Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Confessional is Open

A little bit of a meme today because, after all, confession is good for the soul.

  1. As much as I like to cook and eat very fresh healthy food, I have occasions where convenience foods are the best I can do (running late for work!).  Today, for example, my breakfast is a Jimmy Dean D-Light Egg White, Turkey Sausage and Cheese on a Whole Grain English Muffin and my lunch is a Smart Ones Lasagne Florentine with a small side salad.  Neither are necessarily a bad choice, but I don't care for all the sodium in convenience foods.
  2. My knee has been bothering me lately and I've been putting off going to the Ortho.  I don't want him to tell me no running.
  3. I am quite afraid of "losing" my running.  This very thing has happened to two of my friends in the last year.  It's not a pretty sight.
  4. Some of you have been following me since the beginning and know that I had a huge falling out with my sister at Thanksgiving.  Until this past Tuesday we had not spoken.  Last week my hubby came home after dropping our nephew off and told me to call her that she was ready to talk.  So I did.  We basically agreed to disagree and move on. We both are trying to figure out why people (other family members) expect that we would agree 100% of the time. 
  5. The fact that I am turning 50 is really, really, REALLY bothering me.  I can't shake the feeling that I have failed and don't have enough time to fix my failures.
  6. I think my husband is up to something for my 50th birthday and I feel sort of conflicted about that since what I want to do is crawl in my bed and cover my head.  Normally, I am totally a party girl.
  7. Blogging and "virtual" friends are a good fit for me as I tend to be a bit of a loner.  It's like you get to have relationships with people without the bother of the actual people.
  8. My husband and actually some of my girl friends don't understand why I would spend $55 on an anti-aging cream for my face.  Really, if you don't understand it, I can't explain it.
  9. I've yet to find the perfect pair of jeans but I think that's because I've never felt comfortable at any weight I've ever been at - which is a whole other ball of wax.
  10. I read quite a few blogs that I rarely comment on. 
Your confessions here:


  1. Well that's not too bad really. I can understand why you wouldn't want to go to the ortho - As you are a runner, being told you can't run would not be good for you. However, don't let your knee get worse or you really truly won't be able to run for probably a longer time than if you got it looked at now (like maybe permanently).
    50 - I get where you are coming from. I've still got a year but I think next year I am going to struggle like you are.
    Bloggin - yup - I've made some pretty good friends here too and sometimes I wished I could "txt" folks at odd time during the day when I'm feeling the need to confess or prevent something.
    $55 - that's nothing :)
    And I read a ton of blogs that I don't comment on either but I do have my favorite people and I try to leave something each day.
    I hope you have a fantastic day Helen!

  2. I could have written most of those myself!
    I think you have accomplished much in your life! I have learned this from the short time I have followed your blog. I think you are an interesting and amazing woman.


  3. Warmest welcome to the human race, Helen. There is nothing to say but thank you for sharing it all.

    I will note that the feelings related to the 50th b-day are pretty common. Maybe not always at that particular landmark, but at some point in our middle aged lives most people sort of reflect and take stock of what's been done, what hasn't been, what we wish we'd done, and how are current reality aligns with the plans and goals we had for ourselves.

    Just feel the feelings - maybe even journal if that's helpful. For me, I definitely have been through times like you're going through. Some eventual letting go and a whole lot of acceptance will surface over time, and you will find peace. Until the next go 'round! Sounds like you're right on schedule to me.

  4. With face cream you get what you pay for. My recent splurge was for some oil for my legs and feet at $48 for a small bottle. I don't care. It makes me feel like a million bucks.

    I like the meme format ... I may borrow!

  5. I'm glad you comment on my blog!

    Complete failure is not imminent. You have a lot of successes I can see just by the blogosphere.

    Nobody agrees 100% of the time. One person is bound to be acquiescing, the other is bound to be oblivious. Sometimes it's hard to communicate that, without using bricks!

  6. I get you on the blogger/virtual's nice to be able to be available on your own terms with people! And the jeans...I would love to have a pair that I love, but I have hope!

  7. I can relate to a lot of that.
    I get the face cream. I get wanting to crawl in bed and stay there when you turn 50. And I totally get the benefit of having an internet social life. And Lord knows I get the whole sister dynamic too...Glad you and your sister are at least on speaking terms again.

  8. Confess all you want Helen - that's what's great about blogging!

    My husband turns 50 this year, and is not happy about it either - and has even said NO SURPRISE PARTIES!

    I didn't talk to my twin sister for FIVE months one time. Her husband is an a-hole and she won't leave him. I finally had to walk away and let her make her own decisions.

    Sending huge hugs your way and I am happy to call you my blog friend!

  9. Shitzkee, I can barely remember turning 50. LOL You'll find's really no big deal. And my relationship with my only sister could fill a month's worth of blog posts...or months' worth.

    sorry about your knee.

  10. I hate Dick van dyke...always have, always will.
    There, I said it.

  11. I totally get the $55 anti-aging cream. :)

    I'm also a bit of a loner too, and that's why I love blogging and bloggy friends.

    Turning 50 have you upset. Just wait until 55. That's my next one and I'm already upset about it (in August). That's an official senior citizen at IHOP, plus, it's closing in on 60 which is officially OLD! Yes, sucks to get old, but what can we do. Really no alternative that's acceptable (except maybe $55 creams).

  12. I'm 53, will be 54 next week. And my left knee hurts and I went to the doctor, post chemo with intense knee pain. He told me I had arthritis in one knee and showed me the x-ray. I use the elliptical every day and I seriously think the ellipticalling(haha) has increased the muscle tone around the knee making it less painful, easier to move etc.
    Ice that knee! Ice it and do some sort of knee strengthening. Go to the doc and get a dx too. But then use ice, motrin or whatever, and ask him about physical therapy too.
    I enjoyed this post. It was great to read all those things.