Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Ten, The Question Edition

Things to ponder.
Pick a question or two or ten and hit me up in the comments please.

Do your immediate friends and family know you blog? And read your blog? Mine don’t and I wonder if I would feel as free to express myself if they did.

Do you ever read other people’s comments on a blog you’re commenting on and think, “Oh that’s really good” or “His/her comments are always so nice and on point” and then think “My comments are crappy?” I do. A lot. I’m often tempted to erase, erase, erase.

If you could do/be anything you wanted, right now, what would you do/be? I would be a sports nutritionist and a physical therapist. Or, I'd be retired. :-)

How many times a day do you work out? It sort of annoys me that whenever I admire how fit someone seems and talk with them about what they do, I find out they work out twice a day, most days, for at least an hour at a time. It’s all I can do to get in ONE good workout a day most days – no more than an hour or so.

Do you plan your exercise or do you just try to be active in some way every day? I'm a planner and don't very often deviate from my plan.

Do you have anything you eat but don’t “count?” Like gum or mints or….? Back in my WW days, I had a leader who refused to count any fruit unless she ate more than 2 pieces in a day.

Do you have a "dangerous" eating time of day? Right when I walk in the door after work.  A couple years ago I became acutely aware that I was using food to relax/unwind.  Crazy but true.  I have to pay attention otherwise I find myself grabbing a handful of this or that.  There goes that seepage again...

If money was no object, would you have any cosmetic procedures done? I would. Several probably, but most definitely a tummy tuck and my eyes.

Do you have a season when you seem to be able to better tackle and reach your goals, weight loss and otherwise? For me, it’s definitely summer. Maybe it’s the fresh produce, maybe it’s just that I feel so content and happy that I don't sabotage myself by filliing up my feelings with food.

Finally, here's the main question I’ve been asking myself for the last couple of days:

What would happen if you just buckled down
 (no swerving, no splurging, no side trips)
and committed to 4 months of giving this weight loss thing your all?
(Still trying to answer this one myself.)


  1. It's funny Helen - both my Mom and my parents-in-law are avid readers of the blog - we hardly get phone calls from them anymore because they already know what's going on!

    And one time, I didn't post something right away on a Sunday morning, and my MIL called to ask if I was alright! :D

    And knowing they read, I don't swear on the blog like I do in real life!

  2. I'm out the door right now, but I'll be back after pondering this. Have a great day!

  3. 1 - I'm slowly letting people close to me know but so far no one reads it. I would go back and "edit" some stuff before I actually let them know the website. Would I be as open in the future, probably not.
    2 - yes for sure - that's half the reason I don't comment sometimes. I think they have already said what I would say but in a much better way so why repeat it and sound dumb :)
    3 - I'd be some kind of healer, Forest Ranger, campground attendant, personal trainer - or retired.
    4 - 1-2x
    5 - planner
    6 - gum - I eat it all the time
    7 - YUP - at night - it's when I crave popcorn or chips of some kind.
    8 - Yup - my vanity is showing but I've been thinking about the girls.
    9 - Spring more than summer - summer I tend to let loose because I go camping so much. Too many patio/BBQ social things.
    10 - I'd probably lose the weight I've been struggling with for the last year but do I have that type of committment? Probably not. My friends around me that are on the Dr. Bernstien diets are losing 20-30lbs in a very short time but they aren't "living". They're so restricted. It's not a life I want to live. Problem with me is if I do buckle down for 4 months, I mean really really buckle down, when I go back to being "normal" will I gain all the weight back - more than likely. I like my way of doing it slow, one day at a time, and learning to live this type of life for the rest of my life. I make mistakes but I move on.
    Excellent questions Helen!

  4. I love questions! Here goes:

    1. My kids know. Daughter reads it when she can; sons have looked but are not interested in the subject matter. Husband knows, doesn't read. None of my friends know, and that's how I like it.
    2. Definitely I see others' comments and think how on target they are. Sometimes I raad a comment a realize I missed something in the post! DOH!
    3. I'd be a psychotherapist/counselor.
    4. Once a day.
    5. A little planning and a little catch as catch can. Depends on the day.
    6. Gum and raw veggies like carrots and celery. Love that WW leader with the fruit:D !
    7. Definitely after dinner. Very worst time. 2nd worst is late afternoon if I don't have a healthy snack handy.
    8. Tummy tuck and upper arms defatted - which I don't think they do and would be painful and darn near impossible!
    9. Yep - always summer. I always drop pounds in the summer even when not trying. Love the fresh fruit and produce!

    Thanks for this fun little exercise!

  5. Interesting questions.

    My wife used to read sometimes, as did at least one of my friends. The words became more difficult. I started thinking about how they (especially my wife) would react to my posts. I try not to think about it, but the thoughts linger.

    As for comments, I am not an eloquent writer. I run out of things to say a sentence or two in. I wish I were more insightful.

    As for just buckling down for four months, I don't think that would work so well for me. I did in fact try this way back in the beginning when my employer was sponsoring "Body for Life." I got so burned out that I just went crazy on the food. It was an ugly scene.

  6. 1. My family and friends do know I blog. I sent them the link when I first started because I wanted the accountability. The difficult part is that there's a lot I would write about (that I currently don't) because I know they read...but for me, having their accountability and support is worth it.

    2. I lol'ed at this question. I do that a lot. And then sometimes I'll make a comment and notice the person above made a similar one and so I start freaking out thinking they will think I copied them. haha.

    3. If I could be anything right now it'd be a business owner...in the party planning/cake decorating/photography area.

    4. Rarely ever do I work out more than once per day.

    5. I'm a planner when it comes to exercise. (well, everything actually) With a husband and two children it's hard for me to just spontaneously decide to go workout.

    6. I guess now that I think about it I don't "count" gum. Hmm.

    7. I'm the same way when it comes to unwinding after work when I get home. I go straight to the fridge looking for something to eat before dinner. Dangerous habit!

    8. I've never given much thought to cosmetic procedures, but as I lose weight I've noticed the skin on my face becoming so loose and therefore my laugh lines are VERY prominent. I don't know that I'd ever have a face lift...I'd probably opt for a boob lift first (and maybe reduction depending on how big they stay as I lose weight)

    Main question:

    If I gave it my all for four months I'd be at goal. No doubt.

  7. I love questions too! Yipee! ♡

    1. Yes ... I have several friends who know about and read my blog. I have no reservations about it.
    2. Yes ... lots of pressure! I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others. I wish I'd quit that already. We all have our own unique ways of offering support and adding value to people's lives.
    3. Well A. I'd be at goal weight for sure and B. I'd be retired and in my conversion van bopping around the continent. (I haven't bought the van yet, but hope to in 2 years)
    4. I am so inconsistent with this I can't even answer it properly. When I actually DO exercise it's usually for 45 - 60 minutes.
    5. see above
    6. I don't count points or keep track of calories. I do have a remarkable capacity for overlooking TimBits getting in my mouth though. :)
    7. Late at night ... right before bed.
    8. For sure. I just had Botox injected around my eyes and for my frown line between my eyes and just a wee bit in my forehead. I've had laser hair removal done, my eyesight corrected. In future, I want my eyelids done and for sure I'll need a tummy tuck. Maybe boobs too.
    I don't see anything wrong with it at all if it makes you feel better and is done for yourself and no one else.
    I don't want to look younger, just "fresher" looking and not so tired. And I'll be damned if I'm going to lose all this weight and have a bunch of loose skin to contend with. I say ✄ it off and tuck it in.

    Thanks for this post. I love these things.

  8. I have to say I just saw Something Brilliant is Brewing refer to this post! Great post and great questions, especially the last one.

  9. I am new to your blog, I saw a post about it over at Leslie's. Love your questions!

    My family and friends do know about my blog and they read it. It does keep me from posting about everything I am feeling and I sometimes wish I had kept it a secret. Sigh, too late now.

    I always think everyone's comments on blogs are better than mine but I still go ahead a leave one. I know how good it feels to get those comments.

    I would have a face peel, a tummy tuck would be great but I don't think I am brave enough to do it.

    If I tweaked my food plan just a little,I would be back at my goal weight in no time. But since summer is the best time of year for me to have the eating and exercise under control I believe it will all fall into place.

  10. Great questions!
    There are a few people who actually know me that know about my blog but I don't think they read it.
    When I comment on other blogs, I don't read the other comments till after I comment. Then I think I'm a moron who didn't get the point of the post!
    I work out once a day and plan it and plan to be active during the day.
    When I am tracking, I write everything I eat down. Seepage?
    My most dangerous time to be tempted to eat is when I am alone.
    If I had the guts, I'd get my eyes done.
    I'm usually on a pretty even keel year round with this eating/exercise thing. but...
    if I would just buckle down and give it my all for 4 months I could lose this 50 pounds.

    Thanks for making me think!


  11. I have told 3 family members and 2 friends that I blog. 3 have the web address. 1 comments anonymously. Hubbend knows, and supports whole heartedly. Less drama he has to listen to! Doesn't read.

    I can only work out once a day, and I do best if I just get it done in the wee hours of the morning. No kidlets to worry with or therapists and whatnot.

  12. I love that everyone in my fam knows I blog.

    how many read it? none. :)
    I used to be a little disappointed and now I find it oh so freeing!


  13. Hmmm, interesting q's

    People know I blog, some don't. But those that don't I won't tell stuff to anyway. The hubbie knows but doesn't read, he said he won't read my diary either, lol.

    As for other people's comments, well, I know I love feedback and I'm sure others do to so I hold my breath and just offer up whatever minutiae comes to mind.

    Brace for a corny moment: I am at least on the road to everything I want to be right now. Healthy for the first time, check; becoming a personal trainer, check. But those are recent developments and some goals that are finally being fulfilled after YEARS of not knowing what the heck I was doing.

    LOL, I love this one too, everyone saying I work out 8 hours a day and love it, woohoo! Bless those that do, but I work out once but for about 1.5-2 hours. I do weights and cardio 5 days a week and then the 6th day is just cardio and shorter. It's a lot but being a SAHM, it's my break!

    I plan it, all the exercise, but I'm a planner and my exercise personality is one big extension of my neurotic preference to make charts and graphs.

    Love the blog!