Thursday, March 11, 2010

Musings on goals

Usually I am a person who sets their eye on the prize and keeps chugging along towards it. For example, my husband and I have been talking about our desire to visit Italy and Greece. A vacation like that is quite expensive. We haven’t finalized plans yet but now are thinking about making it a Mediterranean Cruise visiting those places. The timeframe we are talking about is actually 5 years from now when I turn 55 and he turns 60. that’s a long time away but I know if we decide to do this, I will love looking at the special bank account balance go up and up and up towards that goal.

The Perfect 10 Challenge has shown me that, in regards to weight loss, I have really respond to having short term goals. I’ve been thinking a lot about this because that challenge is wrapping up this week. Last night, I made a decision to stop focusing on the fact that I surely need to lose another 25-30 pounds and to break it up into smaller segments.

  • As of tomorrow, Good Friday (and Easter!) is just 21 short days away. I am setting a goal to be at 176 lbs. by my Good Friday weigh in. While that might be easy for some, it will require at least 1 lb./week and I don’t usually lose like that. So it will indeed be a challenge, especially since I have no idea what I’m going to weigh on Friday.
  • I still have 7 weeks total left on my dojo’s Biggest Loser Challenge – which is 4 weeks after Good Friday. Once I get to Good Friday, I will make a new goal for the end of that challenge.
  • After that, we are hoping to take a vacation sometime towards the end of May so that will give me another short period to set a goal for.

Worrying and working on the whole amount for well over a year hasn’t gotten me the progress that smaller goals have. Even if I don’t completely meet the goal, I feel like there’s an end in sight and then I can reboot and re-evaluate. Besides if I am able to even partially meet my short term goals, I will get long term results. Wish me luck!

What about you? Do you prefer long-term or short-term goals?


  1. I mostly like short-term goals - I tend to lose motivation for the long ones. Your Mediterranean trip sounds like it would be a wonderful double birthday present!

  2. I'm a slow loser. Setting mini goals along the way is a good idea. Sometimes that big goal is daunting.
    Lately I've been taking it 1 day at a time. Just hit my marks all day for 1 day. Refocus every morning and do it again.
    Still a work in progress.

    A Medditerain cruise sounds like so much fun!


  3. WTG!! That is a totally reasonable goal! You can do it!!

    The Cruise sounds like a blast!!

  4. I am definitely a short term goal - but think big picture.

    For instance, I am just trying to lose 9 pounds a month - but I imagine what I'll look like at Christmas time! :D

    I need to set down the wine though - I am in the habit of having a couple glasses a night - one while I cook and one later in the evening - empty calories!

    And starting next week, I am going to see if I can get my ass out of bed for an extra work out - and I am not a morning person! :D

  5. I have to have both.

    Short to get me out of bed and skip the treat. Long to drive onward for the long haul. Have fun with yours. Sounds challenging and enjoyable.

  6. making smaller (granted more) goals is great i think because if you fall short of one of those small goals, the fall feels so much smaller than if it was all part of one giant goal! And getting down on ourselves can really hold us back. I think you're choosing a smart route!

  7. Goal setting doesn't work for me, I think you people that can set goals and acheive them are awesome. Hope you get to go on the cruise!

  8. I like to have a long term goal that I can see and work toward, but short term goals to keep me motivated. In fact, I really need thsi.

  9. Actually, as much as I puffy heart steve, I think I do better with immediate goals for the sake of immediate goals.
    If I attach a number to them I freak.
    So, say I say that i want to lose 10 lbs in 2 months.
    I obsess, i think...blah, blah, blah...
    If i say I will weigh randomly, no need to have a goal set except an ultimate goal and I will eat this much and exercise this much to get there...I obsess less, and do better. word of caution, I am a freak of nature. Most people do better with short term goals.

  10. Helen, I am SO with you on short term goals. In fact, after the Perfect 10, I already know my next focus will be a lot simpler. I'm giving myself this weekend to figure it out. Good luck with your next stretch!

    I want to thank you for your encouragement during the Perfect 10 - it has meant a lot to me.