Friday, February 5, 2010

Progress Not Perfection

Definitely not perfection this week, though it's not for lack of trying. I'd say the fact that I did try means progress? Yes kiddies, it's time for another Perfect 10 update. I can't believe it's week 5 already!

Track my food. I did this every day.  The mostly good, the teensy bit of bad, and really, there was no ugly.  I stayed within my goal ranges 6 out of 7 days.
Lose 8 pounds. This is one of the imperfect areas for me this week, though I don't know why.  Numerically with the calories and exercise and whatnot, I shouldn't have gained (see weigh in below).
Run a minimum of 20 miles per week. I ran 20.45 miles this week - which is exactly what I did last week.  How odd!
Water: 64 oz. a day. Honestly, this aspect of the challenge is my achilles heel.  I've been trying seltzer water in the hopes that would help me meet this goal.  I am beginning to wonder if I will make it to the end of the challenge having met this even one time.  Sigh.

So, a good week, even though it's not reflected in this weigh in:
This is a gain of 1.8 lbs. from my weigh in 2 weeks ago.  I was very, very surprised by this but even as I stepped on the scale I started laughing.  Why?  Because since I started blogging and working at getting under 180, my weigh in has shown this exact number a half a dozen times.  It sort of cracks me up that I go straight to the .6.  My body just loooooves this weight. 

Now for the thing you don't know about me.  When I first got to Zambia as a new bride, it was probably a good thing that I was old enough to be there but too young to be scared.  I lived in Lusaka, which is the capital city. My husband and I lived in a hostel for the first 3 months we were there because he was employed as a professor at a government run college so the only way for us to get housing was to have it assigned to us - unless we went out and rented privately which we could not afford to do.  Finally, we are assigned a small one bedroom apartment and we go off to see it.  It was filthy and the only way it was going to get cleaned up was if we did it.  So we went and bought cleaning supplies and literally scrubbed down the walls.  We spent an entire back breaking day cleaning this tiny apartment.  I was really tired - we had just found out that my nausea was morning sickness, not malaria.  When we got back to the hostel that night I literally fell asleep and was dead to world.  Now, also living in Lusaka was Joshua Nkomo who was one of the people who was fighting for Rhodesia's independence, aka a "freedom fighter."  (For those who don't know, Rhodesia is now known as Zimbabwe.) The morning following our cleaning expedition we go down to the dining area for breakfast and the place is buzzing because South African fighter pilots had bombed Joshua Nkomo's compound overnight.  Fortunately no people were there, only some animals were killed.  People were asking us, "Didn't you hear it?"  "Uh, no, I guess I was really tired."  Truly unbelieveable because Nkomo's compound was merely 1 mile away from the hostel.  Had one of those bombs gone even a bit astray it could have been us in the war zone!


  1. Wow... that is quite a story! What a life. :-)
    I'm feeling your pain on the weight. I'm frustrated because the scale's not moving!

  2. Wow, you should really write a book about your adventures because I for one would love to read it.

  3. Good work on your goals! I'm amazed at the amount of running you squeeze into a week. Have you tried adding some flavor to your water to see if that makes it easier for you? A squeeze of lemon or lime, or even keeping a pitcher of water in the fridge with some peeled cucumber slices or mint sprigs?

  4. You really have led an exciting life - I am stunned by that story!

    Too funny that you ran 20.45 this week again. That must be "your" distance!

  5. Keep plugging away, Helen, it's really inspiring!

    Wow! What an experience! Ignorance and youth are bliss!

    Good luck with that muffaletta this weekend! You'll have to share that one with me!

    I'm back and forth on whether or not I want a treadmill. I don't like cold, dark outside runs either but more days than not I can go outside to run. I do have my eye on one still!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Awesome story Helen!

    You're doing such a great job with your goals!! I'm so proud of you!

    As far as the water goes, I've been making up a "fancy" pitcher everyday. I put lemons or limes or oranges (or all of them) in a pretty glass pitcher in the fridge. I swear it has gotten me to triple my water intake. It tastes great and it looks pretty in the fridge which makes me want to grab it :)

  7. Helen, that is quite a story you are leading us through. There is something to be said for being young and unaware of how serious something is.

    Overall you had a great week. Don't let the gain get to you. You know by now that it could be a million different, legitimate things.

  8. Your life is seriously cool.
    The weigh in would have been a pisser for me.
    I love your attitude.
    And ditto on what someone else said...write a book. I'd read it.

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  10. I am SO with you on the body loooving a certain weight, Helen. But I'm onto it: I'm going to coax my body down until it chooses a new weight to feel comfortable at - one where I'm also comfortable!

    The stories you tell are simply fascinating - love them - as a South African, I grew up very much with Rhodesia's whole struggle and becoming Zimbabwe - but you were right in Africa's heartbeat!

    Good luck for the next week. I know I get little chance to comment here, but I just wanted to say how much I love your blog, and how you touch me with the things you share - also your encouragement over at mine. Thank you!

  11. What an interesting story!

    Good luck on your goals for next week. You're making great progress!

  12. You're doing great Helen. I admire all of you who are participating in the Perfect 10. Your running is great. Can't wait til I can get back to jogging. Totally miss it. Keep up the good work.