Monday, April 5, 2010

Wade in the Water

You know chilly water is dark and cold
(I know my) God's gonna trouble the water
You know it chills my body but not my soul
(I said my) God's gonna trouble the water

(Come on let's) wade in the water
Wade in the water (children)
Wade in the water
God's gonna trouble the water

Since last Wednesday at 5 am my home has been inundated with water.  We lost count of how many gallons we took out.  Unfortunately, because it is a finished family room in our basement, the carpet and padding was soaking the water up so we were unable to use pumps.  We wet vacced for two days.  Then on Good Friday, I found a professional to come in and use super suckers.  When he finished he looked at me and said, "You still have water coming in." I wanted to cry but I knew we wouldn't have been able to tell where it was or if it was still coming until we got most of the water out.  After he left on Friday and Saturday we basically kept the two wet vacs running - 1 sucking at the source of the problem and the other on the rug when it would get squishy wet.  By Saturday night Mr. Helen declared that the leaking had stopped and that he was sure we'd not wake up to ponded carpet on Sunday morning. Thankfully, he was right. Let the drying begin!

Easter Sunday was the first day that we didn't spend our entire awake hours using wet vacs.  We ventured out to church and then spent the day with both families.  This year, Easter truly represented new life and resurrection for us as we look diligently towards counting our blessings and looking at this whole incident as an opportunity to make some changes.

It looks like we have to replace the carpet and get an engineer to figure out how the water got in so we can fix that.  The professional carpet guy said all that wet vaccing we did saved the walls, furniture and electronics.

While we feel sad over our loss, it is not nearly what others in our area have suffered. Entire homes and business are gone, roads are closed, bridges are washed away.   It's hard to describe but it you would like, take a look here: This is the photo gallery from my local newspaper. There are professional and reader submitted photos that will blow your mind. Just click on anything that says flood. Our newspaper also runs a Peeps contest each year and those photos are there too if you want a laugh!

So, we are drying out and moving on. Many thanks to all of you who stopped by and gave me some bloggy love on my Drive By post. I was able to read your comments on my iPhone. Mr. Helen gave me a hard time about spending so much on a phone but it ended up being our internet since the computer was in the waterlogged part of the house. Even Mr. Helen agreed that phone paid for itself over the last 5 days.
I am looking forward to catching up with all of you - and getting back into as much of a routine as possible.  Little things make me happy these days... ironically, through all of this stress, I had no desire to overeat.  Now, if I can just hold on to that and get my exercise back on track...


  1. So sorry you all had all the water damage and related drama - the pictures were quite graphic. We had heavy rain around the same time you all did, but nothing near what happened in your region. I'm glad you had some respite for Easter Sunday with the wet vac and such. Sounds exhausting.

    I expect you got plenty of "non-traditional" exercise mopping, vacuuming and bailing out last week.

    I agree that I feel a new depth of the Resurrection this year - so grateful for all the gifts in my life.

  2. Oh Helen, I'm so sorry! I'm happy that it's stopped coming in...what a nightmare.
    I'm happy you had a good Easter!

    My best always

  3. Helen, I am so sorry for what you have had to go through as well as all the people in your community. I am glad the water has stopped now. You are an amazing lady - with a lot of strength. You have handled this quite well.

  4. What a week you had! I'm happy to hear the water has stopped coming in and you were able to salvage most everything!
    I think you got your workouts in just vaccuuming out all that water! I know you'll be back out pounding the pavement soon!


  5. Glad you were able to save the walls and sorry about the flooding.
    Hope it's nice and dry this week for you.

  6. Helen!! I'm so glad you've emerged. With Stronger svelter arms I'm sure! I wish it would just go away for you. But, I do admire the way you are handling it. Good JOB!

  7. It can be difficult to look on the bright side, but it sounds like it could have been worse. Still, what a bummer, and what a mess to clean up.

  8. What an ordeal - bet you never though you'd be done with the shop vacs. I'm sorry you and your community have had to go through this. Hang in there, my friend.

  9. Helen, I am so sorry you are having to go through this, but I am glad to hear the recovery has begun.

    I will say a prayer for you guys.