Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Sum of My Being

I've had an almost perfect morning... one that felt more normal than they have in the last few weeks.

But it actually started yesterday. Had a very balanced eating day, followed by Thai Boxing last night. For whatever reason, I was just “on.” I felt good and my form and technique were en pointe. Even Mr. Helen commented about it as we drove home.

Then, this morning, I got up and ran. Only 4 miles but 4 enjoyable miles. It was like running in early summer with our higher than normal temperatures. Gorgeous. Plus I was a bit faster than I have been, so yay for that.

Made tonight's dinner already! I had some homemade pesto leftover from another recipe that I tossed with three-cheese tortellini and then added some grilled chicken breast. That will be so yummy with a salad. Yes, it was easy but still it felt nice leaving my house knowing I don’t even have to think about it.

Packed healthy breakfast and lunch to take to work.

Got to work on time!

Just feeling good.


A couple of you have asked me if any of our loss from the flooding will be covered by insurance and unfortunately, that’s a no. Even if we had flood insurance (which we don’t because it’s not required for us) there’s a question as to whether or not we would have been covered because some of this flooding was considered ground water. The water table was so full, after the rain sunk into the ground there was no place for it to go but people’s homes. There are teams from FEMA here and if our county is declared a disaster area we may be able to claim our damages through that. We’ll see.

Shelley and Katie J commented yesterday that they think I should skip the scale this week and I’m considering that. One of the reasons I don’t want to skip is because I was supposed to weigh myself Good Friday to see if I made my goal of 176. The scale was scooped out of the flooded area and banished to the garage (by Mr. Helen) and I couldn’t find it so I missed my weigh in. Not that I wanted to find it as at that point I was still stressed out and wet vaccing. But, I do so want to make another short term weight loss goal to reach by the end of my dojo Biggest Loser Challenge on May 1st so I’m leaning towards weighing in and taking whatever that scale says with a grain of salt.

Interestingly enough one of the contestants on last night’s Biggest Loser episode had a low weigh in (“only” 2 pounds) and was talking like everything was worthless because of that. Bob and Jillian right on her and Bob said something like he wasn’t going to let her wipe out all the hard work she’d put in and negate everything based on one weigh in because it did not reflect her journey.

I’ve been thinking about that all morning. The sum of my being is not about one weigh in, is it?


  1. I loved what Bob and Jillian were saying after that 2 pound weight loss. I think a lot of people don't realize how amazing it is to lose just 2 pounds in a week! It's amazing! But without the weight loss, she still has completely changed her whole life around. And that means more than the pounds. At least for me it does!

  2. Just beautiful Helen. I'm glad to hear that you are so positive and upbeat after a very challenging time. I absolutely love the last sentence of this post, "The sum of my being is not about one weigh in, is it?" I'm sure you already know the answer to that question. Best wishes and take care as you move through your week.

  3. I knew you would bounce back, you're amazing! I'm a scale junkie, I need it. I'm learning to let it say whatever it needs to and move on.

    Have a great day!


  4. Bummer about the insurance, buy maybe you'll get some Federal aid - fingers crossed!

    I could not agree with you more about BL last night - (first off, I've hated Melissa from the beginning) - she's lost 58 pounds in 12 weeks and was bummed about the 2 pounds?? Really?? I lost 4.6 the month of March and considered that a victory!

    Hooray for feeling good! I feel good too! :D

  5. Woo and Hoo! for feeling good. Love those "peak" times when the living is easy.

    I am sorry to hear about your flooded basement. That has to be very stressful, both then and now.

  6. Re the Biggest Loser - when Jillian (I think it was her) said a weigh-in like that one woman had was "soul crushing" I knew EXACTLY what she meant. It just kills me. I can't be objective when I see a crummy number on the scale after I KNOW I've worked so hard. So maybe I'm projecting my issues onto you...weigh in if you can take it. You are probably stronger and more rational than I am. And know that I'm rooting for you to get a great number - you deserve it after everything you've been through!

  7. So glad you are feeling better andNo your being is much more than just a scale weigh in. Sucks your insurance doesn't cover your flood. I know they call it "natural" but it still sucks. When my acreage flooded, same thing. Water table too high and sump pump couldn't keep up.

  8. I really believe we place entirely too much emphasis on the scale weigh-in (I include myself in there as well). Fluctuations and bad weeks are just a part of life. As long as we're doing the right things, we should feel confident about moving forward.

  9. love how positive you are. Great job!

  10. absolutely not. The sum of your being is priceless.
    The sum of your hotdogs is not.