Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Picture This

Yesterday was my 50th Birthday.  Here's how it was.

There were decorations when I woke up

There were cakes!

First impromtu cake at the restaurant last Saturday
(see Monday's post for explanation)

Second cake made by my coworker.  Her cheesecake is FABULOUS!

Third cake given to me by Mr. Helen who knows
As you can see, he has a sense of humor...

There was a Tiara!

There were gifts

Mr. Helen and his sense of humor strike again
The bag is full of what you see in the next picture...

A big surprise gift from two friends who gave me a lasting memory
Look at the cute running shoe!

Flowers sent to me by my daughter
Roses and lilies - my favorite!

There was me, deciding that 50 isn't so bad after all.

Mr. Helen says Part 2 is happening this Saturday... stayed tuned!


  1. What a wonderful day! 50 Never looked so good. Welcome to the Pandora Addiction Club! I predict you'll have a boatload of beads by your 51st!

  2. Oh how exciting - such a wonderful day. So glad to put a face to the name now :) Thanks for sharing.
    Love the Pandora charm. I have a braclet as well but it has about 4 charms on it and is way too big now... but those runners are adoring.

  3. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
    And Happy Birthday!

  4. Oh, what fun! I love the bracelet! Every 50th deserves a tiara! And cake!


  5. Now that's what I'd call a great birthday at any age! And there's more to come? I can't wait to see.

  6. You're gorgeous! You are going to LOVE being 50, especially after such a wonderful birthday. Sounds like a week long media event, which is exactly how I like my birthdays to be! Enjoy every second. Cant wait for Part Deux!

  7. So wonderful! That bouquet is so beautiful. I'll have to remember that combination. I'm very impressed by Mr. Helen.

  8. Happy Birthday. I love a good March bday. I've got mine next week.
    Hope Saturday is great for you.

  9. How nice!! Happy Birthday...

  10. Awesome, you deserved it! My goodness, you are a lovely woman; you don't even look CLOSE to 50!

  11. Fifty looks fabulous on you!

  12. Wow, you've been treated, girl! And what a beautiful smile you have. You SO do NOT look 50 at all! Hope the entire week is a happy birthday week for you. =)

    (Love your hubby's sense of humour!)

  13. wow, you look great! I love seeing your face. YOu have great skin.
    Happy 50 th birthday.

  14. awesome pic! and you've been awarded a blogger award here:

  15. Happy belated birthday and I'm so happy to see you embracing this new age! I LOVE that he got you the Loreal lotions, that's a man who GETS IT!

  16. I can't believe you've been hiding all this time - you are gorgeous!!! Love the picture with the tiara - it looks like you had a very fun day!