Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time's Up

With apologies to Prince:

'Cuz they say two thousand TEN zero party over
Oops out of time!

Okay people, it's time to get back down to business.  For someone who was trying to ignore their 50th Birthday, I have failed miserably (but in a good way - seriously, look at the pictures)!  I have been celebrating for a solid week now but really, time is up and it's time to refocus.

Not that I regret a minute of the last week because I don't.  I was living life and that is every bit as important to me as meeting my weight loss goals. Sometimes more important, as in the last week.  It's not that I have been going crazy, it's just that I haven't been quite as regimented as I usually am.  A lot of that was a time issue.  I wanted to enjoy my friends and family and my daughter's short visit - not spend time of the computer tracking my food! 

Of course, I've also been dealing with pneumonia since the beginning of February and that has put a kink into many of my exercise plans and dreams (per the doctor's orders)... BUT!! As of today I get to try a little something again. Tonight I will be taking a Muay Thai class and if that goes well, I will attempt a run tomorrow.  It has been well over a week since I was able to run and my legs are itching to go!

I have been craving sugar over the last couple of days and couldn't figure out why. You know, wanting to eat candy and sweets that I normally would ignore.  I like sweets a lot but tend to save my sweets calories for really delicious, luscious desserts.  For me to want to buy a bag of M&Ms out of the work vending machine is very unusual.   Last night I happened to pick up the information on the antibiotic I've been taking and one of the side effects is that it can drop your blood sugar and make you crave sweets!  Glad I re-read the information because it will make it easier for me to choose other things to get my blood sugar back up, if necessary.  Piece of fruit anyone?

I know some of you read Amazon Runner's blog regularly and she had sort of disappeared.  I happened to see that she had written an update and when I clicked on the link, I was directed to a random website.  I emailed her and she said she thinks there's a worm or virus or something but after working on it for hours still has been unable to fix it.  Stay tuned as she may have to scrap her old blog and completely start another one.  How frustrating!

Hope everyone in the Perfect 10 Challenge is working it out  - hard to believe this is our last week!


  1. Well, that's nice to know! (about the antibiotic) I'm glad you figured that out. I love how you keep track of your blogger friends so well. THanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Yes, you deserved the time to soak in all the terrific things that came your way this past week. It also gave your body some time to hopefully get rid of that pneumonis once and for all!
    When I turned 50 it felt like a new beginning. I am making the most of it and planning to live another 50, at least!

    Hope you're running again soon!


  3. I'm late to the party so belated best wishes on your 50th!

    Good for you for cutting loose for a bit, then realizing when it was time to pull back on the reins. Easier said than done sometimes (make that "all the time").

  4. Interesting about the antibiotic! Which one is it? If you say Levacquin I'm going to say, "AHA!" because I struggled with sugar cravings last time I was on it (and prednisone).

    Good luck getting back to exercising. Take it gradually so as not to set yourself back in the lung department.

    I had the same trouble with Lori-Ann's blog - so glad you got in touch with her. I've been thinking of her a lot. Enjoy being back in the mundane routine now that the weeklong media event of the 50th is over!

  5. Lucky for me, I had not been reading Amazon Runner's virusblog. Sad for her though.
    What is it about these birthday and week long, month long celebrations!? I love em!
    I got 4 years on you today, young lady!

  6. I'm glad your lungs have cleared to the point of being able to start exercising again! Don't you love side effects?? Good for you for knowing your body well enough to know that something was really different.

  7. What a random crazy side affect! Old me would have been all over that - "gimme M&M's, my medicine is making me eat them!" - good on ya for controlling those urges!

  8. Well, I'm a bit late to the party, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (My DH turned 50 last Oct., too! Great age! Great reason to celebrate!)

    I'm *glad* you were living life and enjoying your celebration. (You looked great in that outfit, by the way!)