Friday, January 22, 2010

I am so MAD!

And I will tell you why, but first I need to post my stats and do my Perfect 10 update.

Thursday Stats:
45 min. Muay Thai Boxing
1524 calories; 177g carbs; 53g fat; 88g protein
8 glasses of water
No alcohol

Perfect 10 - Good Again!

Track my food: did this every single day, including my R&R day and the day I lost it with the fruit & nut mix.
Lose 8 pounds: this is really an end of challenge goal but things are moving along.
Run a minimum of 20 miles per week: 23.55 miles this week.
Water: 64 oz. a day: did this 6 out of 7 days, but on some of those days I drank 10 or 12 so I think I have been fairly well hydrated this week.  Also, the water I list in my stats is just that.  I do drink other things including decaf Diet Pepsi and decaf Iced Tea.

So, I'm giving myself an A- this week.  Basic goals are getting me where I need to be.

Now to share my unknown/interesting fact:  I was born the daughter of a preacher man.  Well not technically because my father was in the Navy when I was born but when I was 6 years old he went to Bible College and became a Southern Baptist preacher.  I grew up in a household where you didn't drink, dance, smoke, go to movies or hang out with people who did these things and especially not Catholics.  When I got to junior high, I began to fight my parents on some of these things - they just didn't seem right to me.  Plus I was tired of being left out of a lot of fun things with friends and at school.  The first big battle I won was my 8th grade graduation dance.  I would not let it go that I wanted to go and I sat my parents down and demanded to know why it was Biblically wrong to dance.  What they weren't ready for was their child armed with Bible verses about people dancing!  So they told me it was because dances were held in places where other "bad" things were done.  I pointed out that this dance was going to be held in the gym at my school and would be chaperoned and they could even help.  Finally my father told me that I had to go to my room and pray about it and if I could honestly say that if the Second Coming of Christ was to happen during the dance and I would not be ashamed to be where I was, I could go.  So I went in my room - don't remember praying but I do remember thinking very seriously about his question.  I came out and announced to them that I had absolutely no reason to be ashamed about dancing, that I felt it was a gift FROM God and I was going!  Throughout the next years of my life I would eventually break all those rules:  I started smoking during my freshman year of high school (finally quit at age 32!); I had my first drink at age 16; my best friend and lab partner in high school was Catholic!! (as was my first husband); I regulary went to discos.  But I have to say as an adult I've realized my parents were just trying to do the best they could - and if you met my mom now you'd never believe I was raised so strictly.  Although she doesn't and won't smoke or drink, she actually danced at my sister's wedding!

The final item for today is this week's weigh in and yes, something here is why I am mad!

Not about my weight - that's down 1.2, which is a total of 5.8 lbs. since the beginning of the P10 challenge! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!

But look closely at the big toe on my right foot.  Wednesday after work I went and got a manicure and pedicure because my company holiday party is this Saturday.  When I got home from Thai Boxing last night, a strip of polish was missing off my big toe.  I have been doing Muay Thai for 7 months and this has never happened before!  Why this week.... whine, whine, whine.  It's fixable I know but how annoying is that?  After my husband asked me if I wanted to go back to the dojo and peel the piece off the bag so I could glue it back on - and after he laughed his butt off - he told me that's actually a good sign.  It means I'm finally kicking in the right spot with my roundhouses so I hit with my upper ankle and my foot wraps around the bag.

So, I'm MAD!  But I'm also secretly pleased with my progress.


  1. Way to Go Helen! That's great progress this past week. Loved your toe story, good way to start a Friday :)

  2. You are succeeding all around and That.Is.Awesome!

    I'm assuming you didn't go and peel the piece off of the bag, but that would be funny. Maybe if you keep kicking that spot it will go back on by itself :-P

  3. Great progress and great toe story!

  4. Nice numbers!! I want that number, getting closer....

    What is your weight goal, Helen. All I could find is that you wanted to be below there a particular number or BMI or bodyfat % you have in mind?

    My last two years of HS I attended a conservative Christian school that did not allow dances. I organized a "secret" dance our senior year and it was so much fun to see everyone have a blast. Many of the kids had never danced because they had been in this school since Kindergarten. A bit of a Footloose moment from the rebel new girl. :)

  5. That IS interesting about you. :-) We all have such different backgrounds. Great job on the weigh in!

  6. Great job! I hope you'll reward yourself somehow with a bubble bath or some new dancing tunes (just not risque I suppose!)

  7. Sorry about the toenail polish, but other than that, KUDOS! Awesome week!

  8. I'm laughing at your polish story because that kept happening to me! I finally started bringing in my own bottle of nail polish whenever I got a pedicure so I could fix my toes when I messed them up, which was often. I blame kicking the bag, too, although I wear my shoes.

    Congratulations on the loss - you are doing GREAT!!!

  9. Helen, you are funny!
    Great job all around on the Perfect 10 and weight loss this week!

    It's funny how parents package ways to try to keep kids safe.
    My great-grandmother was a strict Baptist too. I went to an all girls Catholic school and for some unknown reason, I was baptised Catholic when I was in first grade. Neither of my parents were Catholic. My sweet great-grandmother would cry and cry whenever the subject of my religon came up. I'll never forget how upset it made her.

    Have a good weekend!


  10. Bummer on the pedi but CONGRATS on all the rest!
    Whoo losing weight & kicking butt all at the same times. :) Bet that feels great!

    Best wishes,

  11. Great job on the Perfect 10. And I really enjoyed your story about your upbringing, and taking matters into your own hands by arming yourself with the tool that spoke your parents' language...the Bible. You were resourceful and smart back then, just like now!

  12. I was really getting worked up for something terrible! I suppose the nail is not the best thing in the world, but it sure beats a 4 pound weight gain. :-)

    An A- is great week!

  13. I was raised a southern baptist too. NOt by my mom, but by choice lol.
    I did go to dances
    I would get called out in church though if someone saw me hanging out with kids who were smoking. They did indeed mean well, and were some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.
    Great job on the kickboxing.
    I want to start some form of martial arts in the coming months...I am think jiu jitsu.
    who knows.
    Thanks again for the rolling pin thing.

  14. Congrats on a successful week, the things you women get mad about!!!!!

  15. Great job on the loss and I am sorry about the loss of the nail polish. I hate when things like that happen. Drives me nuts!

  16. My sympathies on your missing strip of polish, but it sounds like a fantastic week overall! The first time I ever had a pedicure, it was at a friend's salon and it was lovely. The second time was at a drop-in place two or three years later and they didn't know that I was basically a novice. I messed up the polish before I ever left the salon!

  17. Hi
    Great week! Keep chasing after those P10 goals. Argh the toy story. I hate those types of things when they happen. I always respond to those life happenings by saying, "I'm not impressed." Saves me from heading to McDonald's.

  18. Helen, you are an INSPIRATION, really! I looooove seeing the numbers fall in the scale photo you post every week. Such a visual motivation. And I love that your "MAD" news was really something good, heehee.

    Questioning rules, especially the ones people make up out of the Bible, is a very good thing. We cannot learn to create our own relationship with God and reality without those questions.

  19. You'll have to register your toes as lethal weapons. LOL Great job with the weigh-in!