I remember this distinctly because there was this mint green slacks and vest set that I wanted really badly so I saved my babysitting money and bought it.  It was a size 10 and fit me like it was made for me.  In the early 1990s, after I quit smoking I put on some weight.  I weighed only about 5 lbs. more than I do right now.  I wore a 14.  I remember that distinctly because I had this really beautiful flowy slack set that I bought to wear to a New Year's party and it was a 14.  I passed it on to a sister-in-law who had gained 100 lbs. during pregnancy and on the way back to her normal weight needed a fancy outfit for something.

The more I've thought about this, the more annoyed I've become.  Then there were photos of "plus size" models that are being published in V Magazine (see them here) making the rounds of the internet last week.  Do you know one of these models measurements is 36-31-41?  It ticks me off that we consider that plus size!  Especially since the girl is probably 5'10" tall or something like that. Why is it that we are so hung up on clothes sizing that we now make a size 10 to the equivalent of a 14?  Is being a true 14 terrible?  I just think the whole thing is ridiculous.  It's the same prevailing attitude that makes our actresses and (non plus-size) models so stick thin they literally look like bobbleheads.

Vanity sizing is stupid as far as I'm concerned.  What do you think?


  1. I have the same attitude toward sizing. When I was in high school in the early 60s, I weighed about 132 and wore a 12 and sometimes a 14. I remember this distinctly as you do, with certain outfits. Now I am about 143 and wear an 8. It's hard to believe. My petite mother was the one who wore the 8s, not me. I think that the average woman weighed about 135 as opposed to maybe in the 150s nowadays. It's all part of the denial that we have gotten used to being larger hence larger portions and vanity sizes.

  2. At least you could say you are smaller than a size 8!

    I agree - I have three different pairs of khaki pants - one is an 8, one is a 10 and one is a 12 and they all fit me exactly the same!

    Great job on the exercise - I too had wine on Saturday, but since I don't do my calories over the weekend, I like to pretend it didn't happen!

    I lost 1.5 this week though, so that's a start in the right direction - goal for this week - no wine Mon-Thursday!

  3. I weigh 186 and I wear a 16. All the way across so far. most are perfect fitting and some are a little tight.
    But I wish they would just do it by waist size or know 28 or 30.
    Vanity shouldn't come into play with something as essential as knowing what you are buying.

  4. Excellent on finding a new dress Helen! Glad it worked out for you. I'm with you on the vanity sizing. Every store has a different fit, every year it's a different number.
    Excellent work on your stats too! I had my RnR on Saturday, need to re-evaluate it but I did OK. This week will be better.

  5. You are so funny to not accept that dress in a small size just because their sizing is wonky! I have to constantly tell myself that the size doesn't matter whenever I shop for clothes, because while I am mostly a 10 or medium, sometimes I need the large and that irritates me - which it shouldn't, because it seems like there is a wide range in what constitutes a certain size.

    I remember in high school when I was at my most anorexic weight - I had some size 2 pants. When I was at a normal weight, I was usually in size 8...which was a much smaller size than it is now. Vanity sizing is just another way for us to stay fat and happy ("how can I be overweight? I still fit into XX size!")

  6. Man - I think I would have had to go for a 4, even if I knew it was the equivalent of an old 8! But you made out better and cheaper, which is fantastic.

    I know vanity sizing is huge now, but I think it stops at plus sizes - at least I hope so! I'm now in 16 regular sizes, but not long ago, I was in 18 plus size, and there ain't no vanity in that! My daughter is very lean, but 5'10", and wears a 4. Now her 4 would have been an 8 or 10 when I was her age. And at Target, she's a small. She's has a great thin shape, but she's not a small!

  7. I know... at age 18 I was a size 18 and weighed about 180lbs. at 5ft 3. I am now 41 and wear a size 18 jean and 20 top (busty) and I weigh in at 269. Its crazy how the sizes have changed and how society views especially women above a size 4.

  8. Hi There!
    You don’t know me, but I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago, when I was researching weight loss blogs, after starting one of my own. I've been stalking you ever since ;) I giggled when I read this post...I thought I was the only one who thought the whole sizing system was confusing!


  9. Wow, you are really on track girlfriend. Sometimes we are really in the zone and sometimes we're not.

    I both dread and look forward to shopping for new clothes when I get more weight off. My height makes it easier for me to shop online so I don't get to do that girl thing too much and go from store to store trying things on.

    Certain sleeveless and short sleeve things fit me but pants and shoes I almost always buy online. SInce I'd been quite heavy for a number of years, I haven't noticed the size difference you mentioned. After losing almost 150 I finally wear a size 24. LOL

    It will be interesting when I come down more to see what I wear. I have never been smaller than a 12/14 my entire life.