Monday, March 22, 2010

In All Honesty

What a gorgeous weekend we had. It really was a great preview of late spring and I enjoyed every minute of it. My Saturday Biggest Loser Boot camp Class was even outdoors. The sensei took us to a basketball court and ran us like crazy – laps and sprints and caterpillar pushups and lunges and whew boy was I feeling it on Sunday. So, I decided to move that lactic acid out of my legs and take advantage of yet another gorgeous day and I got out side for a run. Ended up running 10K which is as long a run as I’ve done in a while. In fact I told Mr. Helen that I can’t believe I used to regularly run 10 miles every Saturday. I’m hoping to get back to that this year if my old creaky body will hold up.


While at boot camp on Saturday I was chatting with one of the other participants and she mentioned that her weight loss hadn’t been very good for the last couple of weeks. “Very good” is such a subjective thing, so I asked her what her overall goal for the 12 weeks was and she said “25 pounds.” (Wow. I wish I could do that, but that’s another story.) I asked her why she thought she wasn’t as successful as she wanted to be and she replied that a couple weeks ago she decided that she could relax her eating on Saturday. But the problem is that her relaxation went clear through Monday. Which means she was dieting like crazy for Tuesday-Friday and hoping for the best on the Saturday weigh in. And this was the 3rd week she had been in that pattern. She started saying things like “bad carbs” and “bad food” which then led us into quite the discussion on dieting versus lifestyle. She shared that her family has pizza night every single Saturday because it’s the one day of the week they all eat together (she works 3-11 and hubby works 8-5) and they all really like pizza. She then said she was going to ban pizza. I tried my very best to convince her that she need to figure out how to eat a bit of pizza then let it go, because Saturday pizza night IS her lifestyle. Either that or she’d have to ban the pizza personally and figure out what to do for herself while letting her family continue with it. She just didn’t get it. As much as I hate to say it, I think she may very well be successful at getting those 25 pounds off but I wonder how long it will be before she gains it all back. Because really, pizza and/or other carbs is not the problem.

Personally, I have no desire to diet, to remove foods that I really love from my eating plan. I love all sorts of foods and want to be able to partake of any and all of them reasonably. REASONABLE is the key. And it’s the key that will unlock success for me. I can honestly say each time I’ve fallen I have not been reasonable. I’m not talking about a blip on the scale, or maintaining for a few weeks. I’m talking about ignoring what I need to do and getting just exactly what I deserve, including weight gain.

Whatever way you choose to approach this, it has got to be “doable” for life. There is a woman at my job who is a very successful Weight Watcher. But let me tell you, she is on maintenance and still counts her points every day and plans for her indulgences. It is her lifestyle.

What I want my lifestyle to be, may be different from yours. But we all know if we work at it honestly, results will come. I too have had some unreasonable weekends lately and I need to admit that. Because the last thing I want is to get right back where I started from.

My ultimate goal is firmly in my sights and I need to be honest with MYSELF because really, who else am I fooling?

How about you? Are you being honest with yourself?


  1. I'm working on it! This was a great post. The gal was lucky to have you to talk to - sadly she probably didn't realize what a good resource you are.

  2. Love Reasonable. I'm trying for sustainability in this so that I don't nose dive. Ever again. I'm sure I'll find it long term, because I'm being reasonable and happy.

    Poor lady. We too have a tradition of pizza once a week. I make it from scratch, so it's healthier(ish). But the biggest thing is that I ADD things to the menu. I have to have a full plate of salad with only vinegar and seasoning before my one slice of pizza. And 24 ounces of water. Then I only have room for one slice.

  3. As much as I wish that it weren't so, there's never going to be a time that I don't think (too much) about food. So, like your ww woman, being vigilant is a requirement. Even though I'd much rather be "normal". Normal isn't happening for me. I'm working on the rewiring and making progress but that's with the binge-y stuff. If I'm completely honest I just have to accept the fact that I will never get to eat as much as I want of all that I want. I also want a million dollars, but I'm not getting that, either.

  4. Great post! Every other time I've 'dieted' and had 'bad' foods that I shouldn't eat. That only made me want them more. This time I eat what I want - just in reasonable amounts and I hold myself accountable for every bite I take.

    Seems to be working a lot better this time around.

  5. OK, that's way too cool - to bad we don't live closer :)

  6. Some blogger I read recently used the term "Scale games" and I think that's exactly what's happening when someone has to "diet like crazy" to get get a good weigh in after a few indulgent days. Weight watchers works for lots of people so this isn't an indictment of WW. But I left WW years ago because I found myself working for the weigh-in (scale games just like your friend's) instead of truly changing my lifestyle. My weight is coming off slower that her "25 pounds in 12 weeks" but I've developed new habits and lost some bad ones in the process. God willing, I'll never have to lose 50 pounds ever again.

  7. I cannot tell you how crazy it makes me when co-workers of mine go on a "diet" to fit into a certain dress, etc. One in particular ate nothing but two boiled eggs and a can of tuna each and every day so she could look "hot" for her ex-husband at her daughters wedding - nevermind this woman is over 250 pounds!

    Everything is alright eating wise - you said it right - its all about being reasonable. Is it reasonable to have Buffalo Wild Wings once a week? Absolutely! Is it reasonable to have fast food for every meal - not!

    And to tell you the truth, I don't know if I could go a whole lifetime without cheese and pizza! :D

    Happy Monday!

  8. Learning how to live with certain foods while dieting is hard. It's all about contentment for me - there are some foods that I am fine with not eating, and some that I feel so deprived when my family eats them and I don't. It's tough. You are correct, your friend needs her family pizza night. I hope she can learn how to live with it without it wrecking the rest of her eating plan.

  9. I wanted to keep pizza and tacos as a part of a bi or tri weekly I figured out how to make lower calorie versions. I have pizza once or twice a month...tacos once or twice a month.
    Popcorn is another story.
    There is no off button with popcorn.
    I am not eliminating it, but ihave it once a month on my splurge day.
    It is made with oil on the stovetop and then I put butter and salt on it and hoover a good ten to twenty cups of the stuff.
    Then that is it for the month.
    I could live off popcorn...
    It does have to be liveable.
    You have to be able to maintain it.
    That is what I am working on now, how to live my life in a reasonable manner...I will stop post commentary now. lol.
    Great post helen.

  10. You're so right about not banning foods. Unfortunately for me personally, I just can't eat sugar. It triggers an insatiable hunger in me that I can't turn off. I've tested this theor numerous times, and it never turns out okay. Maybe it's mental and not physical, either way, it's true. Other than that, everything else is okay.

    I'm jealous of your running. I think my knees are just shot. After the St. Paddy's Day Dash they haven't been quite right. Kind of sore and achy. Heaven forbid, the doc said it sounds like arthritis! I guess if I don't want to wind up in a wheelchair or walking with a cane, it's no more running for me. So sad. I miss it. Nothing like the freedom and strength I feel when I run. Oh well, the aging process is just a fact of life. :)