Friday, March 5, 2010


Even though the title of this blog might not make it seem so, this has been a pretty good week. 

After my wonderful 50th Birthday Celebration on Tuesday, I woke up at 2:30 am coughing…. And I coughed until I finally got out of bed at 4:00. Yes, I’m an idiot and thought I was going to run but of course once I was really up sipping on coffee I could tell I felt like crap. As soon as I got to work Wednesday, I call my doctor and they fit me in. Guess what? My pneumonia has rebounded. The doc said she doesn’t feel the antibiotic the walk-in clinic prescribed was strong enough. So now I’m back on a very strong antiobiotic and ugh! Prednisone. Steroids because the inhaled steroid isn’t fixing my lungs up like it should be. Phooey on Pneumonia!!

I can’t believe we only have one more week of the Perfect 10 Challenge – my how these weeks have flown!

Track my food. Every day

Lose 8 pounds. So my weight was up 1 pound this morning to 179.  Which means in all likelihood I won't make this goal.  Since I have been sidelined for most of February with sickness, I am not surprised.  My body needs exercise and food control to lose weight.  Sickness is not conducive to exercise.  So while I am not thrilled about the outcome, I'm not really very upset.

Run a minimum of 20 miles per week. No, see “Pneumonia” above. I did get in 14 miles before I got shut down!

Water: 64 oz. a day. Yes, and easily too. I think all the drugs I’ve been taking because I’m sick have been making me want to drink.

My secret this week is that I’m a dancing queen! I love, love, love to dance. Had my parents allowed it, I probably would have taken dance lessons but it was not to be, so I danced any and everywhere else I could. In fact, when my daughter went to Zambia to see her father right after she graduated from college (she hadn’t seen him in 16 years but that’s another story), one of the questions he asked her about me was, “Does your mom still like to dance?” She was fascinated by the fact that her dancing mom had once been a dancing young woman.  Since the challenge is almost over, I'll make this a two-fer secret week: in 1976 I won a “Bump” contest. A whole $50 - which was a lot back then!


  1. Oh bummer on the pneumonia! How dare it come back on you? :P

    Dancing queen, huh? Very cool!

    I think if you'd had been well you would have whipped those goals - no problem.

    Hope the new meds work quickly & you're feeling better soon!

  2. Oh Helen! I'm so sorry to hear that the pnemonia has returned! I hope you finally get rid of it once and for all!

    Hmm...running, Thai boxing, dancing. That could work!

    Love the color of your polish this week!


  3. Pneumonia sucks! So sorry you've had a relapse. At least you're on super antibiotics and that stuff can usually kill anything.

    Take care of yourself...and funny, we're the same weight today. :)

  4. I'm SO sorry you're down for the count again Helen. Pneumonia is tricky business, so I'm glad you got checked out and are getting treated.
    The prednisone WILL do the trick with the inflammtion in your lungs.

    You still had a pretty good week with running up til sick time...14 miles sounds like a loooong way to me! I hope you feel better FAST. The dance floor wants you back.

  5. I'm hanging out at the same weight as you!! From what I read, you and I are a lot alike in our training and weight.

    P.S. "Everybody's doin' a brand new dance now...Come on baby, do the LOCOMOTION!" :)

  6. Sucks about the pneumonia coming back...good news is that the prednisone will give you tons of energy and hopefully you will kick the sickness to the curb once and for all!

  7. Be sure you drink cranberry juice or have yogurt with probiotics. Trust me.

    I think you're doing great. I hope you feel better SOON.

  8. Probiotics. Dr. Ohira's -- I take them every day. I have not been sick at all. I am not a rep for Dr. Ohira. I'm just sayin.

    And I'm not sure that I even mentioned this (because I am brain-dead) but my father died while on vacation in AZ from pneumonia. He was 59 years old. (Don't you love the horror stories!?)

    So would you please take care of yourself and get some probiotics. You can buy them at iherb. They are less expensive there than in your local health food supplement store.

  9. Yuck! Returning pneumonia is no fun. Take care of yourself and make sure it's really gone before getting back into running!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Hope you'll keep following. I'll have to check out that recipe!

    Happy Birthday and I hope you feel better. I always enjoy your posts!

  11. I had pneumonia once at ago 40. I was extremely surprised, be even more taken aback when the dr. (who was just slightly younger than me) said, "You really need to take a few days off work. You're not a spring chicken any more, you know!

  12. Argh, hope you recover soon from this surprise late birthday present, Helen.

    And now Dancing Queen is in my head: You can dance, you can jive, having time of your life...

    Have a good (and healthy) week!

  13. so sorry you aren't feeling well! :(

    I hope you incorporate dance as part of your exercise; it's the funnest exercise possible! (once you are healthy again, of course.)

    Take care of yourself!

  14. I am sorry to read you are sick Helen - take care of yourself! It looks like you were doing pretty good this week prior to the derailing sickness.