Friday, March 19, 2010

That's A Wrap!

It almost feels odd to not be writing a Perfect 10 update this week.  That challenge gave me something to write about  every Friday for 10 weeks straight.  Now I have to come up with my own ideas. 

First off, here's today's weight:

Even though that's only another .2 down, I will happily take it as I almost expected a gain.  I figured all of last week's birthday cake, along with this week's food tantrum, would catch up with me.  After I weighed myself I was thinking how this really illustrates that when you finally reach goal you may be able to eat more than you think you can.  I'm looking forward to goal ;-)

Speaking of cake, I'll be eating more tomorrow.  My father-in-law turned 82 yesterday so we are all getting together to celebrate Saturday evening.  Mr. Helen and I were talking about age this morning because Fess Parker died and he was 84. I said, "Oh, he had a nice long life, although when I'm 83 I may not think it's long enough!" Then I thought about my father-in-law and realized even in two years we won't be ready for him to go.

Exercise has been good this week - really my first week getting back in the groove.  I've had several really good runs along with my usual boot camp and Thai Boxing classes.  When I got back from my pre-dawn run this morning I was reflecting on how strong I feel. The weather has definitely helped my mood and my exercise mojo.  It is so nice to be out on the road instead of the treadmill!

Our good weather trend is continuing with a forecast for record high temperatures tomorrow.  I welcome the warmth as I am a summer lover.  It will be sort of sad to go back to seasonal temps next week but as long as it doesn't snow I can hang in there until warmer temps come back.

Thank you for all your nice comments and compliments about my picture.  I sort of snuck it in a couple of days ago when I was making some blog changes. 

I know lots of the bloggers I read are headed off to Fitbloggin' this weekend.  I hope you all have a fabulous time and come back with new inspirations to share!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend, Helen. I, too, am looking forward to nice weather. I think winter may be making a reappearance around here - darnit!

    And it is a gorgeous pic!

  2. Yeah, I'm kinda wondering what I'm gonna post on Fridays now. I'm thinking about continuing my weekly goals even though the p10 is over.

    Love the new picture of you.

  3. Good job with maintenance! Keep it up!

  4. no way in hell you are 50, girly girl! :D

    Congrats on the loss during a week you think you didn't earn it. Makes up for those weeks we think we should lose, and don't, doesn't it? hehe

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Much congrats on losing after your celebratory week! You are doing something right, my friend! :)

  6. A loss is a loss is a loss. Good work. Your consistent workouts are surely helping the scale go in the right direction. Have a good w/e!

  7. Great progress, Helen!

    And I agree about feeling at a loss about Fridays now that the P10 is over. =) But I've decided to keep reporting - just on Saturdays when I have access to my own scale - and stay accountable.

    Agreed on how your new photo surprised and delighted me. And enjoy the warmer weather!

  8. I'm not at fitbloggin. I'm at couchpotatobloggin.
    Have a great weekend - hope my weather is as good as yours.

  9. Enjoy that cake for me. Sit down, eat it with sterling and china. Then savor every sweet bite.

    I'll get you pics. I'm pondering what of. But you will have pics. :)

  10. I just like to pretend it's always been there when I see things like that...hoping they'll post more. lol.
    Congrats on the loss even though you had a birthday cake week.
    Those are hard.