Friday, February 12, 2010

Perfect 10 & Sad Way to Start the Day

This morning, I quickly checked into blogland prior to leaving my house and discovered that South Beach Steve's father had passed away.  I've never even met Steve but because of his Hot 100 and Perfect 10 Challenges that he put together for us, along with his weekly Monday and Wednesday videos, I feel like I know him.  I sat quietly and prayed for a few minutes and shed a couple of tears for him and his family.  As you know, I lost both my 39 year old brother-in-law and my boss during 2009 I can feel for what he is going through right now. Hang in there Steve, we are thinking of you and praying for you to have strength over these next days.

This is my Perfect 10 update for Week 6.  To summarize: UGH.

Track my food. I only did this for 3 days.  Which leads to any and every failure with food that you can imagine. 
Lose 8 pounds. To date I have lost 4 lbs. and we are a bit over halfway through.  We'll see.  BUT I won't make this goal if I screw around like I did this week.
Run a minimum of 20 miles per week. I ran 21 miles exactly.  As I've said before, I'm a good exerciser. 
Water: 64 oz. a day. Only 4 days out of the 7 did I make this.  Perhaps because I was stuffing my pie hole with food instead of drinking water.

This week has been an epic "fail" for me because I let my emotions control me rather than the other way around.  I am a stress eater.  It's a long story but something happened first thing at work on Monday that set me off and I could not - or chose not - to get in control of myself.  If you read my post on Wednesday you'll remember that I had a revelation about all of this.  I have been working hard over the last day to figure out what I need to do in order to get this food thing together once an for all.

This week's Helen trivia is once again brought to you by the country Zambia.  Bread is not a staple in Zambia, corn meal is. It is made into a porridge at breakfast and into something called Nshima for all other meals.  Nshima is the sort of the consistency of playdough and is actually used to scoop your food in place of a utensil.  Plus, you eat the Nshima too.   Even though I learned to cook the mealie meal (as they called it) and still occasionally make it to this day, I missed my bread.  So, once a week for the entire 4 years I lived there, I had a bread baking day.  I would make all the various types of bread I wanted for the week: cinnamon rolls, bread for sandwiches, hamburger buns, hotdog buns, etc.  I actually loved doing this and became a pretty good baker.  I can't imagine using a food processor or a dough hook to make bread.  There's just something about burying your hands into that yeast and flour... To this day when I sink my hands into dough to knead it, it brings back memories of those bread baking days. 

I ran out of time and did not weigh myself this morning before I left but I'm sure I will be told "gain" when I weigh in at Biggest Loser Challenge tomorrow morning. Which I'm dreading.  Why?  Because the sensei who is running that challenge was the sensei who taught my Thai Boxing class last night.  We were working on speed so at one point they had us pick up weights and punch with them for a few minutes so that when we put them down, we would feel lighter and punch faster. I took 5 lb. weights and a couple punches in she walked over to me a waggled some other weights at me.  I said, "Ma'am?" and she replied,"You're representing my Biggest Losers in this class.  Give me those sissy weights right now!"  She proceeded to hand me 8 lb. weights.  I thought my arms were going to fall off.  So now, I get to go in and she gets to say, "how in heck did you gain weight?" Disappointing myself and the sensei.  Oy.  I'm not even mad at myself just supremely annoyed!!

So why did I rush out of the house this morning? BECAUSE I HAD A SPA DAY!! Woo hoo! I am blessed to live near a world class spa that gets regular mentions in national magazines. I went with my (deceased) bosses wife and we had a fabulous day.


  1. Bread is the one thing I suck at. I need a bread maker :)
    mind you I haven't tried it for over 20 years.

  2. Ah Helen, mealie meal, YES! It is pretty much on top of the food list here in South Africa, too!

    Hey, we're not going to let a bad week get in the way of our Perfect 10 Challenge, and I say that as much to myself as I say it to you. We'll just rock the world this coming week, and honestly I'd be happy if I can just improve in ONE simple area of my goals. We're gonna finish this STRONG!