Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

The weather over the long weekend was cold, crappy, snowy. By yesterday I was a complete grump so it was probably a very good thing that the hubster had to go back to work.

Amazingly enough, I used my consternation at the weather to fuel a pretty good eating/exercise day:

Stats for 1/3/10
55 minute run on the treadmill
1454 calories; 158g carbs/41g fat/76g protein
No alcohol!

I’m proud of that because generally the pure boredom of being stuck inside for days and the aggravation at the weather would have driven me to food and drink. When I woke this morning, after yesterday’s good results, I was reminded that when I treat myself better, I generally feel better.

One of my Perfect 10 goals is to drink more water. As I said when I wrote my goals, a while back my doc changed my blood pressure meds and ever since then I honestly don’t feel much thirst at all – for water or anything. I think it may be one of the reasons why my alcohol intake has been in an upward swing… I’m only drinking things that I want to drink, not because I ever feel thirsty.

I made an effort over the long weekend and it looked like this: Friday – 3 glasses; Saturday – 4 glasses; Sunday – 4 glasses but I also had 2 glasses of unsweetened decaf iced tea. So, it looks better but probably still isn’t enough. I have an old Weight Watchers mug that has the oz. measures on it and it holds 32 oz. I dragged it out of storage and brought it to work with me and have filled it up. My goal is 1 mug in the morning, 1 mug in the afternoon. That would give me 64 oz. of pure water.

So, in addition to getting back in the saddle with the daily routine, I’m hoping that the comfort of that routine will help me re-establish some forgotten good habits – like water.


  1. sounds like you ARE taking the right steps to start 2010 right! Good for you!

  2. Hey Helen! Sounds like you're doing great!!! Thanks for the reminder on the water. I need to drink about double what I do right now!

  3. Yeah Helen! Sounds like a perfect day. I did pretty good yesterday too, lots of water after my Saturday night blow out! Thanks for your comments by the way - I truly do appreciate them. I really don't feel like I'm struggling through this alone now and it's nice to be able to get it out and share.

  4. Somehow I drink more water when it's in my marked water bottle than from a glass...hope you find the same thing holds true with your WW mug. Yay for routine, right?

  5. I am a big proponent of drinking water. I used to dread another glass, but my taste buds have totally changed and I love it now. I hope you get that same taste for it - it will make it so much easier.