Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Ten

Big shoutout to Chris Oursler who has lost 100 pounds!!! If you missed Chris’ post commemorating her 100 pounds lost mark, you need to read it: http://chrislivessimple.blogspot.com/2010/04/one-pound-one-hundred-times.html It will help you remember why you are doing what you’re doing.

Thanks for all your support yesterday. I’m feeling a bit better. Or maybe it’s just resignation. In any case, it felt good to sort of scream out loud and that’s one of the things I love about blogging.

Still no vehicle for Mr. Helen. Yesterday the dealer called to tell us they had searched all of New England and New York and New Jersey (which is as far as they can go) – that’s 8 states people - and found 4 trucks. 3 of them were sold already and they were trying to get the 4th one but weren't hopeful. So, these types of pickups sell like hotcakes but they don't make enough of them.

The news this morning announced that the state I live in has the highest pollen counts in the entire country. Yay?

In her race recap report, Shelley talked about how she hated the first mile of her race and how the left (negative) side of her brain tried to talk her out of continuing. This issue is the exact reason I prefer distance over 5Ks. When you run a 5K you really need to go all out from the get go. Run as fast as you can. For 3.1 miles. When you run longer races, you can use the first mile or even two to settle into your pace and then run for your life. I always say I run like a crockpot. The longer I go, the hotter and faster I get.

I have been trying Twitter. I’m really not good at it so we’ll see how long it lasts. I like reading better than tweeting. MizFit twits all the time!! More than anybody else I follow!! Then I see her comments all over the blogs! How on earth does she find the time?

This post sparked a whole bunch of thoughtful comments. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them but was particularly struck by Journey Beyond Survival’s comment “Hubbend is mum on the way up and a cheerleader on the way down.” Because that sort of describes how it is with me and the Mr. since my thyroid diagnosis. I was also intrigued and forced to think by Paul’s comment. Maybe the Mr. thinks he is supporting me? Hmmmmm….. It was so interesting to read a man’s point of view. If you haven’t seen his comment please do go back and read it.

I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized we have some sort of eating event every weekend for the next 4 weekends straight. It seems like we’re moving into the summer party season earlier than usual this year. I need to strategize for all this. Tel me what you do.

I’m thinking about going back to a paper food journal. Just writing down what I’m eating and not thinking about calories, fat, carbs, etc. Just for a change. I think my brain needs a break from so much information regarding my food. Funny that’s a scary thought to me. I’m afraid of losing control. Eating too much.

Is intuitive eating something that can be done WHILE trying to lose weight? I see lots of maintenance people switch to that. It just seems to me that if you are overweight, “intuitively” your body would want to stay at that weight therefore you would eat accordingly. Anyone out there eating intuitively and losing?

What are your random thoughts today?


  1. I've been intuitively eating and we both know how that is going. Maintenance ... just plain staying where I am and not going any lower. :(
    Summer is going to be a challenging time for me as well - always is. If I can get through it without gaining a single lb, I will be very happy. I was looking at my charts and every May when we come back from Mazatlan - I've gained 7lbs. That's a LOT of crap... :)
    Chris is amazing isn't she :) Look what happens when you focus... something I don't seem to have.
    Oh and twitter - I'm on there, read the stuff, but haven't a clue what some of the shortcuts mean. I need some twittin lessons LOL.

  2. Maybe it would be worth it for Mr. Helen to go to another state and buy a truck there. I know NICE trucks here in Texas are usually priced in the 20's.

  3. I would think intuitive eating before maintenance would cause a plateau...because you are eating to maintian your weight really..your body would be hungry to maintain.
    I am not sure I will be an 'intuitive' eater even at maintenance...I love me some food.
    So I will have to cap it off even at maintenance. But to me, it's worth it. To maintain what I fought for.

  4. I will have to check out Chris's blog. I love to read success stories!

    I am getting close to being back at my goal weight and being an emotional eater I am not sure I can do the intuitive eating thing. I try to listen to my body but it can be hard for me to separate the emotional desire to eat from real hunger.

    One of the ways I deal with social events that include food is to pre - eat. I will eat a small but filling snack prior to attending. Often it will be a Boca burger on a wheat bun, it contains fiber and protein and it takes the edge off the hunger.I try to find out ahead of time what is being served so I can plan my day accordingly. If I am asked to bring a dish I make sure it is something that fits into my eating plan. I skip the appetizers, since I am not starving that is easy to do.

  5. Like Monica, I was going to suggest a road trip to Texas - your husband will find a truck here, believe me. It's practically standard issue when you cross the border (although we don't currently own one).

    Run like a crockpot - now I have heard everything! Love it...and you are right - it does take a while to warm up to the idea of running (not a good idea when you are in a relatively short race).

    I intuitively eat most of the time and do ok with losing - not great, but I'm happy with what I eat. 'Course I'd be happier if I got more weight off - it's kind of a trade-off.

  6. Having a major component of my disordered eating being bingeing, I also do not think I could ever do intuitive eating. At least not today, smile smile!

    I agree with Chris that intuitive eating would best be for maintenance, and not while trying to lose. I would "intuit" myself right back up the scale in short order.

  7. Hee hee - I love your analogy of running like a crockpot!! If I didn't have diabetes, I would love to try intuitive eating, but I just have to be exact with the carbs to get the right amount of insulin. :(

  8. You are are better runner than I ever was. No surprise, I suppose! If I started out too fast on 5K, it would be all I could do to drag myself to the finish!

    Thanks for the shout out.

    The truck search sounds frustrating!

    And finally, based on a recent blog post, you no doubt know what I do for eating events: FAIL! Hehee.

  9. I have never done the whole intuitive eating thing; however, I agree with you in the way that I think that it would work. For me, there are more times than not, that I am not sure if I am hungry or not until it's too late and I am overfilled. You know?!?! By the way...thanks for the encouragement mama!

  10. I'm hoping to find a happy place to get to a 5k in under 30 minutes. That would be amazing.

    When losing weight, I had all of my 'training wheel' rules. But other than that and a few ground rules, I ate intuitively. I had general rules- such as 2 snacks 3 meals and no eating after dinner. One treat a day. That kind of stuff.

    When going to an emotionally charged eating event (I love how you described it!) I eat an apple before. And drink 24 ounces of water. Then, I try to eat just a little bit. I usually end up eating enough for a pretty realistic meal. But, I try not to stress.

  11. Really? Highest pollen in the US there? I always thought we were the allergy capital here in central Texas! I feel ya!
    I'm totally random and all over the map today too. wait, make that every day!
    Good luck with the vehicle search!


  12. Oh, and what is your Twitter name?

  13. I am an intuitive eater. I find that the moment I start focusing on food journals, calories, carbs, etc. my mind goes into hyperdrive and the obsessions starts. VERY bad place for me to be!

    Do I lose weight this way? VE-E-ERY slowly, but that's OK.

    The main thing about intuitive eating, for me, is that eating should bring true DELIGHT, a sensuous focus on the enjoyment of the experience. (Emotional eating does not bring delight in the food at all.) Eating with delight - and enjoying it with all the senses - ALWAYS means I need LESS to fill my body (and my soul) than when I simply shove my face. And that's a very good place to be!