Thursday, April 22, 2010

A (Wo)Man with a Plan

Do you hear the Hallelujah Chorus?  You should because I'm singing it as loud as I can. Got the call around 11:30 am yesterday - they found Mr. Helen a truck! I think I immediately lost around 5 pounds of stress. Isn't she a beauty? I think I'm going to name her Blue Belle.

photo is from the Build Your Own feature on, but that's the truck he's getting, color and all

She (and her payment) have arrived and we will be picking her up this afternoon... just in time for us to load her up with all the crap we're going to clean out of the garage!

Maybe that karma I felt yesterday really has kicked in and things are starting to align again. (Shhhhhhhh).


I've decided I'm switching my weigh-in day back to Wednesday for the Fight to the Finish Challenge, which is what it was before the Perfect 10 Challenge at the beginning of this year. I just don't think I can handle more than one weigh in per week. So, no weigh in from me tomorrow.
Know how I've been whining talking about being sick and tired of tracking food?  Last night I came up with a plan!  Back in 2007, when I was first cleared to try to lose weight after my hypothyroidism diagnosis, my doctor asked me to keep track my food and bring her my journal every two weeks when I came back to weigh in.  I guess she wanted to see what I was doing in case I wasn't losing any weight.  I went looking for a free online food journal and that's when I found Sparkpeople.  I kept track there and every two weeks I would print out my food charts and take them in.  Because I can be quite anal organized, I also printed a second copy and threw them in a 3 ring binder.  Last night, I was unpacking a box of books (yep, still working on the family room) and I came across the binder, which I had forgotten about.  I took a few minutes and looked through it and saw that I had great success at managing a healthy balance of food and I was definitely losing weight.  It occurred to me that I could just randomly pick any given day and I'd have a pre-set meal plan, within weight loss portions, that I don't have to track.  There are about 10 months of food charts for me to choose from with plenty of variety.  Pre-made menus!!  Since they're mine, it's all stuff I usually eat anyway. 

So, I am a (wo)man with a plan and I don't have to re-plan or track - the best of both worlds.


  1. I'm hearing Ode To Joy! So glad there is a truck for the Mr. And a plan for you.

  2. Yay on the truck. Persistence & patience pay off. Great idea on the food plan too. Inspires me to go look the records I kept on my PC. Thanks for that!

  3. Glad you got a plan! I, too, will be weighing in on Wenesdays after the 29th! We can all report together! After looking in the mirror this morning, my goal is to get back to weights. The thin, non-muscley look is not becoming...for me at least :)

  4. I love the cross outs! I can't do it with the old editor, and the new editor is just too tech for me or something. Old dog, new tricks...

    That's great that you have the food plans printed out. Couldn't you just hug yourself for that?? BTW, I do care that you don't think my food was too much. If she saw what I eat on a "bad" day, she'd think I was in starvation mode!

    Bluebelle is a beauty. You'll be everyone's best friend with that truck! I'd love a truck to cart crap around.

  5. I won a copy of the Sparkpeople book. Want me to send it your way? Let me know. I'd be more than happy to share.
    The truck is very nice. My first car was a truck. I'm looking for a new used car without payment currently. I'm excited.

  6. Yeehaw! So glad Bluebelle is here!!! What a pretty truck!

    I like your plan and know you will have Great Success (Borat voice) with it. :)

  7. have fun with your new truck...and coolness on your finding whole meal plans to follow.
    Good luck with your new plan.

  8. Hooray for the new truck!! My favorite color is blue :D

    When I looked back at my WW journals in 1999 - the year I lost 70 pounds and was 137 when I met my husband? I averaged 90 minutes of exercise - a day! Yikes!

  9. A truck? On the east coast? I thought they were only allowed in Texas! Probably why you had such a hard time finding one! lol!
    I'm so jealous you have all those old meal plans to follow! Oh, how I wish I had saved some of my old ones!
    Do share!


  10. Nice lookin' truck!

    Can you help me move?

    I used to keep track of everything at Sparkpeople. I still use them when I want a calorie intake estimate, but now that I have a smart phone, I use that to track my food and exercise.

    Good thinking, finding a use for those old menus.

    I'm a big fan of Sparkpeople, though I don't really use them much now. I get my calorie targets from them

  11. It's like manna from heaven. Meal plans already to go AND it's food you already like! Nice.
    You are going to get where you want to be Helen, I am certain of it!