Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Ten

Record setting temps are drying us up around here.  Seeing the sunshine is just exactly what the doctor ordered to calm the soul after the flooding.  It has been lovely to get a taste of summer in April and I will be sad to see the temps drop back to 50ish normal by the weekend.

We ripped up the carpet up last night.  Poor Mr. Helen had the hardest time.  It was like he had labored so hard to save it, he couldn't bear to let it go.  On the other hand I was chanting "rip it out!" "rip it out!"  because I already had visions of lovely new carpet.  Plus it had started to stink!  Within an hour of it leaving, the house already smelled better.

I've been getting back outside for my runs.  For whatever reason, they have been painfully slow.  Can't figure out why but my legs just feel heavy like it's hard to pick them up.  I used to run 9 minute miles and wonder if I'll ever get there again, what with weight gain and age and all.

I love NCAA basketball and was especially thrilled that Duke was in the Championship game last night!  However, due to the West Coast, the tip off was not until nearly 9:30 over here on the right coast.  I made it 'till halftime and had to go to bed and trust that Duke would win.  THEY DID!!  But I missed a good, close game.  I told Mr. Helen that means I'm officially an old fart.  He said, "Or it means you get up every freaking day at 4:15 to run!"  OK.  I'll go with that.

My eating has been off for two weeks now.  I can't really explain it because I know I'm not overeating.  Those who follow me know I don't believe that any given food is bad necessarily.  What I do believe is that eating needs to be balanced and mine has not been.  Between the latest upsurge in my weight and this "off" eating, I am sure it does not bode well for my trip to the scale on Friday.

I feel like I need a new approach to get my eating right.  I've been doing the same thing for 3 years now.  When my thyroid is balanced, it does work and I lose weight, albeit slowly.  But more and more I'm sick and tired of counting calories and weighing and measuring food.  I'd love to try eating intuitively but I'm TERRIFIED that I'll gain back what it has taken me so long to lose.

Finally, I'm cheating a bit on this because the Final Four of the Tuesday Ten are blogs I think you should go read if you haven't already:

Chris at A Deliberate Life had a blip on her scale and wrote about it.  When It Gets Hard is one of the best posts I've seen describing what that does to us mentally and how not to let it take over.  Also, in her post on April 1st she used a phrase I've been thinking about for the past few days "I feel like I am chipping on Granite with a spork."  Which one of us hasn't felt that way?!

Roxie's post today.  Love that phrase "disordered eating."  That's me for the last two weeks - Miss Disordered Eater

Steve at 265 and Falling has Exposed himself.  He's a better man than me.

266 has made her goal!  Please go say congratulations because everyone who makes goal should get a ton of comments! Make sure you scroll down and look at her progress pictures on the sidebar.  Amazing.

And that's my random thoughts for this week.  Share some of yours with me!


  1. Helen! I'm so glad that bacteria infested carpet is out of your house. Poor Mr. Helen. I can understand about his response. But, I'm very glad you are that many steps closer to healing this over.

  2. Congrats on your team winning the championship! I was hoping my beloved Spartans would make it there, but we'll get 'em next year! Glad to hear things are drying out and getting better for you! Yay for new pretty carpet!

  3. You know me, my thoughts are always random!
    Yea for new carpet! Getting old carpet out is always good! All the dirt and crud-gone!
    I watched the basketball game last night with 1 eye open. It was probably one of the best games. Both teams really played well!
    Wow! You get up way earlier than I do! I need to work on that! I've been slacking on the getting out of the fricking bed lately!
    Thanks for the encouragement!


  4. I'm with you on the new carpet! A true cooling glass of lemonade from the sourest of lemons! You'll have to take a pic.

    I can really identify with your frustration. It's great that you're getting out to run. As for whether you'll knock out 9 miles again someday, I guess the best thing is to do the foot work today. Who knows what will unfold?

    The off eating has been plaguing me on and off for months. I'm just now feeling pumped up again and like the possibility of me getting back into the race is real. I also cited Chris in my post today. She's so motivating and inspiring.

  5. My random thought while reading your post: Why not skip the weigh-in on Friday? You've been through a very stressful event, your running isn't feeling normal, your eating has been a little off - why subject yourself to something that will probably make you feel bad?

  6. I always root for the underdog in college games like that - we watched the last half and it was an exciting game!

    While it is a pain in the ass to remove the carpet, glad you have a positive attitude on getting new carpet! Did insurance cover anything?

  7. I am with Shelley. Be kind to yourself and try again for next week...

  8. I've been trying to get myself back out and running again, too. It takes time to get back into running shape, but I'm sure you'll be there in no time.

    You were wanting to replace that old carpeting anyway, right?? It's good the damage wasn't worse.