Monday, February 22, 2010

How Much is Enough?

Hello blogland.

I unplugged a bit this weekend and once in a while I have to admit I really enjoy a good computer break.  I think I was on the computer so much while I was home sick that it felt good to mostly ignore it!

My busy weekend consisted of a dinner honoring my boss on Friday night and a baby shower on Saturday.  But, what I was most excited about was beginning to get back into my exercise routine!

Saturday morning, I got up and went to my Biggest Loser class at my dojo.  They worked our legs until we felt like dropping.  They worked our legs so much that mine are STILL sore this morning!  But, the class felt so good and my breathing was ok that I decided to hang around for the 9:30 Thai Boxing class.  Double workout!! YAY!  Yesterday morning, partly because I was hoping to move some of the lactic acid in my legs, I did a very, very, very s-l-o-w run.  Then, this morning, I got up at 4:15 and hit the treadmill at 4:45 - gotta have my coffee first - for a faster run.  So, I feel like I'm getting my exercise mojo back.

I found out that my scale at home exactly matches the scale at the dojo, which is interesting.  But, what really got me - seriously - you could have knocked me over with a feather, was when the Sensei said I'd lost 2.8 lbs.!!!!!  (Since I hadn't weighed myself the previous Friday and hadn't looked at what my weight was at the dojo, I had no idea.)  How could that be possible when I had barely exercised.  All I did between my dojo weigh-ins was 1 four mile run and 1 Thai Boxing class.  I was too sick to exercise.  BUT my food intake stayed right around the 1400-1500 calorie range.  And I lost 2.8?  I never lose more than a pound or so at a time!  So, this makes me think all over again that maybe I don't eat enough calories for the amount of exercise I do regularly.  It's just in the past when I've tried to up my intake a bit I've gained so doing that is a very scary thing for me.  Mr. Helen pointed out that if I wanted to stay at 1500 calories a day, maybe I should cut back on my running by 1 day.  I guess he's right, it would just be a different way to approach it.

So, how much is enough?  I wonder if I'll ever figure it out!


  1. I am so struggling with that myself Helen. I have no idea how much to really eat. Granted on the weekends I sometimes undo everything I did good on during the week but also sometimes the weekends = not enough food. I'm still freakin yo-yo-ing... :(
    Glad you got back into exercising - I really feel so much better once I get my mojo going again.
    Have a fantastic week!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your week untethered from the virtual world. And glad you're back. Great workouts - I'm so jealous and look forward to being able to get back into a sustained groove before too long.

    Congrats on the weight loss, even though it was a surprise. I guess you just keep tweaking the food vs. the exercise, keep a record of what plays out, and find your best balance. You're doing great.

  3. congrats on the amazing loss! (and don't look a gift horse in the mouth. LOL) Yep, you are probably a tad short on calories. ;)

  4. Wow - double work out - you go girl!!

    I'll never figure it out - but I do eat more when I know I'll be working out more. I just need to set down the wine! :D

    Happy Monday!

  5. um, well...a 2.8 loss is pretty cool.
    I probably wouldn't have thought about it and said yeah....1400 to 1500 calories is working.
    I say it's working. As long as your hair isn't falling out, you don't get shaky or should be okay.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. It's a tightrope walk isn't it?

  7. I've had success re-calibrating my metabolism. I increase calories only until I see a gain. Then, I go back on the diet to the previous low weight. Then, I do it again. Within a month I can stay at the same weight while eating treats.

    This only works if I want a break and I check the scale every morning.

    I'm sure you'll figure it out! Glad you're feeling better.

  8. Wow, congrats on the surprise 2.8! It is weird to lose when you don't think you should, and of course NOT LOSE when you do think you should. Our bodies are strange machines!

    Glad to see you're feeling better!