Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snap To It!

So, I’m back to work today. After several breathing treatments my oxygenation is at 98% and I’ve been on antibiotics for 3 days so the doc said I’m safe. I still have to go for a breathing treatment today and tomorrow but that's no big deal.  I’m far from 100% but I do feel a lot better than I did even just a few days ago. Even after having three days off  - actually counting my spa day last Friday it has been a full week since I've been at work - I wish I had the rest of the week off!

I’m in my annual Mid-February Funk/Drag/Slump. Right around Valentine’s Day I start to feel I cannot take it (winter) one more minute!! Which leads to all sorts of thoughts that are not good for a healthy lifestyle. I start whining to Mr. Helen that we NEED a vacation – in the Caribbean – ASAP!! Now you’d think the thought of warm, sunny BATHING SUIT weather would make me snap to, but NOOOOO. It’s like I become a bear preparing to hibernate – I’m grouchy and fixated on eating comfort foods in order to make my brain release endorphins so I’ll feel better. Sheesh what a vicious cycle.

So, around the time I realize this is happening, I end up:
  1.  Research vacations and throwing them at Mr. Helen as fast as he’ll listen, and
  2. Work on a plan so that if I do get my vacation I won’t have to take a Valium to try on the new bathing suit I’ll surely need.

Generally, this involves restrictions on my food, which I do not do as a rule, but see nothing wrong with in the short term. Last year, right on schedule my February Drag hit and I decided to give up both sweets and adult beverages for the Lenten season. It was the first time I ever tried any such thing, as I did not grow up “practicing” Lent but have always loved the idea of it and the thoughts behind it. The payoff was good – I lost 10 lbs. during that 40 days and all I changed was no sweets, no alcohol.

This year I haven’t been feeling the same about doing any sort of Lenten fast so now I’m trying to come up with something to snap me to. Besides I’m in the Biggest Loser challenge at my dojo and I would like to not be the Biggest Gainer by the end of it.

So, my bloggy peeps, what I want to know is this: how to you redefine your "program" if you've been waffling; what do you do to “snap to?”


  1. I force narcissus bulbs. I love watching them grow inside every day. The wind and snow can blow outside, but they just keep growing up to an inch a day. They really lift me up!

  2. Usually a step on the scale and a sideways look in the mirror was all that was necessary, once I was really 'into' it. Getting 98% into it was the big step, I found. I'm a black or white girl, though. Once I committed, I stuck with it. So I may not be a good one to ask.

    Good luck!

  3. I look at pictures of myself- that always motivates me to get the weight off. Also, I remember the example I am setting for my daughter. I told her she can do anything she sets her mind too. I need to be an example and not just say it. She has told me over the course of a month how proud of me she is.

  4. I'm glad to hear you're on the mend! Missed you yesterday!

    I'm suffering the same "funk" you described. But I really do need a vacation!
    I was thinking about all that this morning and decided I'm gonna watch the food and curb the exercise till the weather warms up. (what! curb the exercise! shocking, I know! but we should be warming up here in another week or 2) I've gotta watch the food! For me, it's so easy to start eating and never stop till it's too late! I refuse to re-gain any more weight. I worked to hard to get it off.


  5. Glad to hear you're feeling better!!!
    Well, this past time, I started up the South Beach diet. I felt that sugar had a HUGE hold on me, so I just cut it ALL out. It felt good! Now, I'm watching my carbs, and trying to eat as many veggies as possible.

  6. Oh my gosh, me too in a funk for the trying to lose weight. I've been in a "I don't wanna do it anymore!". I've got to shake that feeling.

    Sweets are my downfall, and if alcohol makes me eat everything in sight. Giving up both sounds like a good plan.

    I want to go to go on vacation too! To a warm sunny place. Seattle is sunny lately, but not warm (50). I want sand and warm water. Sounds really fun!

  7. Glad you are feeling better.
    You are right - it is cabin fever I'm suffering from as well!
    My snap to seems to be exercising and a LOT of it. Joining the Kidney March has inspired me again. And then on the weekend I realized I only have two months until I get to go to Mazatlan and I need a new bathings suit - dang - I gotta go workout :)

  8. I would go shopping just to try on clothes - usually that reminds me of what I want to be wearing but can't quite yet. Good luck getting your mojo back! Glad that you are feeling so much better...continue to take it easy, though.

  9. First off, thanks for your support on my post today - just the pep talk I needed!

    You and I are on the same page - its cold outside, all I want to do is eat macaroni and cheese and veg on the couch.

    But you know what? I walked outside again at lunch and its actually pretty warm here (ha - warm being 38!) and it felt so good!

    I was reminded about how I lost the weight the first time and it involved LOTS OF exercising - which I need to get back into - I have no excuses!


  10. Hope you get your mojo back soon!

  11. Sorry you're still under the weather, but I'm glad you're on the mend. I'm not sure I have a good "snap to it" trick. When I feel like my chocolate addiction is getting to serious, I avoid it for a while. Gave it up for Lent last year and I'm in the midst of giving it up for February now. I find it makes me more mindful of when I eat it in general.

  12. If I bite it I write it....when I get Off program, I tend to not eat a bunch...but bits and pieces throughout the day in a kind of oblivious manner.
    Yesterday, there was a bag of pretzels out on the kitchen table. I grabbed some without thinking and put one in my mouth...once I realized what I was chewing. I opened my mouth and spit it out into my hand..
    the look on my hubbys face was priceless. I just looked at him and said " I don't need those calories."
    Take it as seriously as death and taxes...being mindfull and truly paying attention...
    it always gets me back on track.