Friday, February 19, 2010

Funk Funky Funkier Funkiest

First of all, this is week 7 of the Perfect 10 Challenge set up for us by South Beach Steve.  Steve lost his father suddenly last week and has had his hands full with other things.  I have to say I've missed him and his posts but completely understand the sadness in his life right now.  Another thing I realized is that even though I didn't have to be accountable to Steve, I wanted to stay accountable to myself.  That's a great revelation!

Track my food. I passed with flying colors this week.  I had plenty of time to do this since I spent most of the week laying around sucking on inhalers, taking antibiotics and trying to breathe.
Lose 8 pounds. I am chugging along on this goal.  It's funny but it's entirely possible that I won't even make this goal - which is why I chose such a low goal in the first place.  I know my body and what it has been doing to me to over the past months.  I'm not giving up though and miracles do happen!
Run a minimum of 20 miles per week. Um, no.  Pneumonia kind of sidelines running so I don't really consider this a fail, just a "pause."
Water: 64 oz. a day. Believe it or not I FINALLY made this goal this week - yippee!  I don't know if it was all the meds or what but for a change, all I wanted to drink was water!

I'm really happy with this week and feel that had I not been paused by the pneumonia I would have had a perfect week.

This week's little known fact is brought to you by a straight A student.  That would be me.  In fact, I was such a good student, I tutored several athletic types so they could keep playing their sport.  I was such a good student that I skipped a year of school - not in elementary but in High School.  I started my first two years of high school in Massachusetts.  Then my father changed jobs and moved us to Ohio.  I was 16 and in my junior year of high school when my parents announced that they were divorcing - then my mother announced that she was NOT staying in Ohio (we all hated it there) but moving to Connecticut to live near her best friend.  This would have meant a third high school for me in 4 years.  I went to my guidance counselor in a meltdown and when she looked at my records she told me I already had enough credits to graduate that I only needed to double up on my English and History so I'd have the prerequisites to get into college.  Because I was underage, I also had to get one of my parents to sign allowing me to graduate early.  Because of all the turmoil in the house, it was easy enough to "guilt" my mother into signing.  So, that was that.  I graduated a year early from high school and went off to college at the tender age of 17.

By now you're probably asking, "Why the post title?"  or alternately,  "Why is Helen so long-winded today"  Let me 'splain!  Funk would be how I felt up until about Thursday of last week - something just felt off.  Funky is how I felt from Friday to Wednesday during which time I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with walking pneumonia.  Funkier is what I've been feeling due to my Mid-February SlumpFunkiest? Well that would be my scale this morning.  Seriously, something is wrong and I'm thinking at the least I need to put a new battery in it.  The following are photos - in order taken - of my weigh in this morning.  Keep in mind that I always weigh myself 3 times.  Generally my scale will give me 3 readings that are the same.  Go ahead, laugh:

I know poor Lynn at Actual Scale knows exactly how I feel!  Anyway, I'm going with the 179.2 since I did managed to get that 3 times in a row, which gives me a total of 5.4 lbs. lost since the beginning of the Perfect 10 Challenge.  I'm okay with that :-)


  1. Helen! I love ya!
    Too funny with the scale today!
    So now I know not only can you kick my butt, you can kick my brain!

    Hope you're feeling close to normal!


  2. That's hysterical about your scale. Just too funny. I weight three times every morning too, and this morning it was 178...three times in a row. Not good. I've lost two pounds in the past six weeks. Oh well!

    I love the little known facts about your life. You've had such an interesting life, and it's so fun to get to know you better.

    Sorry about that walking pneumonia. I didn't know they gave asthma medicine for pneumonia. At least you're on the mend now.

    Sounds we both have our mojo back. Thank goodness. The beginning of Feb. was kind of awful, but we're good now. :)

  3. You would think I'm moving furniture around my bathroom by the time I move the scale around to a place where it doesn't wobble on an uneven spot. Then I get on it 3 times like you do. If they're all about the same, it's official. Too funny.

  4. "Pause" - I love it! You did great this week, especially considering how sick you were.

    P.S. I can be a real potty mouth. ;)

  5. Oh Helen! Wow. I love your straight A-ness. I too skipped a year, but it was in college because I took so many concurrent and AP classes.

    My scale *grrr* is doing the exact same thing. Except now, it is revolving in a much more acceptable realm, so I don't really hate it as much as I did.

  6. Loved this post - such a smarty pants! :D

    That must have been a tough time, with the divorce and all.

    I have to laugh at the weigh-in! I thought I was the only one who weighed in three times!

  7. Great week! I've had the same issue with my old scale. I've had to get on and off of it several times to determine what is the "real" number.

  8. When you are ready to get a new scale (sounds like it will be soon), get this one:


  9. I step off step on step off step on....move it, step on, step off step on.
    I think If I would have hopped on and had a 119. I would have kept it lol.
    Great job on graduating husband did too.

  10. Here's to a week of feeling LOTS better, Helen - and kudos to you for keeping on keeping on, even when battling pneumonia!

  11. It sounds like you are on the mend...which is good. Too funny on the scale. 175 is a nice number, huh? That is what my drivers license says. I'd really like to get to that soon...and beyond! Funny how no one at the DMV thought it was weird that it said that when I weighed 250. LOL Oh well. Thanks for your comment on my post today, btw. free to knock me off any high horse I (or anyone else) might put myself upon. :) And I DID run a whole new lineup of music, too..which was great. I hammered out 4.8 miles in 60 degree sun. It was GREAT. What the heck was I thinking this past week? Sigh.