Friday, April 30, 2010

It Takes A Lifetime

I'm so glad it's Friday, what about you?

I think I'm just excited for our anniversary overnight and special dinner.  We need some completely down time, even though it will only be around 24 hours!

I am testing for my Purple Belt at Muay Thai tonight.  This is only the second time I've had to test in front of the senseis and I'm nervous.  I get so wrapped up in the thought that I might not be perfect that I usually make myself a little bit sick.  I will be so glad when it's over and I can feel like the weekend has begun.

Once again I really appreciate all the thoughtful comments on yesterday's blog.  Figuring out what to do so that the body will respond is so hard.  The only thing I'm sure of is that I need to make a couple changes (like limiting my splurge day) and that whatever the changes may be they have to be permanently liveable for me.

What do I mean by that?  During some blog surfing yesterday, I ended up reading several blogs where the writers were talking about the massive amounts of exercise they're doing.  I always get excited when I see someone who is changing their life, but when I see that they are exercising 2 hours a day, I always wonder if they can sustain that.  It worries me because what if your body gets used to that to the point that you'd have to do it FOREVER. 

Sean Anderson's trainer wrote a really interesting comment on his blog where he had written about missing his exercise (and he was sort of beating himself up over it).  Here is most of it because it's flat out great advice!

Second, and more important. You said you never missed a workout in the first 365 days. OK, so super. But there does come a time after you've done all the hard work and learned the lessons where you get to sometimes have an off week. You didn't go and eat your way through the week and then follow it all up with 18 ice cream cones. You had a busy week and couldn't exercise. That's life. Life gets in the way.
You want to make sure that the majority of the time you're doing the right thing.
That's what you (we)'ve worked so hard for. The ability and priviledge of living life as a normal weighted person. Most normal weighted people absolutely cannot fit 5 good workouts in every single week of life. It's just not realistic.
Make a plan, stick to the plan to the best of your ability and occassionally when it doesn't work out, move on.

I think I'm going to take her advice to heart for myself and I hope you will too!


  1. Oh I am so glad it is Friday - have had a super busy week and today is my "get ready for vacation" day - I am not going to do much of anything other than clean things up. :)

    I have to take her advice. I would wear myself out too much and in the end quit if I over-trained too much. I need my days off. And if I don't take the day off completely, then do something lite and easy like stretching or core work. I think our bodies need the recovery time or we will just tear them down and what good will they be then. I've read over and over again, cardio over 20 minutes is over-kill, that interval training (or HIIT) is the better than steady state (so shorter the better)..... But of course, I don't listen to that - not many people do. But it doesn't mean I don't believe in the reasoning behind it.

    Life gets in the way, and this is a lifestyle change so if something comes up and you can't exercise, well that's life - move on, do it the next day. I no longer beat myself up about it.

    Have a ton of fun this weekend Helen. Let go, relax (especially after having to test tonight). I know what my sister is like when she gets tested - she is a basket case for about a week before. Doesn't want any of us to come watch her as she is nervous enough in front of the senseis. You will do great - I have no doubt :)

    I'm outta here for 10 days as of Monday and I know you won't blog on the weekend. Take care and if I can I might be sending updates (the odd one) from there!!

    Oh look - it's a Novel again....

  2. Good luck with your test for your purple belt. That is so exciting.

    I love what the trainer wrote. I finally have gotten that this time around.

    I don't throw in the towel just because I missed an exercise day or had one meal of less than stellar food choices.

    It is about balance over all. I can see the big picture now. I no longer try to be the "perfect" exerciser and healthy eater.

  3. Love that you just posted something on this topic. I get completely obsessed with NOT missing a workout. I sometimes think that when I miss a workout, I'm a complete failure. And most of the time I miss it, it's because of something that I have no control over (basically it's not ME that is holding myself back from the gym). But in reality, I want to have children. Multiple children. And a husband. And a career. And animals. And A LIFE! So I have to realize that sometimes life will pull me in a different direction and I will have to just compensate some other way. But it helps to read this. Thanks!

  4. Good point on the exercise. Definitely not a good idea to do more than is reasonable, given where one is in life. Once my training is over in two weeks, I am definitely going to go back to 4-5 days a week. But, I am so freaked out about my training that I have been upping it to make sure I am ready to train along side young fit trainers (gaaaaaaaah...anxious just typing that!). I have made my exercise one of my part-time jobs for now and am treating it as such. Actually...that idea has worked well for me and I will likely continue with treating it as such..just cut back a bit on my hours once my training is over.

    BTW: I replied to your comment on my blog if you want to pop over and read it.

    GOOD LUCK ON YOUR PURPLE BELT! That is so cool! Take a pic and post it of you wearing it! Woo hoo!

  5. Have fun this weekend, and good luck on the purple belt. You better post a pic!!!!!

  6. I never miss (well, except for surgery and a vacation) my workouts. And I think that's good and all, except that I get in the mindset that I will instantly balloon back up if I skip one. All or nothing, that's me! Wonder if/when a little saneness will ever come to me regarding working out?

    Good luck on your belt test - purple would look wonderful on you!!!

    And have a great time tonight!

  7. Have a wonderful weekend with Mr. Helen! :) I'm sure you will do great on your Purple belt test, let us know how you did!

  8. You're gonna rock it baby. I just know it.

    You're right on with the exercise comment quote. I think it applies to everything in life. I've been having to do that myself...

  9. Have a fantastic weekend with your hubby!! That sounds so elegant!! I'm excited for you two!
    I actually said "rarely" missed one in the first 365...But anywho...
    I agree 100% with this...we have to live---and life sometimes demands our attention away from the gym/park/bike/weights...I think I was just expressing frustration over my snail like pace over the last few months. And I was blaming my lack of effort in the exercise department...

    But I'm better today!!! Thank you so much for all of your support! That restaurant you described, was it yesterday?? Wow---very fancy, enjoy!!!

    My best to you always

  10. Oh---and good luck on the Purple Belt! You're gonna rock it my friend!!!!!

    I love it that you refer to your husband as Mr. Helen...I smile every time I read that here.

    Give Mr. Helen my best!

  11. Good luck on your purple belt.
    Two hours...not so much.
    I can do 1 hour to an hour and a half.
    When I go into maintenance mode, I intend to do about 1 hour and 15 minutes a day 6 days aweek.
    The one thing I did give up to make time for working out, was tv.
    I haven't missed it.
    Not once.
    It was a ridiculous waste of time.
    sometimes when people say they don't have time to work out I wonder if they really looked at how they spent their time, if they couldn't find the time. I spent years saying I didn't have the time...but I was all invested in that little box that told me stories about how other people lived their lives.
    I wouldn't trade my exercise to get that back.
    Good luck on your testing.

  12. That trainer's advice was so right on. Ideally I'd like to workout 5-6 days a week but realistically life just happens and I can't always fit my workouts in. Now I shoot for 3 intense short sessions. (I'm a huge believer in HIIT and now I pretty much loath any workout longer than 30 minutes.) If I get in two more that week YAY but if no...well movin on. :-)