Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Never Say Die.

Even though things around my life have been one big suckfest, I know in my deepest of deepest that I cannot quit.  What on earth will happen if I do?  Will I get big as a house? Will my hereditary tendencies take over and lay me down will illness?  I REFUSE TO LET THAT HAPPEN!!

I am joining a 6 week challenge that was originally set up between Mish of Eating Journey and Ryan of No More Bacon.  Here are the original details:

When: Tuesday April 20th-Tuesday June 1st

Weigh-in Postings: Every Wednesday
Goals: Ryan: 225lbs, Mish 170lbs
Measurement of Success: Largest % chunk lost per week (ie Ryan losses 8% of his remaining goal weight and I lose 3%, he wins)
End Success: Largest overall % of goal weight difference achieved at the end of six weeks

So I'm sort of thinking of this as Ryan and Mish are the Main Event and the rest of us are the Warm Up Fighters.  I'm sort of thinking about this as me vs. my thyroid!

For me, this means either an additional weigh in each week on Wednesday, or changing my weigh in day to Wednesday.  Interestingly enough, you guys know I don't like to weigh myself more than once a week but this morning, because I felt fat and bloated I drifted to the scale.  Sure enough, my weight is up from my last weigh in.  That's not to say that it wouldn't be back down by Friday for my regularly scheduled weigh in because we all know there are plenty of ups and downs during any given week.  Somehow, because I don't normally weigh in on Wednesday, but I did today, and I signed on to see Mish's reminder about Fight to the Finish, and I really like short term goals/challenges, I sort of felt like the stars had aligned and this was my sign.

So today and for the next  6 weeks, my motto will be "Never Say Die" and I will Fight to the Finish!


  1. I'm with you on the "never say die". You have the spirit of being in for the long haul, Helen. That's what I love about reading your blog. Ups, downs, floods and oozes are just blips on the continuum on persistence and staying in the game.

  2. WooT Helen. You're doing great at tweeting. And, I think this is a great challenge for you. Go WOMAN! GO!

  3. I really enjoyed this post - your determination and positive mindset come thru loud and clear.
    I am 58 years old, weigh 300 lbs. and have lymphedema. I will be seeing a surgeon on Friday to set up bi-lateral knee replacement. Once healed from that, I will set up double shoulder surgery. After that, I can return to my beloved gym and working out.

    Once I got injured enough to stop working out, I regained the 60 lbs. I'd lost. Sigh. . .

    But I am determined to do this: lose 150+lbs. and get to ~22% body fat. I want to be able to take ballet lessons.

    You are an encouragement to me.

  4. Well I get to claim you as my team...ok? Thanks for joining along. Remember it's not just abt. the weight. It's about getting yourself mentally in fighting shape!

  5. That was quite a tweet! You're getting good! LOL!

    Kick some butt on this challenge, lady!!

  6. Awesome.
    You can do this.

    I'm in your corner :)

  7. Love the attitude Helen!! You will beat this! You are one strong woman.

    And I'm envious the tweeting knowledge - I'm on there but can't figure out what the lingo means :)
    I'm a twitterdummy...LOL

  8. That's right fight til the finish!

  9. I know you will never give up! Good luck with this challenge!


  10. You know what Helen, with that kind of attitude you are totally going to make it. Take your mind of you "suckfest" and try this challenge, it sounds like fun!

    There are ALWAYS things that are going to get in the way of a healthy lifestyle, its just not giving in to it that's the key. You can do it!

  11. I sincerely hope that the Fest stops sucking, Helen! ☺

    Yes!!! Keep at it. I believe one day this will all feel natural to us if we stick with it long enough. A girl can dream, right?

    Good Luck with the challenge!

  12. I say bravo to whatever it takes to get motivated!

    A positive attitude and a plan with defined goals will get you where you want to be!

  13. I love your determination! Good luck!

  14. Yay! you joined the challenge! I just commented to Ryan that I'm waiting to observe the Trash Talk part. Do you know when that starts? :P