Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Living Up to My Name

As you know, last week I signed up to be part of Fight to the Finish. This is the end of week 1 for that. Here’s today’s weigh-in, in which I live up to my name, Doing A 180:

This is a loss of only .2, which could be water for goodness sake. Frustrating! I had a good week in terms of eating and exercise. It should be more. As I had these thoughts this morning I realized that today I am faced with a choice: let my emotions overtake me and give in to food or Fight to the Finish! I choose to Fight.

I know it’s not about the scale, the numbers but people, I gotta tell you, I am sick and tired of doing this to be fit and healthy. Sorry Mish, because I know you want us fighters to realize it’s more than weight loss, and I have been doing some self examination on some issues, but I want to weigh less dammit!!

This past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation. Because, even motivated it’s very easy to sidetracked by life and its activities and stressors. For example, as I mentioned last week I am faced with the next several weekends being full of eating events. So how do I stay motivated?

My biggest motivation in this journey is my health (but I want to weigh less, dammit!). As we age, we all tend to develop some issues - both genetic and otherwise. In the last 10 years of my life I have ended up on blood pressure meds and thyroid meds. I tried hard to stay off the BP meds but the doc told me "It's genetic." Because there is a lot of heart disease in my family and my BP wasn't low enough after I tried for a year to lose weight and exercise more, he felt there was no choice. Right now I'm in a battle with cholesterol - also genetic. So far, I've managed to keep my good cholesterol so good that my overall ratio is excellent, so no meds. But every single living sibling in both my mother and father's families are taking meds for that. All I can do is fight. My thyroid, well, I expect that to be a lifelong battle, even with the meds. All of these issues are underlying motivation to try to be/do my best.

Once in a while, however, something else comes along that adds a bit of a spark to my motivation. (Background: Mr. Helen has thus far resisted the Facebook phenomena. The result is that many of HIS high school friends have become friends with me on FB so they can keep in touch with him. It’s sort of funny.) Last weekend there was a discussion going on about running in to people and one of the friends reminded folks that the high school is doing an All Class Reunion on July 17th. They do this every 5 years or so and they are lots of fun! Sometimes there are 3 generations of one family at the reunion. Hors d’oeuvres, drinks, dancing – it’s a great night out.

I suddenly realized that July 17th was only eleven weeks away from this weekend! My brain started going crazy… is it possible for me to lose 100 pounds in 11 weeks?!! I wonder if I could get emergency entrance onto the Biggest Loser?!! Just kidding. Seriously, it did make me think, what can I do in eleven weeks?

So, once Fight to the Finish ends, I’m going to be in Helen’s All Class Reunion Challenge. A personal challenge to be the best I can be in eleven weeks, in front of all Mr. Helen’s old girlfriends – lol!! And, I’m going to say it out loud: I want to weigh 170 lbs. by July 17th. I know that should be easy but my uncooperative body is going to make it a real challenge. In any case, I’ve got reinvigorated motivation.

Tell me; what motivates you – a vacation, an “ex”, an event?


  1. I hear your frustrations Helen. I also have to admit that reading the title before clicking onto your post, I was wondering what you meant about living up to your name...then saw pic of the feet on the scale and chuckled out loud! (col instead of lol) Better down .2 than up! But it is so aggravating to know you had a good week with a lousy .2 to show for it. Harumph. The genetics factor is something we truly can't control - I have friends who are skinny - SKINNY - and have been on BP and cholesterol drugs for years.

    Your question about motivation is so good. The last time I had sustained motivation for months on end was last June - and I don't recall at all where it came from. I joined a gym, changed my eating and lost 25 pounds in 3 months. Since the first knee injury, the best I've had are short bursts of motivation that wane over a week or so and the effort feels like trying to run through quicksand! But I've kept all of the loss off, which is the most important thing I guess, even though there is muuch work left to do. Sorry for the novella I just wrote!

  2. Motivation for me is when I have lost weight...I fight to lose more... when it starts going up, then I tend to lose my motivation

  3. I hear ya! You're speaking my lingo! The number on the scale never says what I want it to! But I keep fighting it.
    I had a family reunion last summer that motivated me to stay on target. Funny how I gained 20 pounds since then!


  4. yippeee for "reinvigorated motivation" :)

  5. Showing up looking good in front of Mr. Helen's old girlfriends is great motivation, col(I like Leslie's term!). I will be seeing old friends this July as well - people who haven't seen me since I lost weight. I want to look really really good for that, so I think that's my motivation, which until I read your post, hadn't realized. Now I'm going to get on the stick and make it happen...

  6. Dear Helen,
    I think it is a major victory, considering your last few posts, that you haven't given into emotional eating and that you've really been able to stick to your plan. Also, I know that for me, even when I've had a great week or two , it sometimes takes awhile for my body to 'catch up' and I may not 'see' the results for another week. Have you found that in your experience?

    In any case, I am impressed with your motivation and your determination. Earlier this week I got home and I was tired and just wanted to grab everything in sight. But I was inspired by your post to just stick to my plan, and I did. Thanks for showing me the way Helen!

  7. Ditto.... (we need to meet).
    I have my step daughters wedding on July 17th and I want to lose weight "dammit" :) by then. I want to look good when I come face to face with Mr. Ex and shove his "fat cow" comment back into his face... or something like that...
    Knowing I have this goal/motiviation with an actual date, has been in the back of my mind for awhile now but I can't seem to make it come front.
    We can do this Helen! .... Age, we can fight it - honestly we can....

  8. I love that you are continuing to fight regardless!! Good for you mama! By the way...I think you could even be lower than that! You've got what it takes! I,Corletta, vow to be your cheerleader for the next 11 weeks! Bring it :)

  9. Motivation comes in spurts for me. My own blog today is about a challenge. I started by pledging to lose 5 pounds in 7 weeks but that sounded so lame. (Actually, I'd be delighted if that happens.) I changed it to 7 pounds in 7 weeks. If I even lose HALF of that, it would be more than I've lost in the past 2 months. Fight on!

  10. Slipping backward...into survival mode again. Scares the crap outta me.

    You are so inspiring. If anyone can get there with an uncooperative body, it's you! Good work.

  11. Looking good is obviously a motivation, but to be honest, for me it was health. I knew I was in a very, very dangerous place in my life. It took that for me to get serious.