Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Ten

Every year I send my daughter an Easter basket - except her freshman year of college. That year I thought she’d be embarrassed and instead I got a phone call from a very upset young lady who informed me that just because she wasn’t home didn’t mean she didn’t want a basket! Even though she’s 30 years old I sent one off to her last weekend. The result? I got a “my mom is the most awesome mom in the whole world” mention on Facebook.

I love NCAA basketball. I have ever since my Duke University freshman daughter called home and said, “I need a sleeping bag so I can tent in Krzykewskiville (pronounced She-shev-ski-ville) to get into the basketball games.” I figured if she was willing to sleep in a tent then I should pay attention. To top it off, Duke won the NCAA Championship the year she graduated (2001). Really, it’s so much better than the NBA.

One way I can tell I’m aging is the various creaks and groans in my body. Just the other day I realized when I wake up I’ve sort of been taking inventory of my aches and pains before I even get out of bed. When I do get out of bed and stand up, I stay very still for a moment and inventory again. Almost like my brain needs a minute to acknowledge that yes, my knee will hurt when I start walking.

Does anyone else who didn’t get to go to Fitbloggin’ feel like they formed a club that the rest of us are not allowed into? Even so, in reading about Fitbloggin’ I have found a couple new blogs to follow, which is a good thing.

By the way, if I follow your blog, I read it every time you post, even if I don’t comment. Does anyone beside me wonder if the “big” (popular) bloggers read all their comments anyway?

Mr. Helen has decided to go for his 3rd degree black belt. Which means he also has decided to return to teaching at the dojo one day a week. In all likelihood most Thursdays he will be my sensei. Not that I mind because he is a very good instructor. This morning I found his notes for his teaching plan Thursday. I saw the phrase “Burpees to burnout.” I’m a little bit scared.

On rainy days like today I am thankful for my treadmill. It enabled me to get in a 2 mile power walk prior to doing Bob Harper’s Biggest Loser Yoga.

Saturday when I did my longest run in quite a while and saw my ending pace, I had to remind myself that a slow run is better than no run.

Last Thursday at Thai Boxing the sensei said, “A black belt is a white belt who didn’t quit.” I’ve heard that before but this time my reaction was different: “The person who reaches goal weight is the fat person who didn’t quit.”

Finally, I’d like to leave you a quote I’ve been pondering so much I cut it out of the magazine and put it on my refrigerator as a reminder to never, ever, quit:

“It’s never too late,
You’re never too old,
Never too sick
To start over again.”
(Paige Williams)


  1. Good post, and had me laughing. God yes I feel like there is now a sorority of Fitbloggers (with a few frat dudes mised in for interest) - but I also know from experience here that we all put our running shoes on one foot at a time, and that even the "famous" are very generous with reading blogs of the young old pups like myself and commenting in ways that are inspiring and connecting.

    It is definitely a function of getting to - ahem, a certain age, to do a body scal upon waking. The first thing I noticed when I was late 40s was how my feet were tender immediately out of bed, but quickly normalized with a few steps. Hobble, hobble.

  2. Oh, moan, groan, creek... it's how I sound in the morning. Each tentative step gets me walking straighter as I head to the bathroom.

    My sister thinks her sensei has watched Jillian Michaels video's because when she does a video in the morning, when she goes to her classes at night, he has them doing the same things... she calls him mean :)

  3. Hmm, instruction from the Mr? That's awesome that it works well for the two of you. And as always, your exercise routine sounds brutal! Good on you for doing it and enjoying it.

    I've been a Duke fan since back in the day of Christian Laitner. Bick's nephew is at Duke right now, so I've made it a point to keep up a bit.

  4. Kids! Even when their grown they still need their mom! How thoughtful and sweet of you to continue the basket for her! She's a lucky girl!
    DS is a big basketball fan. He's glued to the TV during March madness. I am a fan by marriage!
    Yeah, Fitbloggin. I hear ya. And big gun bloggers. One things for certain, I read all my comments. Thanks for always being so supportive!
    I see you're back at the workouts full strength and then some! That's so motivating to me! I was breaking my arm patting myself on the back cause I'm gonna do a 2-fer today till I read your post! Now I feel like a rookie! lol!


  5. Shoula been DH is a big basketball fan. DS is a luke warm basketball fan.

  6. Our kids are 18 and 20 and I'll still be getting them Easter baskets! :D Just more gift cards and less candy!

    I wonder about the blogs that get 60+ comments a day - I don't think there is enough time in the day to read all of those! I am happy that I "know" all of my commenters and its like getting a letter in the mail!

    OMG - I hate burpees - maybe you should find that list and cross it off! :D

    I wish I could have gone to Fitbloggin - my brother was actually one of the speakers - but I didn't think I could let my husband handle getting our exchange student all by himself!

    p.s. I saw your comment on Shelley's blog about taking pics of food - thanks! :D

  7. Oh, I hope not. I've been trying to cyber-vite you. But really, I can imagine it would be strange to see blogville disrupted so much.

    I love Duke. I worked in the accounting office when I lived in Durham. My husband is from there. When March Madness started, I swear the office did NO WORK until it was finished. It was hilarious.

  8. Yep--College Basketball is big in our house, too. I'm a Spartan, so it's mandatory.

    Love your Tuesday 10--especially the closing quote!

    Maybe it's because I'm still new to this, but I cherish every comment on my blog and, like you, I also read every single one I follow!

  9. Oh lord, may Brad never hear the phrase "burpee to burnout" - and may you survive Thursday!

    And on the body creaks - when I was doing push ups this afternoon, I could hear my shoulders cracking and even Brad mentioned the "snap crackle pop" sounds, lol.

    I still make Easter baskets for my kids - this year, I filled the plastic eggs with candy, threw everything into a cute easter bag and topped them with Reeses Peanut Butter eggs and a Target gift card. My husband will deliver them next week when he is in their area for work travel.

    I bet the popular bloggers do read all of their comments. Although I get a little intimidated when I go to leave one and there are already 93 previous ones - what can I possibly say that hasn't already been said?!?