Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Challenging Weigh In

Today is the end of Week 3 for Fight to the Finish and the end of Week 1 for My Long Hot Active Summer.  Looking at this weigh-in you'd think I'd be excited, but actually I'm leery.  Why?  Because my scale was acting funny.  When I first stepped on it, it read 189!!!!  That would have been a 10 pound gain for me.  After the adrenaline shot through me and I calmed down a little, I realized that is what the scale read last night when Mr. Helen got on it.  The thing is, we don't have a memory scale.  I calmly got back on the scale and went through my normal routine of stepping off and on several times.  The next reading I got was 172.  Um, that's a 17 pound difference from the 189.  Sheesh!  I stepped on again and for the next 4 readings this is what I saw:
That's a 2 pound loss from last week and if it's true, of course I'm happy.  I'm thinking new scale battery for sure and if that doesn't calm it down, it's time for a new scale.  I just hate changing scales, even though I know it's all relative.

I feel frustrated.   I could really use a shot of self assurance and confidence that I'm turning my back on the 180s.  I've dipped down this low before and seen my weight bounce right back up so I feel very distrustful of this weigh in.  Can you understand why I might feel leery because of this stupid scale?  On the other hand, it's said that the best thing you can do sometimes is Fake It Till You Make It - so maybe if I act and eat and exercise like I really do weigh 177.4 and I'm heading downward, it will be so.

I did well on my activity, exercising for 320 minutes over the last 7 days.  Should I decide to train for that race, that number will definitely go up as I increase mileage on my weekend long run. 

It's rainy and dreary here today.  I'm wearing winter clothes.  I can't believe it's May 12th and I had to put my heat on.  Then I went downstairs this morning, saw these, and it cheered me up:

My Mother's Day Roses.
Hope your day is "rosy" too!


  1. Congrats! That scale hiccup would have floored me too. Whew! Good thing you knew what was going on. Sounds like you are FOCUSED! Keep it going!

  2. Woo-Hoo! Congrats on the loss!
    Dreary days can affect your mood. At least it's spring so they won't last!
    Beautiful roses! I love pink! What a nice way to start your day!
    Have a great one!


  3. Beautiful roses!!

    and don't worry about the stinky scale, 2 lbs is awesome and I'm sure it's legit! keep It up!!!

  4. Beeeyootiful roses!

    What a harrowing tale of the scale! I'd need to return to drinking if I had an experience like that! (not really, and for me it isn't funny to even kid about)

    I'm sure the 177.4 is accurate, as you've been doing really well with the biggies - eating and exercising. I think you're in the glow of doing a 180 on the 180s. Well done!

  5. That is why I dislike scales so much. Craziness. I'm glad you didn't trust that first number.
    The roses are gorgeous! Rock on.

  6. I could have written that EXACT same thing. I too step on and off the scale several times - glad I'm not alone. And I never trust it - as if it's just messing with me and I shouldn't get excited about a loss. But get a new scale?! No way - what if it reads higher than this one? Like my Doctor's scale does? Unacceptable. I know that a loss is a loss is a loss and that it's only a number - but my scale makes me crazy too. This am I got 2 different weights - after doing it over and over - I went with the higher one - thinking that next week it will work itself out.

  7. Beautiful roses! Scary scale story! I'm glad you were able to reason it all out. A 2 pound loss is awesome, Helen.

  8. You and are twinkies when it comes to the scale!!! I thought that I was the only one in the world that has been bummed because of a possibly faulty scale. No really...everything you described, I have ton. ALL OF IT :) This is why I got an old school scale from Marshall's I could no longer deal with how shady my digital scale had become. Just an idea :) By the way...4 marathons?!?!?! You're a rock star!!! You are EXACTLY right about #2. I just don't know about putting myself through all of that again :)

  9. pretty roses, you're kids LOVE YOU!! and great job on the loss and activity minutes... scales are so stupid, mine re-adjusts everytime i move it to a different spot... keep at it tho!

  10. This is why I like my "ye olde dial scale" as much as I'm into new technology something about the old dial scale seems more reliable no? Congrats on the loss!

  11. Lol, my scale does the same thing. It's new and I haven't figured out how to use it. I figure if you get the same results 4 times in a row, it's legit!! Gorgeous roses!! COngrats on the loss and good luck for the coming week!!

  12. That is a great (and I'm sure, true) number - congrats, Helen!!! I like the "act like you really weigh that number" - hmmm, maybe I will start acting like I weigh 149 and that pedicure will happen sooner, lol!

    I sure hope your weather improves soon - the cold in May would get to me, too. Hang in there - and sign up for that race!

  13. It's official. You're doing awesome. I know the scale is disturbing. But, I'm pretty sure that you've got it out of the 180's. You're an inspiration Helen!

    I'm honestly working on the post. Just hang on...

  14. Trust in that 2lbs Helen! You worked hard and now walk the walk :) This week will see another drop - have faith.
    And wow about the flowers - they always pick me up too!
    We had yucky weather here again last week while I was gone - and key word is GONE... it's finally nice today and I enjoyed a nice lunch time walk outside. Not warm like I became used to a couple of days ago but nice and sunny for a change. Weather can so play on our moods..
    Thanks for the lovely welcome back comment.... :) In away I'm glad to be home, back to a routine I have control over.

  15. Great about the weight loss. A ten pound gain is more like something I *could* do without hardly trying.
    The roses are beautiful.

  16. Congrats! I bet you have kicked those darn 180's. But I know all too well about bouncing around. This week I finally left the 230's and this is the first time in probably about 8 years, maybe more. I would get down in the 230's and not see the scale budge, get frustrated and then would end up giving up and gaining weight back.

    That is why I love this challenge. It is just so motivating. You have got this and will keep it going.

    I had scale issues too. The scale I weigh on is an old fashioned scale, real old, and this week it was off by one pound so I had to adjust my weight accordingly. It sucks to have to do that.

    Just keep it up!

  17. Helen! I'm so glad you stopped by and we share our anniversary! Additionally, the goal of a healthier--and thus happier life. Scales suck. (chuckle) I really want to encourage you to just--seriously--JUST use a tape. (fabric/measuring tape) I know you've heard this a million times--but muscle weighs more....and when you start exercising--you will PUT ON weight! I used a scale for years...and wept alot. (dear God, the water weight from my cycle alone killed me!) I threw out the scale. I eat every 3-4 hours high protein/low carb and damn, I dropped the 35 lbs I've been carting around since college.

    Anyway--I'm thrilled to meet you, and what I did to lose my "load" (and still do to maintain it) isn't some "plan." But it works for me. (isn't that all that matters?) HUGE congratlations on your road to healthy.

    More than anything--Happy anniversary! Love--of others and ourselves--is THE difference.

  18. There has to be a siren or something to sound when one has exceeded 40 times on the scale at one sitting. Kind of like logging on to the wrong password; you get three attempts and then shut down. Sometimes I burn calories getting on and off, kind of like a step class!!!

  19. Trust in the scale, and replace the battery just in case. :)

  20. Good job on your loss! And good luck with your scale! :)

  21. go helen!
    go helen!
    go helen!!!!