Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If at first...

you don't succeed, try, try again.

I ate really well.
My running is going better than it has in a long time, including my pace being a bit faster.
Muay Thai is great. Mr. Helen, who has a 2nd Degree Black Belt, told me he might have to switch belts with me cause my SKILLZ are so tight.  I told him that's ok, I'll earn my own.
I started feeling "thinner" this week.  Don't ask me what that means because I really can't explain it.

Even with all that, I still don't trust the She-Devil Scale.

Maybe the fear keeps me motivated. I have to keep trying until I get out of this "decade."  I can't stop till I can drop it like it's hot.

Of course I AM Wonder Woman so maybe I should start believing in my superhero powers...

Ahem.  That's another 1.4 loss.  

Yet I can't stop thinking that I need to be afraid, be very afraid, because I've been here, done this, have the souvenirs to prove it.  But maybe just for today, I'll try to enjoy the fruits of my labors.  (Note to self: enjoy the FRUITS but not the dark chocolate covered ones.)

On another note, I just finished watching last night's episode of the Biggest Loser.  I'm really loving this season.  It seems like they all genuinely care about each other and there has been lots less game play and backstabbing.  Much more like it was when it first came on.


Anyway, I just want to say that I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with both Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels about Daris' gain while training for his marathon.  His gain was so small over the course of 30 days, it was pretty much a maintain anyway.  Any good runner and/or running coach will tell you that you should not plan to lose weight while training to run a marathon.  You really do need to maintain your weight in order to be strong enough to complete 26.2 miles.  You have to take the calories in to support your training if you want your body to cooperate .  In fact, Runner's World did an article a while back where they helped runners pick different length races in order to complete other goals in their life and the distance that is best suited to weight loss is the half marathon. The half provides just enough running to support caloric burn for weight loss but not so much that you're falling apart from lack of energy due to restricting your food.

Besides the fact that I experienced the marathon distance myself four times, here's the other reason I disagree with them.  Daris actually RACED his marathon.  He was running as hard as he could to get his best time.  He trained to RACE the marathon.  The other contestants trained to finish.  The other 3 did quite a bit of walking.  You just don't need as many calories to participate as a run/walker as you do as a racer.  Period.

One of the marathons I completed one of them was a WALKING marathon for breast cancer.  This particular event they actually told us we could not run because they would not have the correct support services for runners.  I trained all summer for it and LOST 18 pounds while training.  But I was walking, not running.  I certainly did not need the sort of calories I need to sustain a long RUN.  Yes, I walked fast - I was actually the first walker in (finished in 5:47) but my point is that it was walking not running and definitely not RACING.

Just my two cents!


  1. I know about the "feeling thinner". I try to hold on to that regardless of what the scale says. Revel in your victories, your mad skillz and your wonder woman powers!

    Have a great day, Helen.

  2. no, i completely agree with you about daris gaining a little while training for the marathon... he did need to basically maintain, if not gain muscle weight, in order to race in the marathon... the only thing is, he's on THE BIGGEST LOSER... for the sake of the competition on the show, he should have been trying to lose weight, not train for a race... but, hey, that's his deal... he's at a pretty good weight right now... he really doesn't have much more to lose anyways... so they should have layed off of him a little... o well - i'm rooting for ashley anyways :)

  3. I understand about 'feeling thinner'. Sometimes I can detect that in myself when I'm lying in bed. Not recently, but the thought of it is certainly motivating.

    Sounds to me like you know your way around a marathon. Great that you've done 4! My God. My biggest accomplishment was to walk a half, and that was plenty taxing!

    Congrats on the weightloss. Again, I think it's still reliable - you're working hard!

  4. Another Ashley fan here! But I do agree with you about Daris. I thought the exact same thing you said and told that to my hubby as we watched the show. Training for a marathon you have to get your calories in and I think it would be tough to be trying to lose at the same time.

    But then again on TBL they work out like crazy and we found out this season that the highest amount of calories anyone eats is 1800 which is just crazy too me.

    I did go and vote for Daris. I would rather see him in the final 3 than Koli. I do like Koli and he has also worked very hard but I have not like his attitude lately. I know that he is just now getting self confidence and that he has had a lot of hard years and probably does not know how to deal with all of his emotions yet, but the others are going through that too and didn't act like him. So sorry Koli but in my book you screwed up when you were so critical of others gameplay, yet in the end you did the same thing.

    And a big CONGRATS on your loss! I know the skinnier feeling too. It can not be explained but it does exist. Keep up the good work.

  5. That is a SWEEEEEET number! Awesome!

  6. WOOHOO! Way to rock that scale! The biyatch that she is! (the scale, not you!)
    I was feeling sad for Darius last night. I was also thinking that he is near his goal weight too and it would be crazy for him to lose a large amount of weight given that he was training for a marathon. I wondered too about how safe it was to train for a marathon and lose weight. Thanks for that insight! But poor Darius now feels guilty that he gained a measly 2 pounds! WTF? He just ran a freakin' marathon in 4 hours!
    (add another $.02 to your collection!)


  7. Woot woot on the scale loss Helen. I know what you mean about feeling "thinner". That's how I am feeling today. I'm actually feeling goooood for a change. I think this eating clean thing may be the right path for me... but it's still hard.

    I don't watch TBL - mostly because I don't watch TV but I do get to read about it from blogland - almost the same as watching it. OK not really.

    For the kidney, we can't run either and as for speed walking, I don't plan on that either. My daughter is very pokey and for that matter, I can't walk very fast either. Yesterday in during my lunch walk, I was walking briskly but probably not as fast as I could, but people were just passing me by. I'm short, have a shorter stride but man I do walk slow compared to most. I've got to work on that this summer - along with my daughter.

    Now that I have finally reached a point where I can jog a bit longer (week 7 of the C25K), my goal for the next week or so is to slowly increase my pace.

    Sometimes I wish I could just pick up the phone... :)
    Have a fantastic day!

  8. Congrats on the lost Helen! I put my vote in last night for Darius. Koli has a bad attitude and he has turned hateful. He is very arrogant if you ask me. I hope he loses just to put in him in place. What's up with him leaving his hometown, who are his supporters, and go exercise in Vegas! WTH is up with that? I think he should have been voted off just for that 1 reason alone! Question: why am I not on your blog list of sites you visit:(

  9. You had me giggling in so many places here, Helen.
    Although it's been a very long time (the last millenium as a matter of fact!)
    I DO know what you mean by *feeling* thinner. It's a very nice feeling.
    A big CONGRATS on the scale love this week!

    Unfortunately, I was on afternoons and didn't get to see BL. :(

    Have a Wonderful Thin Feeling Day, Helen!

  10. Yay for your loss! I can't wait to feel a little thinner!

    ps - you have cute feet (and no I don't have a foot fetish (= )

  11. Woohoo, that scale is looking better and better!!! Congrats on the loss - you REALLY ARE losing weight! I have those "feeling thinner" days too - it's weird, but you just know when your body is changing.

    I really like Daris and felt so bad for him at weigh in last night...I hope he makes it to the finale. He RAN that marathon and did such a great job - you can tell that he really worked on his running during the month off the ranch. And he was eating because he was freaking hungry - running that much will do that to you! Poor kid. I really hope he makes it.

    Are we going to talk about Sione and how it looked like he had gained most of his weight back? :(

  12. Feeling thinner is one of my main motivations to keep going- what feels better than thin? I'm not sure there is a better feeling...

    I didn't get to see all of BL so I didn't see what happened with Daris, too bad, I love the marathon one. Good for him for racing the race, and not just running to finish. Love that point.

    Hope your day is fabulous today!


  13. Hi, first visit to your blog. Really interesting information about training and maintaining. I'd never heard that information, but I'm not a runner. I do, however, really like to read about different types of fitness and what's involved.

    Glad I found your blog.

  14. what a great loss! and awesome job improving on your running and martial arts "SKILLZZZZ" lol :) you're hilarious! keep it up girl!

  15. Way to go with the loss. :)

    I totally agree with you and everyone else about Daris too. I think it was just rude of them to rip that success and pride he was feeling out from under him because he was very very successful for the goal he set for himself. On the other hand though, he did some emotional eating too. So, perhaps they should have talked about that.

    I love feeling thin! I've been feeling that lately too. Even with no movement on my scale this week, my body is feeling tighter and trimmer and less bloaty and stuff. Love it!

  16. Enjoy your weight loss and the feeling of being thinner! That is so awesome.

  17. Hooray for the -1.4!! Okay, heres what I think. I think Darius likes Ashley, but Ashley chose Michael.

    I think he feels that even getting skinny, he still can't get the girl!

  18. Ha...your first walking marathon is way to close to my first RUNNING marathon time...NO MA'AM!!! Anyways...I used to love the Biggest Loser, but not so much anymore. Having a friend that was on the show opened my eyes to UNHEALTHY practices that that show promotes. Exercising 7 hours a day is crazy. Exercising while only consuming 1000-1200 calories is CRAZY. Girl...the list could go on forever. Don't get me still makes for very motivating tv!!!

  19. I totally agree that Bob and Jillian were out of line with their comments to Daris about losing weight while training for a marathon. With that said, I do think Daris was struggling with his eating while at home and not making great choices. Hopefully, he learned something from the first month at home and can come back even stronger. I'm hoping he's the 3rd finalist.

  20. I agree with you on Daris and I only watched last night for a bit. Though when he was pleading with us to vote for him, I was dying for him. I nearly turned the tv off when he was panick-stricken eating in the kitchen, late.I can so related to that behavior that I was in pain for him and for me. Suffering! food addiction. I could easily gain 2 lbs. Give me a few minutes.

  21. Thanks for the spoiler alert. Nobody does that! This is the only reason I hate living on Hulu. Because everyone blabs about it.

    Anywho, congrats on the loss. THat's wonderful. I'm letting my jealousy build up so I can get motivated. It's groooooooooowing! Go Helen, GO!

  22. LOL Drop it like it's Hot! Yes. You can!!! And YOU ARE!!!

    Congratulations :)

  23. Congrats on the weight loss! I agree with your take on Daris and the comments about Bob and Jillian. I am rooting for Daris to be this seasons biggest loser!