Friday, January 8, 2010

A Very Good Week

First things first:

Thursday Stats:
45 minute Muay Thai Boxing class
1421 calories; 169g carbs; 49g fat; 87g protein
10 glasses of water!!!!!
Alcohol free again (day 5!)

Today is my first weigh in of 2010 and my first Perfect 10 Update. Now you all know I’ve been under the “Great No Alcohol Experiment” this week. Even though I don’t drink a lot (meaning volume), I was at it consistently, having a glass of wine at least 4-5 times a week with dinner and then probably a couple glasses or a martini on the weekends. Never used to do that, felt it had just become a habit that needed to be changed because it was affecting my metabolism.

I think this picture not only drives my point home, it’s screaming those thousand words that pictures are worth:

Last weight in 2009: 184.6. Which means I lost 4.4 pounds this week!!!!! I think I proved my point about how alcohol affects my metabolism. I can’t even remember the last time I lost more than 2 pounds in one week. Probably sometime back in the last decade.

Now on to my P10 Goals/Update:

Track my food. Complete success here. I tracked every single day – which is one of the reasons I started posted my daily stats. It’s making me STAY on track.

Lose 8 pounds. I’d say 4.4 pounds this week is a good start towards completing that goal!

Run a minimum of 20 miles per week. Not quite – 18.65. Part of that is because I didn’t plan appropriately. This week the dojo re-opened, with a new schedule which meant I had to readjust my running schedule to fit in Thai Boxing too. But, last week I only ran 16.5 so the trend is in the right direction.

Water: 64 oz. a day. Took me a few days to work up to the 8 glasses of water/day but I had a grip on it by Monday and have been swinging it ever since, even if I have to gulp down a big glass before bedtime with my vitamins. Again, not perfect but going the right direction.

I said I was getting back to basics and it looks like that’s exactly what I needed. I’m happy with my P10 week, how about you?

Now on to the other part of the P10 challenge which is to share something you don’t know about me.
I was a Burger King counter girl back in the 1970’s when “Have It Your Way” was their theme. Anyone remember the Yumbo – their attempt at a ham and cheese sandwich? I worked the dinner/closing shift which meant, especially on the weekends, I had the lovely experience of dealing with people coming out of bars looking for fried, salty food to sop up some of the alcohol. I was in my late teens and pretty cute, if I do say so myself, so can you even begin to imagine how many times I heard, “Hey baby, I wanna have it my way and I want you!” Whoopie. To this day I can drive by a Burger King restaurant and the smell will transport me back 30 years.


  1. Congratulations, Helen! Amazing progress and consistency, plus you have nice tan feet! Very inspiring. Keep up th good work!

  2. Woot Woot Helen!! Way to go on those 4.4lbs...
    I believe we have both come to a good understanding this week of the effects to the metabolism.
    I'm so proud of you!
    Here's to keeping it strong for the next 60 days of the challenge!

  3. Oh my gosh! That picture is soooo awesome! I can't wait to see that number staring back at me.

    Lol, the Burger King fact about yourself is awesome. Have a great day!

  4. Congratulations! I too like to have a glass of wine for dinner and maybe on the weekends. I stopped and I can't wait to see what my weigh in is tomorrow!

  5. Well done on the goal's achieved and wow 4.4 lb thats amazing! If you do that again next week you will need a new goal :)

  6. Woo Hoo!!! superfantastic weight loss!

    lol! I worked at McDonalds in the early 70's(!yikes! I'm old!) I remember when the first Burger King opened in my town, just down the street from my McD's. We were so excited we went there as soon as we got off work-in our uniforms! Some BK bigwig was there and took our pic eating Whoppers in the BK lobby in McD uniforms. Probably still in the BK handbook!

    Now grab a water bottle and get on the treadmill!


  7. although in some respects it's a diuretic, alcohol also makes us puffy. Go figure. But GREAT job!!!!

  8. Wooooohooooooo, Congratulations!!!! Nice payoff for all of your hard work this week!!!

  9. It's so true about alcohol. I also find it causes carb and sugar cravings ( IS a carb and sugar). That's great that you were able to cut it out. Good work! I am also impressed that you take Muy Thai.
    BODA weight loss

  10. That's one SERIOUS loss you've logged this week, Helen, WOW - you can feel proud. And like you said, a pretty powerful testimonial to the effects of even a little alcohol on our bodies in the long term. Congratulations and good luck for week 2 of the Perfect 10!

  11. WOW! Congrats on the weight loss-- your over half way there.

    Oh, Burger King! LOL! I worked my way thru college there in the 80's and there were still people using that line!

  12. LOL! Aren't men just so witty and clever?

    Good luck on your goals ... you're off to a great start!

  13. What an awesome week Helen! WOW!!!

    I can imagine that tired line got so old.

  14. You are doing an awesome job! Congrats on the huge loss :)

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  16. Congrats on a fantastic loss!