Friday, April 9, 2010


This morning after I weighed myself I started thinking about flooding verses seepage. I think it was because my scale is in the downstairs bathroom where we had our water last week.

There has been a lot of discussion in our area about whether or not it pays to buy flood insurance if you’re not required to. We actually did a bit of investigating and found that it probably isn’t worth it for us. There are so many requirements that have to be met before water in your house is called “flooding” that it’s nearly impossible to meet those requirements.

Besides, our family room didn’t actually flood. What we had was seepage. Seepage is defined as a slow trickle that works its way in. Basically, the water table got so full from the torrential rains we’d had for a week, there was no where else for this water to go. So it seeped in.

The issue with seepage is that just like a flood; it can eventually cover large areas and ruin everything in its path. It spreads; it just spreads slowly but surely. And if you can’t find where that trickle is, it’s impossible to stop. When I first found the water, it was only about 2/3 of the way across the room. We couldn’t figure out where it was coming from so we used the wet vacs to try to dry the carpet. But, it was steady and determined and by Thursday morning we had an actual little lake across our family room carpet.

So it goes with our weight loss journeys. When I have a big unexplained jump in my weight, I compare that to a flood. It happens fast and is unexpected – nothing I can do to control it. The rest? Well that’s just out and out seepage.

All those extras, you know? Eating 20 crackers instead of the 17 that is the portion; having 1 ½ glasses of wine; 1 extra slice of bacon on the BLT; free styling with the block of cheese instead of measuring out a portion, etc. etc. You get the idea. They creep up slowly but in the end, the damage is the same as a flood because they end up covering a large area. The next thing you know, you have to buy new carpet.

I chose to weigh in today because I need to know what has been going on and where to go from here. A couple weeks ago I had that sudden jump in weight – my personal flood – and I wrote this post about the trials and tribulations of the thyroid. This weigh in? Well I’m up – but only by a pound. That’s seepage. Totally seepage. Only occasional food tracking. Too many extra bites over the last couple weeks. Not enough exercise. It all adds up to seepage. Yes, I’ve been under some very stressful circumstances, but the fact remains, if I don’t control the seepage, I end up all wet.

It’s just a number, but a number I needed to see so that I’ll pull out the wet vac and put it right where the slow leak is; get the seepage under control before there's too much damage.

Here you can see the water creeping across the room.
Look at the floor in the distance to really see a puddle.

Pretty much every day for 5 days we would get it dry-ish then wake up to puddles and the whole carpet soaked again.  Darn seepage!

The result of my personal seepage


  1. Love the analogy of flooding and seepage! Very good, and yet another thing to bring to mind when I'm feeling scale psychotic, which I do today despite a 2.4 pound loss because I was sure it would be a bigger loss!

    That must have been such a sinking feeling to watch the water continue to come in and not know the source for a few days! Be sure and take pics when you get your fab new carpeting!

  2. Great post! Sorry about the seepage problems in the basement, that is not under your control!

  3. What a great analogy Helen and oh so true!
    Crapola about water still seeping in.... I hope it ends for you soon. The stress of it all just sucks it out of ya!

  4. It's nice for me to see someone elses scales with about the same numbers as mine...except mine are up a couple right now. aughh! Hang in there with your wet basement...i know the stinks bad!

  5. You are a very talented writer and this is a great analogy. Glad your weight seepage wasn't as bad as the water seepage!

  6. First of all, you have beautiful toes. Hannah would be impressed!

    I love your analogy of seepage and flooding. I think I experienced a flood recently and now I have to build a dam or the entire countryside will be cordoned off like parts of New Orleans after Katrina.
    Is a great post!!!
    (also thanks for your comments on my blog. You had me laughing too! with that 'monthly' comment.

  7. Helen, I think only a one-pound gain is amazing! Trust me, I would have gained at least 10 pounds in that week of hell you went through.

    But you're right, nip it in the bud now. We both know what can happen, one becomes two, two becomes five, and just keeps going on.

    Sounds like you've got a handle on it, and I'm sure you'll drop it soon. You're a pro at this (and drying out carpets :).

  8. Helen, this is a great, eye-opening way to look at it. Seepage is dangerous for sure!

  9.'s always the buttered crackers with me...d*mned butter.
    I love butter.
    I can only have 1 T. a day...Or my butt would seepage. lol.
    Glad the flooding has stopped, both figuratively and literally.

  10. Beautifully written and an excellent reminder to all of us that it's often the little things that we do or don't do that slowly add up over time. Thank You Helen for this terrific post. And again, I hope you are well during this time of stress :)

  11. Powerful analogy, now I'm probably going to think of you every time I gain a little weight! =)

    Here's to a great week forward, Helen!