Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Salad Days

Tuesday Stats:
45 minute Muay Thai Boxing
1839 calories; 262g carbs; 53g fat; 93g protein
12 glasses water
No alcohol

I lost it with some dried fruit & nut mix.  I had to leave work early yesterday to have an ultrasound on my thyroid.  While I was getting the scan, the radiologist was asking me a lot of questions.  And she took a lot of pictures of the right side.  By the end of the ultrasound I was a little worked up but I know better to ask them anything.

I drove home and got dressed for Thai Boxing and sat down to eat a snack which was supposed to be 1/4 cup of fruit & nut mix along with some water.  I don't know if it was the underlying stress or what I but I went back 2 more times and ended up eating 3/4 cup which put me way over the 1550 max calories I like to eat.
I AM SO AGGRAVATED WITH MYSELF!!!!  If I have a non-loss weigh in this week over this I am going to be one unhappy camper I'll tell you.

As Lori-Ann suggested to me yesterday, I'm trying to be a role model not a ROLL model. Hahaha I loved that line!

So, today I am having what I call a Salad Day.  For breakfast I am having a high fiber english muffin and a boiled egg.  Snacks will be a banana and some yogurt.  Lunch and Dinner will both be salads with protein.  I do that every once in a while because it keeps my calories low for the day even while I am feeling full.  Also, I feel like, next to fasting, it's the best way to reset myself.  All I need to do is make it through today and I should be able to control myself. Wish me luck.

What do you do to get yourself back on track?


  1. I do something like that as well. All those healthy veggies in one day makes me feel really good. I couldn't do it every day, but it gives me a boost when I need one.

    Don't beat yourself up too much over the fruit & nut mix. I know it is high caloric and understand that stress is not a reason to eat but I think the fact that it was just the trail mix and that you stopped at 3/4 cup (which means you kept measuring!) is still a victory.

    Best wishes in regards to your results. I hope all is well.

  2. Fruit and nuts can really seduce me - last night I went a little overboard with the cranberries and toasted walnuts. I nuked the nuts for 60 seconds to toast them and while they were hot, I added a little salt. Big mistake - I can stop when the nuts aren't salted. So I probably ate double my amount. But the rest of the day was perfect, so probably didn't do much damage.

    I went through some thyroid drama last year - an ENT felt a nodule and sent me for an ultrasound which showed I actually had 4 nodules. Oh joy. Long story short - then I had a nuclear scan, and had one of the nodules biopsied 2 separate times. Eventually I got the all clear - nodules are VERY common. But it was a bit harrowing! Good luck.

  3. Good luck with the thyroid!

    I don't let myself have my 2 daily Hershey's Nuggets if things are bad the day before. ;)

  4. Unlike Sunny, I ALWAYS have my chocolate (2 Dove Promises), but I do what you do, have huge veggie-filled salads with some protein. And really, that wasn't a huge slip, plus it was with something healthy. Bet it won't affect the scale at all.

  5. I'm sorry you had a bad med test day. I am trying to change my habits from indulging myself to feel better, to something like you describe to change. I want to use exercise as my therapy now.

  6. I am SO in the "back on track" mode yesterday and today and beyond. For me...I keep the calories under 1500 and pare it down to 6 things. Fruit, veggies, meat, eggs, nuts, oils. These are the foods that work for me. I ditch all grains, all dairy. It sounds like a pain in the ass...but it is not that difficult...and I know it works for me.

    Hang in there on the thyroid stuff. Keep us posted.

  7. I'm trying to drink a ton of water today since the scale is still not budging. I think your salad day is a great idea. Looking forward to my own lettuce again this spring!

  8. Helen..not sure you will get back to the comments on my post. Wanted to let you know that I DO eat carbs! Fruit has lots of healthy and high fiber carbs. :) When I am eating on plan, about 30% of my daily calories come from carbs.

    When 40-60%+ come from carbs...that is when I feel like crap....lose motivation.....gain weight...and crave bad stuff. I have, unfortunately, learned this the hard way...over and over.

    I'm not saying this would be true for everyone, either..but it is definitely the case with me. If I keep carbs to 30-35%....the weight comes off and my exercise is more motivated and energized. (and consistent)

  9. Those nuts are so sneaky! But you know you are eating something that is healthy instead of just chips!
    I hope your tests come out good.
    I come here to get back on track! You're inspirational!